Top 10 Scary Creatures Seen In Forests

What's up top 10 fam hope you’re having an awesome day, Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video Honestly unless youre going camping or birdwatching or hiking i dont know why youd go into a forest

Like if youre not doing any of the above what are you doing? What are you looking for in there? The answers to lifes questions? Youre definitely not gonna find it in there mate But what you may come across and sadly other people have come across too are scary creatures Creatures that make you wish you were never born, ones that are guaranteed to have you waking up screaming in the middle of the night These are the Top 10 Scary Creatures Seen In Forests Starting us off with number 10 is The Skunk Ape

Late at night, a driver stopped to pee in an undeveloped area, his sister in the car claimed someones coming as he heard branches snapping in the woods next to them He looked up to see a dark coloured 7 to 8 foot animal running towards him As he got into the car and sped away they saw the giant beast watching them leave That was the first ever account of someone seeing the skunk ape back in 1989 Known to be Floridas own version of the Sasquatch, and countless people have sent in descriptions and reports of seeing the beast and they all match up

The thing is bipedal but walks with a bit of a hunch, and as you might have guessed its very much a carnivore The worst bit about this one is that a photo was sent in to the Sarasota Sheriff in 2000 of the beast and it looks like something out of your worst nightmares Apparently the anonymous person was leaving treats out for it to make it come back Mate its a skunk ape not a cute little fox or something to leave treats for Cut that out

Coming in at number 9 is The Maryland Goatman The title of this article was goats shouldnt walk on two legs and I 100% agree with that They shouldnt Yet somehow one is Legend has it the Maryland Goatman is a half man, half goat creature who roams the forests of Beltsville with an axe

And theres two versions of his origin story, the first is that a man who kept goats went completely mad after a bunch of teenagers killed his flock The incident made him bloodthirsty for revenge Why would a bunch of teenagers kill goats? What would they even get out of that? Is that what the teens are doing these days? The second story is that a scientist was conducting experiments on a goat with human DNA and things went horribly wrong, thus turning the goat into a half man half goat beast The legend gained a lot of publicity in the 50s, 60s and 70s when a huge German Shepherd was found cleanly decapitated in the forest People have reported seeing him for decades now and i honestly believe them

But also if it was created way back when shouldnt it be dead by now? Like whats the life span of a goat you guys Surely its time has come At number 8 we have The Demon of Dartmoor Now legend has it and its not even legend, eyewitness reports say that the demon is a massive four legged hairy beast with glowing eyes It’s said to have a thick shaggy coat, round ears and the limbs of king kong

Exaggeration there but they are strong enough to tear straight through human flesh so How much was i exaggerating really? Over the years people have thought it was a large wild cat or dog, some think its a bear or wolverine A falconer who stood 200 metres from the demon said size wise its like a miniature pony and it moved like a feline but reminded him of a bear Can that description give off any more mixed signals? Seriously The founder of the national research network Big Cats even said this thing is definitely not a wild cat or a dog, he went on to say he saw a collie sized cat in the area 10 years prior but the demon of dartmoor is a lot bigger than that

So thats great The picture i saw of it makes it look like a mix of a gorilla, boar and my ex Filling our number 7 slot is The Faceless I feel like i just named a new species of people, the faceless But anyway this story comes from a member of the Phillipine Marine Corps

He said he went out on patrol after his unit received information about an enemy sighting After 3 days of camping around bushes in the jungle and forests nearby they found a figure in the distance They started approaching the figure slowly but the closer they got the more the horror set in the person wasnt walking, they seemed to be floating and that wasnt even the worst part, it was dressed like a normal living person but it had no face The soldier went on to say it was like the face of the person had been erased, its skin was so pale it was almost translucent, like all its blood had been drained

It had bullet wounds all throughout its chest and at one point it looked straight into the soldiers rifle scope and the soldier claimed he had never been that scared in his life I'm assuming the soldier saw the ghost or apparition of a dead soldier who had probably bled out from their bullet wounds But the whole erased face thing is a complete mystery to me Dyu guys have any ideas? Now at number 6 is Question Mark Honestly I’m about to tell you the experience of a hunter in a forest who wasnt even sure what he saw so how can i even label this one

The man was in the deepest parts of the woods near a lake and hed hunted many times before but this time was off For some odd reason he felt like he was being watched but he tried to brush it off regardless He was sat in a tree stand when he heard the howl of a huge creature making its way across the thicket He initially thought it was just a group of wild hogs but he realised all the howling was coming from one thing The creature was moving slowly, it was remaining out of sight and it was moving through the lake

Mind you the lake was waist high on the hunter so you can imagine how large this creature was It was advancing slowly and silently through the water and then dashed into the thicket The hunter didnt actually manage to see the creature but when he came back a few days later to get his bag he found deep claw marks on the tree he’d been using and his bag was gone And thats all he wrote Coming in at number 5 is The Witch

