Top 10 Scary Coma Stories

Hello everyone whats happening! Hope youre having an awesome day wherever and whenever youre watching this! Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video here at most amazing top 10 People say being in a coma is one of the worst possible things you could go through, youre awake and can understand what people are saying but you cant move, speak, respond anything

A prisoner in your own body For some people that wasnt even the worst part of their coma, so lets get into it This is the Top 10 Scary Coma Stories Starting us off with number 10 is The Surprise Daughter So back in 2012 Emma Mynors a 23 year old girl living in Clacton had had a pretty smooth pregnancy

She was about 29 weeks along when she developed a cold and cough which isnt uncommon during pregnancy But the next day she felt really lightheaded and unable to breathe Her husband freaked out and took her to the hospital and she was quickly diagnosed with pneumonia After seeing xray pictures she could see white fluid covering in lungs and her vision kept blurring and she soon fell into a coma While she was in a coma she suffered 2 strokes and he body swelled to the point doctors had to actually cut her wedding ring off her finger

Emma remained unconscious for a month during which time her baby was born When she finally woke up and nurses showed her pictures of her daughter and Emma couldnt believe it was her child She had zero recollection of even being pregnant let alone giving birth Literally imagine going to sleep pregnant and waking up not Thats scary

Emma was just surprised that even while unconscious her body still knew what to do Well the female body is an incredible thing Emma Coming in at number 9 is The Amputation This ones from redditor realbasilisk who said her mother was in an induced coma for many months During the coma surgeons had to amputate both her legs due to sepsis so already thats one reason she was going to freak out when she woke up

But when she actually the user asked her about it, and she said she had no idea of her surroundings but she had a lot of horrific vivid nightmares of demons and vampires chewing off her legs and her trying to escape The pain was real she said she felt it and that they even left her there bleeding with no legs I cant even imagine Even if she knew it wasnt real imagine how relieved she probably was waking and being relieved like ok thank god my legs are still there and then theyre not At number 8 is The Alternate Reality

This ones from reddit user nitzlarb who said her dad entered into a 2 month coma a few years ago They started talking about his experience a few months after he woke up and he told her how he had dreamed or hallucinated that he had lived for 10 years during that 2 month period He travelled the country, met people, did all sorts of things, and everything was very vivid So when he did actually wake up and go home he said it would really throw him off when he met people he hadnt seen since before the coma and they hadnt aged 10 years because thats what he expected Can you imagine living your life for 10 years but only 2 months going by, how many lifetimes can you fit into that

You could do everything you ever wanted, even though technically it wouldnt be real Filling our number 7 slot is the Bilingual Back in 2012 Aussie born Ben McMahon fell into a coma after being in a car crash The coma lasted a full 2 years and when he woke up he said the first thing he saw was a nurse of Asian decent speaking to him in Mandarin And somehow miraculously Ben could answer her back in Mandarin

So Ben, asleep in a coma, somehow managed to learn one of the hardest languages in the world In his sleep Here i am struggling to even speak English for this damn video I’m pissed Okay not really i wouldnt choose to be in a coma just to wake up fluent in a new language but still

Ben had previously been to China before and studied a bit of it during high school but he was never fluent Now at number 6 we have Anon So Anon was in a car accident and broke parts of her neck, hip and clavicle She was in a coma for 2 months and people thought she would either wake up paralyzed or be in a vegetative state forever When she did finally wake up the first thing she saw was a happy birthday banner in front of her and the first thing she thought was how old am i? She started becoming erratic she was convinced she was 60 and decades had passed, she tried to go to the mirror to look at herself but she couldnt walk

She then tried to scream so someone would come help her but nothing came out She was lost for what to do and was freaking out that she had lost so much of her life But she opted for a simple solution She looked at the back of her hands to see they hadnt aged much at all so then she guessed perhaps only a few years had gone by The coma only lasted 7 months but i think anyone would be terrified in that situation

Coming in at number 5 is The Alligator This ones from redditor ZoldbergBOT and its about their dad They said their dad spent a total of 6 months in a coma and the whole time he thought he was in a sewer underneath his favourite bar Inside the sewer it was just him and an alligator People were walking above the sewer grate they were throwing cigarette butts down there but that didnt matter because he didnt take his eyes off the alligator

