Top 10 Scary Coma Stories You WON’T Believe

Comas are extremely complicated and no one really understands what’s going on A coma basically means that you are in an unconscious state and you are unable to be woken up

Sometimes comas can last for several days but some have been known to last for years or even decades Lots of people recall their experiences while they were in a coma and I’m here to share with you some of their crazy stories So here are the top 10 scary coma stories you won’t believe How’s it going you guys? I’m your host Landon Dowlatsingh and welcome back to another most amazing video Before we get started, I want to know what is the scariest thing that has ever happened to you? Leave your answers in the comment section below because I want to get to know you guys better

Alright let’s dive into our list The 3 year old addicted to cigarettes kicks things off in at number 10 Ya Wen was only three years old when she was involved in a horrific car accident that left her in a coma for 5 days When the little girl woke up, her mother said that her personality changed dramatically Instead of acting like the sweet three year old girl that they were used to, she began acting like an adult

Her mother even caught her hiding in the bathroom and smoking cigarettes A local store owner even gave her cigarettes on credit because he assumed that she wanted them for her father What kind of person gives a three year old smokes? That has to be the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard If that wasn’t enough, the little girl likes to drink beer and alcohol too Apparently she can drink three glasses of beer no problem

Hopefully this little girl is getting the help she needs because if things keep going at this rate, I doubt that she will make it to her 10th birthday Up next in at number 9 we have The mother who was put in an induced coma to save her baby’s life Could you imagine waking up and finding out that you’ve given birth but you have no recollection of what happened Well for Valerie Leah, her labour was definitely unique When she was 27 weeks pregnant, she got sick with the swine flu

And in a desperate attempt to save both herself and her unborn child, the doctors decided to put her in an induced coma and perform a c section It wasn’t until 3 weeks after her baby was born that she was able to hold her son Her baby only weighed 2lbs 10oz so it was a miracle that he was able to survive It’s amazing to see how far we’ve come with technology and medical interventions Just think, maybe a decade ago, both this mother and her son might not have lived

Living in an alternate reality creeps onto this list in at number 8 This scary coma story comes from reddit user nitzlarb She said that her dad was in a coma for about 2 months a couple of years ago They were recently talking about his experience and what he felt while he was in his coma Her dad said that he had dreamed or hallucinated that he had been living for 10 years

Apparently he did a bunch of things too during that time Her dad said that these dreams were extremely vivid and they felt super real He said that he could feel himself walking across the country a couple of times and experiencing every day as if he was actually living it But when he woke up and went home, he was completely thrown off He kept thinking that everyone would look 10 years older and he even thought that he was older too

It took him a while to adjust to his new time frame but I guess he was thankful that he didn’t actually miss out on a decade of his life The 19 year long coma breaks onto our list in at number 7 Lets travel back to 1984 when a 19 year old and his friend were involved in a terrible car crash that caused their car to fall into a creek His friend was killed on impact but Terry Wallis was found the next day but he was already in a coma His family took care of him for the next 19 years and they didn’t know if he would ever come out of his coma

But then in 2003, Terry started to talk At first he said Mom when he saw his mother and then he said Pepsi and Milk I guess he was thirsty He eventually got to the point where he was able to communicate in full sentences His memory was very good but he didn’t know how much time had actually passed

He had a hard time accepting the fact that he missed 19 years of his life I mean he missed several presidential elections, he missed the whole Clinton administration drama, he had no idea what the september 11 attacks were and he had to learn about the war going on in Iraq To top it all off, he was parlayzed from the crash but thankfully he was able to pull himself out of his coma and he is able to enjoy the rest of his life with his family and friends by his side The woman who falls into a coma everytime she feels an emotion brings us to number 6 Think about this one for a second

Imagine if every time you laugh, cry, smile or say I love you, you will fall into a coma I couldn’t imagine that either, but for one woman, this is her reality Wendy Richmond falls into a paralyzed state that is similar to a coma whenever her emotions become triggered So basically, she has to act like a robot with no emotions or she will collapse Medication to fix her problem is way too expensive and it isn’t covered under her insurance plan

