Top 10 Scary Creatures Found In Swamps

Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing Channel on the internet… I am your host Rebecca Felgate and I have a cold today which actually makes hosting this video way scarier! Today I am talking the Top 10 Scary Creatures Found in SWAMPS YUCK

Although to be honest…I feel like swamp monster right now… But we proceed On this list I have included a mixture of real life swamp creatures, mythical creatures that just might be real and a few other surprises! Stay tuned for all the swampy glory QUESTION – have you ever been to a swamp? LIKE SHARE 10 – Russel’s Viper Who is Russel and can he take his Viper back? A swamp snake

A venomous swamp snake I do not stan Russel’s Viper is one of the BIG four snakes in India and its snakebite has caused the most injuries and deaths among all venomous snakes People unlucky enough to have been bitten by Russel’s Viber Tend to experience renal failure or heart failure Where can It be found…

swamp swamp swamp! This beast is usually around 4ft long with a 6 inch girth and is VERY quick to move If anyone finds Russel… tell him I am NOT happy https://wwwthetravelcom/25-creatures-buried-underneath-swamps-that-even-bear-grylls-would-avoid/ 9 – The Lizard Man of Ore Swamp In 1988, a 17 year old boy by the name of Christopher Davis Crashed was involved in a bizarre car crash in swampy Lee County in South Carolina that has now gone down in folk lore history

He claims to have encountered a wet, green 7ft tall figure with red eyes and lizard scales He said that the creature climbed on top of his car …causing the teen to break abruptly The lizard creature then fell off the bonnet and the teen drove off, later telling police about the incident The story got out and the creature became known as the Lizard Man of Ore Swamp A local radio station offered a 1 million dollar reward to anyone who could capture the creature alive, and although several sightings were made, including a person who claimed t o have hit the creature on the highway, it was never found

Photographs of the swamp dweller have also been circulated but many have written off the cryptid as a simple urban legend Have a look at an image from ABC News in 2015… I mean… If it is real…ahh… but like…if it isn’t…lol Whatever the truth, the Swamp Lizard is a big part of Lee County culture these days

https://wwwhuffingtonpostca/entry/lizard-man-scares-south-carolina-residents_n_55c126ece4b05c05b01f67f4 https://enwikipediaorg/wiki/Lizard_Man_of_Scape_Ore_Swamp 8 – Indian Red Scorpion Call me crazy but I do not jive with a scorpion…

especially not a red one! Red thing in nature tend to mean danger danger panic panic… and…well…danger danger panic panic… this swamp dwelling scorpion will kill you It looks grotesque… can we all agree? This Scorpion lives in swamps in India, East Pakistan, the lowlands of Nepal and Sri Lanka and is often hailed as being the most deadly scorpion of all time, twice as deadly as poisonous snakes The scorpion stings around 50 people a year – although in 2012 80 people were stung Fatality rates can reach around 40% in children and are usually around 10 percent in adults… even if you don’t die you can have some nasty symptoms including vomiting, convulsions, breathlessness, an abnormal heart rate and shock https://en

wikipediaorg/wiki/Hottentotta_tamulus https://wwwthetravelcom/25-creatures-buried-underneath-swamps-that-even-bear-grylls-would-avoid/ 7 – The Skunk Ape The Skunk Ape is often referred to as the Swamp Cabbage Man… which…I actually kind of love It is also called the Swamsquatch or the Louisianna Bigfoot, although the cryptid is said to roam the American states of Florida, North Caroline and Arkansas

Basically the Skunk Ape is thought to be a large, foul smelling hairy ape creature which walks on two legs and…you guessed it…smells awful! The initial report came from neighbourhoods in Dade County in the 1960s where locals began seeing something mysterious and smelling something pretty dank and foul Dave Shealy was ten when he claimed to have spotted d the creature in the Everglades in 1974 He claims that It looked like a man, but completely covered with hair

The memory was so…err… pungent… that Dave returned to find the creature again in the year 2000 and purportedly captured THIS footage of it I feel like next time Dave goes looking he needs to take a Huawei… Get a super zoom on that dank beast! https://www

youtubecom/watch?v=LmRBUSK_Dsg 01 – 10 seconds https://wwwsmithsonianmag

com/science-nature/trail-floridas-bigfoot-skunk-ape-180949981/?no-ist 6 – The Rhodesian Dinosaur Meet Mokele Mbembe… or don’t… we aren’t too sure if this African Congo River Basin dwelling creature is real or not It is said to be a swamp dwelling dinosaur that resembles a brontosaurus and occasionally emerges from the damp depths to devour people, and even Hippomotimi whole The dinosaur In the swamp made media headlines in the early part of the 1900s In 1909 big game hunter Carl Hagenbeck claimed to have heard from Rodesian locals that there was a half elephant half dragon living in the waters

