Top 10 Scary Confessions That Ruined Lives – Part 2

Whats up people hope youre having an awesome day, Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video here at most amazing top 10 I thought after finishing that first video i wouldnt have to read through a bunch of other peoples deepest darkest secrets but apparently you guys love that stuff so thats exactly what im about to do

Confessions eh? Pretty messed up, i was following along you guys’ reactions in the live premiere of part 1 and your reactions were literally all me when i read those stories for the first time as well But anyway brace yourselves for round 2, this is the Top 10 Scary Confessions That Ruined Lives – Part 2 Starting us off with number 10 is The Marble Now when this boy was 12 years old he went to Family Dollar with his mum and cousins They all split up and the kid spent most of his time in the toy aisle and back then the toy aisle always had bags of marbles without fail

And a lot of the time other kids wouldve already opened a bag so he found an open bag and just started flinging the marbles about I had marbles when i was young too i used to see the kids on Recess playing with them so i thought id get some and be cool but i had no idea what to actually do with them i just thought they were pretty Maybe they were before my time idk either way one of the marbles he threw went quite far and went into a different aisle He didnt give it much thought until 2 minutes later when he heard a massive crash and somebody screaming help The kid went to see what was going on and he found a guy on the ground who had fallen off a ladder whilst trying to get something off the top shelf

And the guy is in really bad shape, hes seizing up, blood was pouring from his head, his face was turning blue it was catastrophic to put it lightly His mum quickly pulled him away from the scarring sight and when they asked the front cashier about it she said by the time the paramedics got there the guy had already died from choking on his own tongue Apparently the man had put the ladder down on a marble and didnt realise before he got on This kid at 12 started freaking the hell out thinking he was going to jail and he confessed to his mum a bunch of times but she just kept telling him he had imagined it I feel like even the mum was like just keep your mouth shut and forget out it

Coming in at number 9 is The Brother Dont worry this one is not incestuous i promise you i know you may have been preparing for that after part 1 but i feel like its worse than incest so Reddit user -Frank_Jager- confessed that he killed a young girls parents when she was just a baby Frank was very young at the time and didnt have it in him to kill the girl as well so he took her with him and raised her as his sister Even now the girl loves him to bits but everytime he looks at her he can just see her parents’ eyes looking back at him

Now i dont know how true this is becuase why on earth would you confess to murdering anyone on reddit Im sure someone can trace the IP address and catch the boy but if i were to suspend my disbelief id wanna know why he killed the parents to begin with? And then look at the victim of that murder everyday for the rest of his life? At number 8 we have The Breakup text No one likes breakups lets be real, they suck at the best of times, if youre going through one right now im sorry stay strong it gets better but hopefully it went better than this one An anonymous man shared how he had a muslim boyfriend and their relationship was great but pretty shortlived, he was putting in a lot of effort but wasnt getting much back In the end they slept together and then the boyfriend started ghosting him and then broke up with him over text

Brutal This makes me flashback to when joe jonas broke up with taylor swift in like a 30 second call and it was the biggest deal ever Like at least he called Either way the dumpee was pissed as hell and wanted revenge So he got it

He knew his exes boss and got him to treat his ex like crap and also cut his pay, he then anonymously called his exes conservative parents who didnt know their son was gay and told them he was and that he was sleeping with men not from his faith His ex then got kicked out of his house and was disowned, that meant he couldnt afford college and had to drop out I feel like this is a bit much like i understand being bitter over a breakup but theres really no need to have that much bad blood its not like guy cheated he just didnt wanna see him anymore Filling our number 7 slot is Dessert Gone Wrong Redditor user insanitybuild confessed that when he was gone he really wanted to eat some kind of dessert after a big spaghetti dinner and fair enough

We all love a bit of a cheeky palette cleanser dont we? Either way the only thing they had in the house was cool whip so thanks to mum he got to eat the entire tub Already that doesnt sound like a good idea and it really ended up being a bad one when later that night he had a bit of an accident in his underwear And TMI but what came out looked exactly like what went in, its like the cool whip didnt even digest it looked exactly the same Freaking out a bit the guy tried to hide the evidence by hiding the underwear in between 2 chairs in his living room to deal with in the morning The next day he woke up before everyone else and went to collect the evidence when he found that his dog had already got to it and was cleaning the evidence for him

A few minutes later the dog started licking his mums face and the kid knew he couldnt say anything otherwise hed probably get ripped a new one That is so disgusting i cant even imagine the amount of germs going on his mums face Like i could gag Now at number 6 is the Switch This one is 100% illegal im sure but it came from a soldier who fought in the Korean War

He confessed that he saw his fellow comrade die in Korea and for some reason decided to switch their dog tags after he died After the man finally woke up he was in an American hospital and everyone in there thought he was the soldier that died because obviously thats what it said on his nametag Now the man had a pretty rough upbringing, he had a bad childhood and no real family at all so when everyone started giving him a lot of respect and calling him by the other guys name He kind of didnt stop it He started going by that guys name ever since and sort of adopted his identity, and now hes a very up exec in his field and if this ever got out all of that would go down the drain