She can’t even tell her kids that she loves them or laugh at their jokes She has to act like an empty shell or she will have to pay the price Either way, her condition sounds pretty terrible Lucid dreaming takes us over to number 5 Have you guys ever woken up from a dream and thought that it actually happened? Well according to reddit user Brainslosh, being in a coma feels a lot like vivid dreaming

This person was in a coma after they were involved in a devastating car crash and they can only remember one thing They said that they were walking down the street, they fell to their knees while coughing He grabbed his throat and looked down only to see that his esophagus was on the ground Then he fell to the side and woke up Later on, he learned that what he was experiencing was probably from when the doctors were removing his ventilation tube from his throat

So although he thought he was dreaming, he could feel and hear everything Feeling like you are dead brings us to number 4 I always thought that people in comas couldn’t really feel or hear anything while they were in this state But after researching this video, I know that isn’t the case So we’ve heard stories about people feeling like they were in an alternate reality or a dream but reddit user Tinman556 says that being in a coma makes you think that you’ve died

This person was in a coma for only 8 days after they had a traumatic surgery but he was confused on whether or not he was alive or dead He couldn’t open his eyes and he was on a medical air mattress so it felt like he was floating All of these things lead him to believe that he was actually dead He said that he remembers thinking that death isn’t so bad, and he was hoping to see his dad But later on he realized that he was still alive and he was scared that he wouldn’t be able to wake up

He tried communicating with the nurses but he was intubated and drugged So he was essentially trapped in his body and he wasn’t able to tell his wife that he was ok Let’s move on with number 3 we have The woman who forgot her entire life Liz Sykes was trapped in a coma for weeks and suffered from extensive brain damage But she defied all of the odds and ended up surviving

She was diagnosed with encephalitis (EN SEF A LIGHT US) which is inflammation of the brain So when Liz woke up from her coma, her memory had been totally wiped clean She could no longer remember her life but she couldn’t even carry out simple tasks like walking and talking All of those things had to be relearned She spent 11 months in a special unit where she had to undergo intense physical therapy

Liz still suffers from short term memory loss but her recovery has been motivating and she’s come a long way A very resilient little girl takes us to number 2 Haleigh Poutre was only four years old when she was removed from her mother’s care and given to her aunt She lived with her aunt for several years until her aunt decided to adopt her The courts allowed this to happen even after there were dozens of calls of people complaining that they think that Haleigh was being mistreated

She was constantly covered in bruises and she looked like she was being taken care of An investigation was done and they said that she just bruised herself Fast forward to when she turned 11, Haleigh was brought to the hospital because she lost consciousness When the doctors examined her, they said that it looked like she was involved in a high speed crash They believed that she would stay in a permanent vegetative state

Her aunt was arrested for assault but after she was bailed out, she comitted suicide The aunt’s boyfriend wanted Haleigh to stay on life support because that would mean that he wouldn’t be charged with murder But after a long battle, the state won and Haleigh was taken off of life support But miraculously, she started to breathe on her own and after years of therapy, she is now able to communicate through a letter board Topping this list off in at number 1 we have The man who could hear and feel everything

This story is both unbelievable and insane Rom was a victim of a car crash and the doctors believed that he wouldn’t pull through He spent 23 years of his life in a coma, going though the same routine everyday But it wasn’t really a coma Rom said that he tried to scream at the doctors and nurses but no one could hear him

In 2006 high tech brain scans revealed that he actually had normal brain function Needless to say, these brain scans saved his life because now people knew that he was aware of what was going on He was literally a prisoner in his own body and he wasn’t able to move or talk but he knew what was going on around him That would drive me insane! He eventually learned to communicate through a computer and although he can’t move, he feels like he is alive again because for those 23 years, he felt extremely alone, frustrated and angry Well there you guys have it

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