Top 10 Scary Collections People Actually Own

Hello everyone whats happening! Hope youre having an awesome day wherever and whenever youre watching this! Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video here at most amazing top 10 Collecting things is honestly a really fun hobby

I remember when i was a lot younger i used collect stamps, and i had a massive book where id put them in their little plastic sleeves would just marvel at how cool i was and how great and colourful these stamps were But stamp collecting is pretty common, so are doll collections, miniature car collections But some people collect some pretty weird things Things that make you think twice about wanting to be their friend So lets talk about it so we’re aware

This is the top 10 Scary Collections People Actually Own Starting us off with number 10 are Pickled Punks And I really wish I was talking about a gross pickled food item but im really not Pickled Punks is slang for jarred fetuses that used to be displayed at sideshows and they werent just normal fetuses they usually had one type of abnormality or another If youre thinking what the hell, great because so was i

This isnt actually even legal btw CM Christ had a baby freak show that was raided by police back in 1977 and he was charged with the illegal possession of human remains How do these people even get these fetuses? But anyway since you need a morticians license to even have human remains, collectors have downgraded themselves to rubber replicas The replicas are called bouncers because they bounce in the jar and if you shake it and they can cost anywhere from 200 to 65 bucks

And if it doesnt bounceits probably not made of rubber and therefore real Coming in at number 9 are Corpse Tattoos So apparently if youre a true collector of tattoos that doesnt mean you have many yourself, it means they belong to someone else and you have them

Usually these are collections of skin taken from corpses or stained skin which are then preserved in a mummified state in a glass box for easy display ofc The tattoos are actually mounted in some cases and theyre pulled so tight you can see light go through the tattoo puncture holes Only a small group of people actually collect these works though The most well known one is Dr Katsunari Fukushi whos in the Japanese Tattoo Institute

Which honestly makes it a lot more okay Most of his pieces are from the 20s and 50s so at least he doesnt have any from this generation like that massive one that says no ragrets Like we dont need future generations to remember we were that stupid at one point Thanks At number 8 we have Murderabilia

Didnt even know that was a word till this video to be honest but it means collectibles created by serial killers or related to their murders Because in their down town between planning and executing murders they thought hey why not let my creative juices flow No im just kidding in prison, wardens encourage these people to pursue creative outlets The famous clown psychopath John Wayne Gacy actually had a lot of art exhibitions, cult leader Charles Manson on the other hand preferred to make spiders out of yarn and string during his creative time He even wrote step by step instructions on how to make your own Manson inspired string spider

If youre interested page 3 says how you should store the spider in a cool dry place while feeding it the blood of innocents People speculate that buyers of murderabilia could just be interested in macabre but having these collectibles could also give them a sense of power and control In 2016 George Zimmerman the man who killed Trayvon Martin for no reason other than race, sold the handgun he used for 250,000 Filling our number 7 slot is Celebrity Hair And i mean i knew people did this but i didnt know people legitimately collected this stuff like thats not even borderline gross it is gross

But this is a thing the number of serious hair collectors has multiplied immensely in the last decade From 150 people to over 2000 People are speculating that because of DNA research perhaps they have their hair for cloning purposes in the future? Even though i doubt thatll happen in our lifetime but hey its good to be optimistic A few strands of JFKs hair was sold for 205$, a clump of Che Guevaras hair was sold for 100,000 dollars Its insane

Its lucrative too John Reznikoff the Guiness World Record Holder for his human hair collection has hair from Napoleon Bonaparte which idek how he does, Marilyn Monroe, Einstein, Abraham Lincoln and not just his hair some of his brain matter too But im just confused like how do people get this hair? Unless you legit go cut it off their hair how can you even prove its legitimate? Now at number 6 are Funeral Antiques Where people collect antique funerary object i guess I mean there are hearse clubs for funeral car enthusiasts so why shouldnt this be a thing too right? Most collectors want stuff like postmortem photos, whereas others may want lockets containing the hair of the deceased

I mean its a broad range And it was common to have done in the 19th century when photography was new People would dress up their deceased family members and have them photographed to keep their memory around forever And i get why people would do that like 200 years ago, if you can finally have a screenshot of someones face forever someone who you wont see ever again i get why youd want that But people still collect them now, mostly when they dont even know the person in the photo which i dont get

