Top 10 Scary Creatures That Could End The World

What's up top 10 fam hope you’re having an awesome day, Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video Now we already know climate change is gonna end the world soon enough and we also know we arent doing enough to battle it but i guess we’re just gonna sweep that under the rug

But aside from global warming, there are a lot of creatures out there that given the right size and power could end us all So with that being said, these are the top 10 Scary Creatures That Could End The World Starting us off with number 10 are Dementors Now if youve seen harry potter then you already know the journey we’re about to embark on and if you havent, get out from the rock youre living under Now Dementors are these black flying creatures that look like a version of the grim reaper but without an actual face

Described as one of the foulest creatures that walk the earth, these creatures literally feed on human happiness meaning they invoke depression and despair around them They suck every happy memory, every good feeling, every smile you ever had right out of your body So if leaving you in a neverending pit of depression wasnt bad enough they can also consume a persons soul, leaving them essentially like a vegetable Their aim is to reduce you into them, evil and soulless And imagine a dementor did that to every single person on earth, our world wouldnt thrive, it wouldnt function we’d just be waiting around ready to die

Coming in at number 9 is Rancor (ran-core) And honestly only star wars fans will know this one, and as a newly knighted star wars fan im proud to be part of the club Making its appearance in Return of the Jedi, this alien monster lives in the cellars of Jabba the Hutts palace and Jabba basically uses it for viewing pleasure Whoever he wants to kill or watch fight a losing battle, he just shoves them in the cellar and watches the battle take place This beast is disgusting, its absolutely massive, its got 4 claws for hands, its almost got protective shoulder pads built into its skin, its drooling all over the place and its mouth could swallow me whole

Did i mention its immune to fire power and only one person managed to kill it? And that was none other than Master Luke Skywalker At number 8 we have Gozer Now Gozer is the main villain in the Ghostbusters franchise and it is this super powerful, ancient entity that was summoned to New York City to destroy the world Its earliest known appearance was apparently in Mesopotamia back in 6000 BC and its said to be the most powerful entity the ghostbusters have ever faced It can literally do everything, shapeshift, dimensional travel, become invisible, pyrokinesis, weather control, telepath etc

like it just entering the earth increases paranormal activity 1000 fold It only has a limited time on earth though so i mean that would be our only saving grace but even if the whole world went up against this creature, with all those powers i dont think we’d stand a chance Filling our number 7 slot is Pyramid Head So this creature comes from the SIlent Hill franchise and he is a lot Looks Wise he is extremely strong, he wears a huge triangular helmet that hides his face hence the name and on top of that he cant speak

The entity is shirt less and wears a bloody skirt to put it in layman terms Now pyramid head is more of a monster than an entity, there seems to be more than one of it alive meaning theyre most likely a species and their sole purpose is to deliver punishment and execute any and all sinful humans Which maybe we need in the world i dont know, eradicating all the bad people doesnt sound terrible But then again i feel like everyone sins Its weapon of choice is the Great Knife which is basically a gigantic machete

Now at number 6 is The Thing Now this extraterrestrial life form shows up in the 1982 scifi horror film The Thing Thing is a parasitic extraterrestrial that not assimilates with other organisms, it also imitates them So in that regard, i could be the thing, you could be the thing, producer chris could be the thing we dont know This creature has apparently been all over the galaxy and when the thing takes you over you have no idea its even happening

So not only does no one around you know youre now the Thing, you dont either Can you imagine how dangerous that would be, imagine they assimilated a president, or a top tier security professional like nothing and no one would be safe Coming in at number 5 are Dragons And i mean on a large scale this is one of the most obvious creatures I could put on this list Youve seen the kind of havoc they can wreak i mean game of thrones, spoiler alert but it took khaleesi a total of 20 minutes to burn the whole of Kings Landing to the ground

So if dragons did exist, and they were controlled by the wrong people or had vengeance going through their veins themselves, how long would it take them to destroy the planet? Not long my friends But the earth is big so id say itd take them what 4 – 5 days max to destroy the world? What dyu think? At number 4 are Crawlers Now i for one have never gone cave exploring or have actually even been in a network of caves but after this im not sure id ever want to Appearing in the 2005 adventure horror film The Descent, we have crawlers These pale white humanoid creatures are horrific to look at for lack of better terms

Theyre hairless, wrinkly and smiley, have elf like ears, and pointy ass teeth and you guys already know pointy teeth are such a hard no from me i cant even Ayman doesnt do pointy teeth we have already established like nah b Let me run you by their skills to take us down, they can see in the dark, theyre extremely fast and they can use any environment to their advantage and can climb any surface as in theyre probably right above me on the ceiling as we speak Theyre rip your head right off your neck level strong which is something im just not ready to go up against Filling our number 3 slot are Cenobites (seenabite)

Seen in the Hellraiser franchise, aside from being some of the ugliest extra dimensional beings you will ever see, these entities were all mutilated and brainwashed in Hell to torture humans for the rest of time These monsters come from a religious sect in Hell called the Order of the Gash and they all used to be human at one point but there is nothing human about them you guys They have a complete lack of empathy towards their victims its almost a disease of indifference Cenobites themselves can endure excruciating pain via torture that transcends the laws of physics, they possess super strength and lowkey look like the BDSM fetish of your dreams Theyre impatient, theyre stern and the only thing theyre devoted to is their duty which is to kill us so i mean, efficiency is there

The ugliest one imo is The Chatterer and honestly its face is just terrifying Its mouth is held open with 3 hooks and wires on each side which connect to the back of its head The character looks like an advanced voldemort with blood slits for eyes and a more textured head Now at number 2 is The Predator From the predator franchise, this extraterrestrial species literally hunts other species for sport, for fun

Their life revolves around hunting and stalking dangerous lifeforms and humans are up there at the top arent they Theyre taller than regular humans and have long appendages on their head that kinda look like dreadlocks They are so resilient to damage that they can fully recover from multiple gunshot wounds and be exposed to lethal radiation doses that would otherwise kill a human Their pain tolerance is unparalleled and because of their arthropod like limbs they can climb and move extremely fast Oh and did I mention they have infrared vision? When they finally make their kill they decapitate or skin the carcass and make it into a trophy? Like if this creature had a motto it would murder, speed, agility, unbeatable

And finally at number 1 is Cthulhu (cathooloo) This creature is meant to be the worst of the worst, the most evil of the evil and was created by infamous writer H P Lovecraft Lookswise this cosmic creature looks like a spinoff of the kraken

Hes a mix of an octopus, dragon and human, hes got tentacles coming out of his face, dragon wings, claws that could rip you apart entirely, hes got scaly skin oh and hes hundreds of meters tall so theres that Cthulhu was first introduced in the 1928 short story The Call of Cthulhu and hes basically hibernating inside this underwater city in the south pacific Its said that he was imprisoned because hes the biggest source of anxiety for mankind on a subconscious level Its said that he will return when his followers chant a specific phrase and when he does, its over for us all He has the power to make anyone that looks at him go insane, hes basically half god and cant be killed unless youre a near omnipotent power yourself

Because of his vast intelligence he knows every single thing happening in the world at once and can telepathically communicate with every single person Thus being able to control everyones minds And thats it for todays video guys! Honestly im very glad all these creatures are fictional because it made me realise how fickle humans and the earth really is Like it doesnt take much to end it all clearly Lemme know what you thought in the comments below and as always im your host Ayman Hasan and ill see you soon


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