Now personally i think this one is 100% fake, it seems like special effects to me but you guys can decide for yourself Now this video was uploaded by youtuber Truechuser back in 2010 and it shows a dirt road with woodland on each side of it In the middle of the road up ahead is this dark grey creature sitting on the ground, the body looks clearly human except its fingers are creepily long and thin and as the cameraman gets closer the thing turns around and you can see its a female with long hair and dark facial features And then the video conveniently ends First of all if that was real and you saw that sliding across the road, why would you get that close to it? Surely the natural thing to do would be to stay in your car and maybe run it over

Apparently the witch is from left 4 dead and im pretty sure it is Good try Truechuser, but not good enough At number 4 is The Michigan Dogman Why are there so many hybrid human animal creatures lurking around? Im not mad at it but is it a cause for concern? Maybe The first ever sighting of the Michigan Dogman was in 1887 when two lumberjacks claimed to have seen a massive creature that had the body of a man and the head of a dog

Countless sightings of the beast have been reported for years and the creature is usually blamed for the death of pets and horses A photo was submitted by a boy who was just sitting in the back of his parents’ minivan, its blurry but you can definitely make out its an animal of some kid And it looks massive if anything i feel like the head looks like a massive tigers head rather than a dog Idk which dog looks like that, but it does look bipedal for sure A sighting in 1977 happened where 2 brothers were biking near Manistee National Forest, one got left behind and as he turned around he saw a face covered in black fur watching him from behind a tree

But the face was a good 7 feet off the ground, and as soon as they made eye contact the creature ran away The brother followed him and noticed dark red bands of coloured fur on both of his ankles I love how this thing could probably take him in a 1 v 1 but it just ran away scared I sense the dogness in him Maybe he just wanted a friend

Filling our number 3 slot is The Donkey Lady Ive read about a lot of legends in my time here at Top 10 but ive never actually encountered this one originating in San Antonio Texas In the 50s a woman was really badly burned in a house fire, im talking third degree burns everywhere Her face was disfigured, and her toes and fingers burned off completely making her feet and hands look like hooves On top of that, if that wasnt bad enough, both of her children were killed in the fire as well which was the last straw for the woman

She slowly descended into madness Locals in town decided to banish her for her crazy rantings and she went and lived under an old stone bridge located off Applewhite road The bridge is between 2 forests or woodland areas where she usually hides and then attacks passersby I mean should i be saying creature? Would she be a ghost by now? I have no clue Now at number 2 is The Hodag

Now this one came from Wisconsin folklore and is meant to be a small but fierce animal Quite like myself Found in forests and caves alike, according to a 1893 newspaper report it was said to have the head of a frog, the face of a giant elephant, short legs with huge claws, the back of a dinosaur and a spearheaded tail I dont even get how you can fit an elephants face on a frogs head surely the proportions arent possible Claims about the beast were made by land surveyor and local prankster Eugene Shepard who gathered a group of people to capture the beast

They said they used dynamite to kill it and pictures of the charred remains were given to the media Are we gonna believe unreliable source Eugene? Are we not? It apparently went extinct after its main source of food, all white bulldogs became scarce in the area And finally at number 1 is The Windigo Now this is a supernatural beast that comes from Algonquin First Nations folklore in Canada They live in forests and other wooded areas but the first thing youll find out about a windigo is that theyre a cannibalistic monster and eat and kill anything in their path

In the legend windigos come to be when humans are overtaken by greed or when theyre weakened by extreme conditions like cold or hunger Theyre known to infects communities and people with the purest form of evil Miss me with that Lookswise they vary Some are known to be extremely thin with their skeletons pushing out of their ashy mummy like skin

Other stories say theyre giants who become bigger the more they eat Their ears are pointed or they sometimes have antlers coming out of their head and their eyes are like sunken black holes of death Certified Theyre known to have certain powers, their senses are heightened to like vampire from twilight level, they have superhuman strength and stamina that lets them stalk their prey for weeks if they have to – just like the vampires from twilight They can move at the speed of the wind and can walk over deep snow or water without sinking

So far the windigo is seeming like a Cullen In terms of killing them you can kill them with a gun or a bat but more complicated stories about it claim you have to cut its heart out and melt it in a fire And i mean good luck getting close enough to it to cut its heart out Itll most likely cut your heart out before you even get that far And thats all for todays video guys! Im not a woods person myself, is that even a thing a woods person? Like id say i am an outdoorsy person i like sports i like hiking and all that but venturing into the woods? I can resist

Really im fine Let me know what you guys thought in the comments below and as always ive been your host Ayman Hasan and ill see you in the next one! Byeee

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