In 2018 Scientists travelled to Lake Tele in the Congo to see if they could spot Mokele Mbembe, but they found nothing https://enwikipediaorg/wiki/Mokele-mbembe 5 -The Swamp Art Art…in a swamp… I mean it is pretty terrifying… but cool… but also terrifying! In an algae covered pool in Victors Way, County Wicklow, Ireland, you can see some pretty scary works of art peeping from the swampy water

There are two sculptures in particular that are truly scary! The Ferryman’s End and The Split Man The sculpture plaque for the former reads: The ferryman’s craft lies dead in the water Unable to move, he can no longer reach the ‘other’ shore and touch it Unable to touch he cannot become real, identified and fully energized (hence joyful) Unmoving, he sinks and dies

Oh great The split man simply reads create or die It seems that the Split Man is illustrating how procrastination and the inability to focus on creativity will result in a life unworthy living…and…well…that cuts me deep https://www

atlasobscuracom/places/victoria-s-way-indian-sculpture-park 4 – The Leopard Eel Sure, there are a few mythical creatures on this list… but perhaps one day they will be discovered to be true! It seems that the Leopard Eel was an urban legend in Florida and Alabama until actually it was discovered to be real in December 2018 Look at it! It is actually a giant salamander stretching over two feet long…slimey and gilly It gets its name from its very unusual markings So few have been seen that we don’t know a lot about them…

other than they look like monsters, they live in swamps and they are indeed real Look at it in the eyes Honestly… He sends shivers down my spine! EELS EELS EELS https://qz

com/1487589/scientists-solved-a-decades-old-swamp-monster-mystery-in-florida/ https://wwwnytimescom/2018/12/14/science/salamander-reticulated-sirenhtml 3 – The Old Croghan Man I’ll see you a swamp monster and raise you an old, preserved dead man who had been lost in a swamp for thousands of years Sound good? Good! The Old Croghan was found in an Irish Bog in County Offaly

He dates back to the Iron age and – thought to be from 362 BCE, making his body well over 2,000 years old From the grizzly torso, scientists have concluded he was in his early 20s when he died and may well have been a king sacrificed by his people as a result of a bad harvest It is thought he was 6ft 6 which was pretty giant at the time! It is likely, from the legions on his body, that he was tortured while he was alive His body is also attached to the legend of Croghan hill – each year Irish men went to woe a beautiful maiden – but for every man that would woo her, one of his people would die https://en

wikipediaorg/wiki/Old_Croghan_Man 2 – Alligators Alligators are notorious swamp dwellers…and of course these big powerful lizards can and will kill Alligators can be found in China and the United States and live in freshwater environments, especially swamps They love a swamp

American Aligators can grow up to 14ft and weigh 990 lbs BUT IN August 2014, a 15 foot, 1011 pound monster was pulled from a swamp in Camden, Alabama It was the largest ever caught to date WHAT a giant! Alligators are quite scary to look at, and even scarier when they mistake your pool for a swamp! Despite being powerful creatures who can kill, there are only usually around two deaths from the beasts each year in the US The most recent Aligator death I am aware of came in August 2018 when a woman walking her dog in Hilton Head, South Carolina was pulled into a lagoon Most incidents take place in the swampy areas of Florida

https://wwwtheclevercom/15-of-the-creepiest-things-that-lurk-in-swamps/ The Most Deadly Animal in the WORLD and most commonly found by swamps… 1 – Mosquitos Mosquitos many be small, but they’re also deadly If you’ve ever been profusely bitten by a Mosquito you will know that they live near water…especially lakes and swamps

Some Mosquitoes are scarier than others The blood-sucking Anopheles mosquito, is particularly unpleasant and is one of the main carriers of Dengue fever Mosquitos Vector disease and to put this in perspective Vector-borne diseases account for more than 17% of all infectious diseases, causing between 700 000 to a million deaths annually Some of the creatures on this list may have scared you more than the swamp dwelling mozzie, but you’re more likely to die or get seriously ill from a bite from one of this miniscule winged beasts from hell than you are a fictitious cryptid or a swap gator

I actually did a Life’s Biggest Questions video about what would happen if all Mosquitos went extinct which I think you will find interesting ! Well well well that was the Top 10 Scary Creatures Found In Swamps What did you think to this list? Which creature was the scariest?

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