He knew if he made a sound hed get attacked It didnt occur to him that maybe this wasnt real or why was it always nighttime or why couldnt anyone see him when they looked down None of that mattered this was just the reality he had to live through for 6 months At number 4 is The Grudge This one is really unfortunate i truly feel for this person

So this ones from redditor gwthrowaway451 who fell off the second story of a construction site and landed on his head Already having the impact on his head its a miracle he was alive but he did enter into a short coma Before the fall and the coma he had watched The Grudge the night before and so during his entire coma he dreamed or hallucinated that he was trapped in a totally white room with just the grudge girl She didnt hurt him or do anything she literally just stood there and refused to move I couldnt even stand seeing her on my screen for the time that i had to so i cant even imagine being stuck in a room with just her with no way out

When he woke up he was so scared he refused to close his eyes for a few nights out of sheer fear Filling our number 3 slot is The Nightmare This ones from reddit user chocletemilkshark who was in a coma for an undisclosed reason But during it she was literally being tortured She remembered being in a medieval sort of room and that she was inside of a tiny almost cartoon like tiny cage in the middle of this room

It was so small she couldnt even turn her head but she knew there were people behind her because shed hear footsteps or whispers and was terrified There was even a painting that she swore moved when she wasnt looking at it She said the worst part was at one point when she was sweating loads and then she heard a deep raspy voice go alright its time followed by a bunch of footsteps running towards her from behind These things surrounded her and they were so tall she couldnt even see their faces Well i mean thats also cus she couldnt move or turn her head but still

The last thing she remembered was a hand as black as night with fully white nails come through the cage towards her face and then she woke up In real life it was her 7 year old niece who was moving her hand around her face but clearly in her mind it was distorted to that menacing of a degree Thats actually like living in your own inescapable nightmare Now at number 2 is Sarah Thomson So back in 2012 Sarah had a blood clot in her brain that made her fall into a coma for 10 days

But when she woke up she woke up 14 years in the past Yes Sarah believed it was 1998 when she woke up, she thought her favourite band was still The Spice Girls and that Michael Jackson was still alive In 1998 Sarah wouldve been 19 still married to her previous husband and having just given birth to her first son So in 2012 when she woke up and her two other children came into the room with her new husband she had no idea what was going on The boy she had just given birth to was now magically 14 years old and she had no recollection of the other two kids and she thought her husband was a hospital worker

When she was finally discharged she still acted like she was 19, she would throw tantrums, dye her hair wild colours, etc because thats what all 19 year olds do apparently It took a while but she did end up readjusting to the present time and refalling in love with her husband No news of whether she ended up remembering her other 2 kids but i hope she did And finally at number 1 is Haleigh Poutre Now this one is sad and scary at the same time

At the age of 4 Haleigh was separated from her mother because her boyfriend was sexually abusing her and she went to live with her maternal aunt Holli and her boyfriend Jason Massachusetts social services got many calls about Haleighs wellbeing in this time saying the now 8 year old was always covered in bruises When investigated, Holli just said Haleigh bruised herself At the age of 11 she was taken to the ER because the couple said after exhibiting flu like symptoms she became unresponsive Under x rays and examinations doctors found that her brain stem was sheared, she had broken teeth, many lacerations and contusions and multiple burns at different stages of healing

The couple was then arrested and charged with battery but then Holli was released on bond during which she made a suicide pact with her grandmother and killed herself At this point Jason is now her sole de facto parent and he chose to keep her on life support because if he didnt he wouldve been charged with murder Physicians wanted to remove her because they believed she was virtually brain dead The state approved and the day she was meant to be removed off life support she became responsive and woke up Brilliant timing

The order was cancelled and she got a lot better Haleigh is confined to a wheelchair but can speak through a letter board on it and 2 years after waking up she testified at Jasons trial and he was sentenced to 12-15 years in prison And thats it for todays video guys! Thankfully ive never been in a coma but i get claustrophobic very quickly so if i was in one of those situations where i could hear everyone but i was trapped i actually think i would lose my mind no question So i really do feel for everyone on this list But anyway guys leme know your thoughts in the comments below and as always im your host Ayman Hasan and ill see you next time


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