But hey to each their own Coming in at number 5 are Love Dolls Which is just what im gonna call them but theyre actually just sex dolls In my opinion they all look super creepy and fake but to others it could be their cup of tea And by others i mean Bob Gibbons because Bob has the largest collection of love dolls in the world

He has 240 in his home that he shares with his partner Lizzie who apparently doesnt even seem to mind the dolls He went on to say they actually enjoy dressing the dolls up and taking them on shopping trips I really dont get this one and im genuinely trying to And 240 where would he even fit all of them in his house Theyre like human sized imagine living with 241 other humans

I mean i understand people collecting dolls like barbies and bratz and this is a type of doll so if we look at it that way i guess i understand but also i just dont At number 4 is Nazi Gear But i feel like this is probably the most well known collectible on this list if you can even call it that Nazi Germany as we all know made a hell of a lot of wartime paraphernalia Ornamental knives, swastika arm and headbands, probably swastika bed sheets too who knows

Brand image was on point But since World War II the market for these goods has expanded tremendously and contrary to popular belief its not just Neo-Nazis who are buying this stuff History buffs are big on it and ofc antique collectors as well But with some people the obsession with Nazi gear is bordering a fetish like someone even bough Eva Brauns negligee Eva was Hitlers wife just btw

Thankfully Ebay now refuses to sell Nazi memorabilia and Yahoo was actually sued for selling Hitlers speech notes Honestly serves you right Yahoo Filling our number 3 slot are Toenail Clippings Because dont we all love a bit of those I dont exactly get it, and i feel like with most stories i read theres not really a cause or a why behind it

It usually starts off as a hobby and then turns into something more Like Richard Gibson for example has been saving his toenails for the last 36 years He said initially one day when he was clipping them he just decided to keep them in a manicure box instead of throw them just for fun Then he thought to himself i wonder how long itll take to fill the box It took him 2 years but at that point he was hooked

He moved his collection into a glass jar and i expect he’ll move them into a glass tank when this one is full too Like this is an extremely common thing a lot of people do this Maybe its because of the satisfaction you get when you accumulate them and theyre all from your body theyre yours? I honestly couldnt tell you why Now at number 2 are Genital Casts And the pictures i saw for this one when reading about it were quite funny im not gonna lie

Its not a hidden thing, genital casts have been produced since the 60s Even Jimi Hendrix and Frank Zappa got their moldings done and are now immortalised forever for all their adoring fans The worlds biggest collector of these is a woman called Cynthia Albritton aka Cynthia Plaster Caster She sounds the next Marvel superhero She would literally travel to different hotels with his plater and after her assistant readied the subjects shed start the process

Okay i dont even want to imagine or know what she means by readied the subjects And its obviously not just for celebrities, normal people do it all the time Girls and guys alike we can all cast our thingies if we really wanted to They range from 200 to 500 dollars if you wanted to make one of yourself When i was in my last year of high school, around valentines day i saw a bunch of random adverts for giving your SO a box of chocolates but the chocolates were made in molds of your butthole

You could literally get your butthole molded and then give that to someone in edible form as a valentine's day gift First of all, LOL, second of all, im pretty sure ive said the word butthole more than any other host on this channel now damn it I dont wanna be known for this And finally at number 1 is Belly button Fluff Thats the correct scientific term for it im sure

I cant believe this is a thing its actually hilarious like isnt belly button fluff mostly just cloth fiber and dust or like dead skin How can you even collect it i feel like this a dad thing The only people i ever see having belly button fluff are dads And i guess people with outie belly buttons are screwed that way cus nothing can really collect in there cus theres no yknow proper crevasse Ok this is way too TMI

anyway the man of the hour is Graham Barker who has the worlds largest collection of belly button fluff ever, its over 21g and is all ‘homegrown’ thank you Graham for that He started collecting it in 1984 and just hasnt stopped since When i saw the picture he had 3 bottles and they all contained different colours of belly button fluff too like how are they coloured now? And thats it for todays guys! I honestly hope you enjoyed this one and had a bit of a laugh, i definitely did im not gonna lie Let me know if you collect anything on this list i swear i wont judge you and if you dont and you collect something else lemme know as well! As always im your host Ayman Hasan and ill see you next time! Byee

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