Is that not identity theft? Wasnt anyone there in the hospital that knew both soldiers and was like wait youre not so and so? Coming in at number 5 is Fraud So since we’re halfway through now i thought itd be fun to add my very own confession in here too just to break up the tense atmosphere of this video This definitely isnt going to ruin lives, but it did ruin my life for like 3 weeks so theres that Basically when i was about 12 or 13 i was obsessed with playing Club Penguin on miniclip I feel like a lot of our viewers are younger than me so you guys may not know what either of those things are but miniclip was basically a site that had a whole bunch of games you could play and club penguin was an online multiplayer game where you played as a penguin and had your own igloo, got to talk to people around the world play games earn money etc

BUT in the game if youre a member you get a lot more perks Your penguin can wear clothes, it can buy things that nonmembers cant buy, you can get certain pets and igloos you cant get as a member etc and to become a member i think at the time it was like 12 dollars annually Inflation honestly jeez Either way i asked my parents if i could become a member cause i figured 12 dollars wasnt a huge deal but they said no crushing my heart because back then paying online with your credit card wasnt AS common as it is now so they didnt really trust it

Either way i was pissed off so when i got home from school the next day, i took my mums credit card when she got home from work and made myself a member So essentially i committed credit card fraud And i had a ball of a time, but at night i just couldnt sleep i was overcome with guilt i felt like the shittiest daughter alive, i was crying confessing to my sisters and they were like chill just tell her tomorrow Little did i know im sure my mum got a text message saying her card had been used Very smart 12 year old clearly

Either way the next day i told my mum crying my eyes out and obviously she was pissed i had done that, and i remember my only defence was that half the money goes to charity Thats all i kept saying My dad was more chill about it though and basically told me i couldnt go on Club Penguin for a week or 2 So i went to my friends house and started playing it there Back on my bullshit

At number 4 is ID please Getting IDed is such a funny thing my sisters are both 28 and they get IDed all the time because they look like my age People even wonder if im older than them and im like damn im like only 21 thats not a good look Either way onto the story, redditor notpedobearexactly confessed that when he was 21 he lied about his age and went to a high school summer camp for a week There he made out with a 14 year old girl and went back home and later started writing to this girl telling her he was 18 and about to go to college

They started talking, he went over a few times, they fooled around a bit and then he went back to college for his senior year WHilst still talking to her pretending he was a freshman Either way he actually did end up telling her he was 21 in the end and she was surprisingly okay with it Which i dont even know how like thats so many red flags right there the dude lied like thrice already Either way the guy ended up ghosting her completely and going for a freshman at his college who i hope at least knows his real age

So i guess he is slightly pedobear after all Filling our number 3 slot are The Last Words This one is quite sad but either way an anonymous woman confessed that when she was 17 she had a bad argument with her dad and told him to fuck off and later that night he ended up hanging himself The argument they had was the last conversation her dad had with anyone from the family and the girl has never told anyone about it I mean until now

Shes been ridden with guilt ever since it happened and she lied to her mother about what their last conversation was just so the others wouldnt have to feel bad Honestly i feel like if that happened to me i would be beating myself up for it constantly so i cant even imagine what this girl was actually going through Now at number 2 is The Babysitter Redditor YourHotBabysitter fitting username btw, confessed that when she was 13 years old she used to babysit an 8 year old boy And his parents were very open i have no idea what she means by that fyi and the boy was very very sexually aware for an 8 year old

She had caught him watching porn a few times and the boy was very attentive and almost aggressive and would always try to kiss the babysitter and grab her But after a while the girl was sort of getting impressed with the persistence and all the attention she was getting and shed never kissed anyone either So they just started making out and it became habitual Everytime she went to babysit it would happen for about a year and then all of a sudden the parents stopped calling her They never told her why but i can well imagine it had something to with the fact make out with our 8 year old son was not part of the job description

Till this day shes never told anyone this and shes still worried shell one day be exposed as a child molestor Which fair enough but also the boy was 8 what were they feeding you at 8 to make you that sexually aware And finally at number 1 is The Leak this one is actually really mean i feel for everyone involved except the person who did it So the user noshitdude confessed her and her ex best friend were the two popular girls in school except the friend was a bit more popular

One day they were hanging out at the friends place and while she was in the shower the user snooped through her laptop and found the girls sex tape with her boyfriend, videos of her pleasuring herself etc and so as any real best friend she uploaded the videos everywhere And as you can imagine literally everyone saw it, the girls brothers beat up her boyfriend to the point they nearly killed him Which is horrible cus it wasnt even him The girl whos videos got leaked ended up getting kicked out of their school and the user was chuffed about that because she got to be the good best friend who was defending her when people asked about it SNAKE

SO MUCH SNAKERY GOING ON i cant The girl tried to get back into other schools but now her college record was not ideal and her boyfriend actually moved country The user never hears from her anymore and the girl barely goes out, she stopped getting money from her parents after that and the last time they spoke she was still very much hellbent on blaming her ex for releasing the videos This is literally why its so hard for me to have girl friends its so hard to find genuine girls like legit

And thats it for todays video guys! Honestly i liked part 2 a lot more than part 1 mainly because there was no incest involved We like no incest Let me know what you guys thought below and as always im your host Ayman Hasan and ill see you next time! Byee

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