Top 10 Scary Creatures Hiding In The Ocean You Won’t Believe

What’s scarier than the deepest parts of the ocean? Considering that only 5% of the ocean has been explored, I’m willing to go out on a limb and say that nothing is scarier than the deep sea because we literally have no idea what’s down there Everytime scientists venture down into the depths of the ocean and take a sample, they literally find a new species

If that’s not terrifying, I don’t know what is How’s it going YouTube? I’m your host Landon Do Not Swim and welcome back to another most amazing top 10 video PLUG MERCH Alright, enough of that, let’s venture into this list of the top 10 scary creatures hiding in the ocean you won’t believe Let’s get this list started in at number 10 with the Gulper Eel

As you might imagine, this scary looking eel has an extremely large mouth that they use to swallow their prey whole If that’s not terrifying enough, the Gulper Eel is so adapted to eating large objects, that its mouth and stomach can expand even further to accommodate food There is actually not a lot known about this creature because they live 3,000 meters below the surface but from my own observations, I can tell that I would never want to come face to face with one of these guys Apparently they can grow up to six feet long and they have extremely long tails that they use like a whip in order to move faster in the water Snaggletooth comes onto this list in at number 9

Take a look at this nasty underbite Quick, someone call the orthodontist because this thing needs to be fixed ASAP Well as it turns out, the Snaggletooth fish uses his underbite to his advantage in order to kill his prey These creepy fish can grow up to two feet long and they live in the deepest parts of the ocean, so scientists are still trying to discover more information about them All we know for certain is that the have sharp, hooked teeth that they use to snag their prey

Evolution really helped them out because in the deep sea, food is pretty scarce so you need every advantage you can get Note to self, stay far away from the deep sea And now in at number 8 we are talking about the Viperfish These nightmarish fish live at depths of up to 2800 meters and they are mainly found in tropical waters Thankfully they are rarely seen by humans so we are safe, for now

One of their organs lights up which protect the viperfish from other predators that are moving below them The light also helps attract prey and they use it to communicate with mates and rivals Now let’s talk about their teeth Their teeth are unusually large and when it hunts in the dark, their large teeth help to grab hold of the prey so they have no chance of escaping And when they catch a larger prey, they can swallow them by rotating their skull

The Viperfish is one of the most fiercest predators in the deep sea and the scary part about them is, once they bite into you, it’ll be too late Making our way into number 7 we have the Giant Spider Crab Normally, I wouldn’t consider crabs to see scary but these ones are an exception This giant crab has super long legs and huge pinchers These guys are one of the largest crabs in the world, and lucky for us – they live at the bottom of the ocean floor

These crabs can weigh up to 44 pounds and they have a leg span of about 13 feet! Is this real life right now? I’m officially scarred for life Oh and get this, they will eat just about anything, including corpses And even though these crabs are massive, they are extremely good at camouflaging their enormous bodies And now let's talk about their razor sharp claws They are able to move pretty fast and they are able to kill other smaller animals with ease

Their claws are so strong and large enough to pry open mussels and clams So keeping that in mind, can you imagine what they would do to a human? Terrible-Claw Lobster brings us in at number 6 This thing looks like he came straight out of a horror movie The terrible-claw lobster has one really long, scary looking claw that kind of looks like a chainsaw This creature was just discovered in 2010 and it was found 250m below the surface of the water in the Philippines

Am I the only one that is concerned that we’ve only discovered this thing 9 years ago! What else is living in the water that we don’t know about?! Thankfully these lobsters only grow up to 3cm in length so his long toothed claw might be the only terrifying thing about him Even Though this lobster is relatively tiny, I wouldn’t want to be pinched by his razor sharp claw, I’m pretty sure he could amputate my big toe if he really wanted to Number 5 we have the Sarcastic Fringehead And believe me, I’m not being sarcastic about his name This terrifying creature can open its mouth up insanely wide so that he can easily devour his prey

The Sarcastic Fringehead fish lives off the Pacifc coast of North America and they are extremely temperamental That are fierce, territorial creatures that will aggressively protect their homes Whenever they sense danger, they will open up their enormous mouths and show their needle like teeth in order to defend themselves At first, they will give you a warning by flexing and snapping their jaws But if the enemy ignores the warning , they won’t hesitate to use their ferocious teeth to attack

Chimera takes us to number 4 Also known as ghost sharks, rat fish and spookfish, this strange looking creature lives deep in the ocean and scientists believe that they are some of the oldest fish to have ever lived Take a look at this picture right here, they have huge dark eyes that look like they are staring directly into your soul They also kind of look like a robot or mechanical Most Chimera’s live deep in the water which makes them very hard to study

But what we do know is that they have three pairs of tooth plates that protrude from the mouth like a rat Oh and their teeth are extremely effective at grinding shells so they can easily eat their prey Let’s just say that I’m happy that Chimera’s aren’t interested in humans Number 3 we are talking about the Tongue-Eating Louse This thing is actually super disgusting

Let me explain what this gross monster does First, this creature will enter a fish through their gills Then, it’ll change sex while living like a parasite within the fish He will then attach itself to the fish’s tongue where it will go to town It sucks out all of the blood on the fish’s tongue until the tongue falls off

I don’t even know what to do with that information That is absolutely terrifying and now I’m going to have nightmares about these gross little creatures Someone in Belfast bought a fish from a supermarket and when she went to prepare dinner, she noticed the large parasite in its mouth (pretend to vomit) I’m pretty sure I’d never eat another fish in my lifetime if I saw this in person The woman actually took the fish back to the store to get a refund

And before you start jumping to conclusions, the tongue eating louse doesn’t pose a risk to humans but I’d still be pretty traumatized if this happened to me Northern Stargazer takes the number 2 spot If you’re planning on going on a scuba diving vacation, you might want to consider getting your money back On this list, we’ve seen a lot of hideous and scary looking fish and the Northern Stargazer is no exception Judging by the name, this fish sounds pretty docile and friendly right? Well think again

This dead looking fish buries itself into the ocean floor and it will jolt out at prey while opening up its giant mouth in order to swallow his prey whole Let’s watch this guy in action That fish never even stood a chance This is actually pretty barbaric I’m never going underwater ever again

And now, coming in at number 1, we have The Goblin Shark The Goblin Shark is one of the oldest sharks ever and it’s often referred to as the living fossil A lot of this sharks lifestyle is a complete mystery to scientists The largest Goblin shark on record was 126 feet long and it weighed in at 463 pounds

But it’s possible that Goblin Sharks can grow much bigger than this One of its most distinctive features is its long, flattened snout and nobody knows exactly what its used for But one of the most terrifying things about this shark is how they hunt Their jaws are attached to elastic ligaments so when a prey comes close enough, they can protrude their jaw which allows the shark to catapult its whole mouth forward at a distance of 8-9 percent of its total body weight If humans were able to do this, we would be able to bite into a piece of food that is 7 inches away

That is absolutely horrifying Well, after researching for this video I think I’m retired from swimming in the ocean What about you guys? Are you still brave enough to go swimming even though you know that these creatures are lurking in the waters? Keep in mind, we’ve only talked about 10 scary creatures, there are literally thousands more crazy aquatic animals that are just waiting to be discovered Well there you guys have it…

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