Top 10 Scary Clown Pranks That Went Too Far

Hey everyone welcome back to most amazing top 10 Im your host Che Durena, Im so happy that the clown prank fad has passed I remember when they were the biggest thing on the internet and everyone was dressing up as killer clowns trying to get all of us to crap our own pants for views

It got so out of control, there were people dressing up as creepy clowns and just hanging out in parks, in the middle of the night It was all over the news Like you cant find anything else better to do with your night Why dont you take that time and learn how to play the piano, its a beautiful instrument, dont dress up as a creepy clown and stand in the dark, its so much less fun Well there has been so many of these messed up clown pranks over the years that we have been able to put together a list of the scariest ones, for todays list of top 10 scary clown pranks that went too far

As usual make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell Also make sure you stick around for the top 3 and let me know in the comments if you remember these famous clown pranks And you know that you can check out most amazing top 10 on instagram and facebook, its a great way to get to know myself and the other host a little bit better And without taking any longer, lets get into this list 10 Penn State riots If your going to prank people by dressing up as a clown you should probably stick to kids and old ladies

The last group you should want to try this on is a bunch of drunk college kids They dont usually go down without a fight and they arent the best and thinking things through Just watch one video of college kids jumping off of balconies to smash plastic foldable tables, if there not afraid of the future back problems that will bring them then they arent afraid of anything Well when the clown problem was at its peak, the students of penn state had enough They started a giant riot hunting down clowns, any clown that was seen on campus was mobbed

And you know what, I dont feel bad for the clowns at all, you asked for this And I love to see a community coming together in such a beautiful way, I mean look at the victory song from these kids as theyve finally rid the campus of the killer clown problem 9 Clown break in Now this video is walking the line of prank, apparently this video was of guy trying to sneak into his buddies house and scare him dressed up as a killer clown If you pull some shit like that on me, were not friends anymore What kind of joke is that, haha you thought you were going to die, isnt that so funny

Im going to take the footage and upload it to youtube and make money off of it now, have fun at your therapy Well thankfully this creepy clown got more than he bargained for When he was trying to do is sneaky break in this happened My favorite part about watching that was how the guy has to run away in clown shoes You can feel the terror coming off of him as those dogs chase him down but he cant move fast enough to get to safety

Its like watching a drunk dude try and run away from the cops In his heart he has the speed of usain bolt but in reality he moves like an old blind cat that has heart problems 8 Modesto Clown Beatup I think the whole scary clown thing stopped because of this exact video, at first the clowns were so scary, like are they crazy people, where did they come from, who in there right mind would dress up as a clown and walk around in the streets But then once we all realised that the clowns were just kids trying to get views on youtube, this happened These guys just beat his ass down

And once again I dont feel sorry for him You are trying to mess with people, cause havoc Just let people live there clown free lives Im guessing this is why people stopped dressing up as clowns because people just started punching them in the head On the bright side of all this I think a bunch of people were able to deal with their coulrophobia with the support of their friends

7 Highway Clown Now I gotta say the people in this prank were way nicer then I would have been They come across a clown walking in the middle of the highway, and they slow down Im assuming because theyre half afraid, half trying not to run someone over Which is one of the kindest things Ive ever seen If I see a clown on the highway theres gonna be some rainbow coloured roadkill splattered all over the pavement Then for whatever reason the driver, gets out of his car, have never watched a horror movie, my god

The next part isnt so nice, he smashes this clown with a bat Jesus dude, I was just kidding about the road kill thing I know this dudes a creepy clown but I think you should avoid assault charges Also earlier in the video we can see that the clown is carrying a broom, this might not even be a scary clown hes just a public service clown trying to clean up the streets The car full of screaming teens then drives away

But they turn around and come back, I think they want to make sure they didnt just kill a man And surprisingly the highway clown has popped up chases the car as they pass and then jumps onto the back of the car Damn dude did you see how that clown jukes the car and then grabs the car to climb on the back, this dude has the agility and awareness of an NFL linebacker Well the video ends with all the kids screaming and the clown climbing on the back of the car so we have no idea if all these kids are dead or if they turned that clown into some tire shine 6 Poncho Clown One of the funniest park about going through these clown videos is you can tell that some people put zero effort into making their clown costumes good, like you cant just put a mask on and then you become a scary clown, you need a little pazase, like there needs to be something special in it so you can really do a good job

You want to show the people that your scaring that you care about scaring them Well this clown did none of this and paid the price This clown has a poncho on, are you serious Clowns dont wear ponchos, their not banditos It was like he wanted to make a clown costume but he also wanted to get his red dead redemption cosplay going

5 Clown goes for a stroll I mean you could make the argument that this clown wasnt trying to prank anybody, maybe this clown just wanted to take a nice stroll through the park Well the people hanging around didnt think that he was there for a nice relaxing walking Maybe it was because he was dressed in all black and has demonic clown head but thats me just guessing You can see that he thinks he can just walk away and theyll leave him alone, but the people in this video arent going to let him just walk away A couple kids start chasing him down with bats and then the clown starts running for his life

We dont get to see if they ever caught up with creepy circus refugee but I cant imagine it was pretty 4 Kentucky Clown Thankfully this whole clown craze has died off, I hope this video doesnt inspire a second wave But at its peak, the infestation of circus dwellers got so bad that the police started getting involved and this guy learned the hard way The dude was 20 years old man, why are you spending you time like this You should be out drinking and having fun with your friends

Or if your really into the whole dressing up thing just become a furry, at least theres a community for that You can meet some friends and you dont have to spend your time jumping out of the woods Now this dude has to live with that for the rest of his life Hes 20 years old so this arrest is going to be on his permanent record You cant everytime he tries to leave the country the border cop is going to see a little note that says, beware, likes to dress up as a clown and ruin peoples day

3 Rake clown Yo if your going to be a scary clown choose a better weapon, Im just going to let you guys watch this clip Clip 11 You choose a rake as a weapon to scare people at night Like dude, of course your going to get beat up Your trying to scare people, not some scattered leaves Lets get serious 2 Clown in the woods Now we have someone Whos actually doing it right, if your going to be a creepy clown, dont do it in a place where people can run you over with their car or have quick access to weapons

Do it in the middle of the woods where people literally need to outrun you to stay alive If you train hard enough you could make sure that no one ever escapes and you become the greatest killer clown of all time Clip 12 I love how the guy filming screams out, Im not scared of you, when he is clearly the most scared he has ever been in his whole life There is a 100 percent chance that he had to throw out the underwear he was wearing after the fact, probably his jeans too 1 9 Year old boy gets attacked K its one thing to prank your friends or are old enough to drive away from their problems, but a 9 year old boy

Do you know what kind of psychological damage you going to put on this kid for the rest of his life Could you imagine being a 9 year old kids and getting attacked by a clown You would never build up confidence to go to circ du solie and that show is amazing Clip 13 I dont care if it was only a butter knife, you cant go around stabbing kids, its just not a very nice thing to do Also, I thought the clowns were stopping at scaring people, but now they want to take it all the way to stabbing people

Well next time you see a clown at night you know its him or you so you better throw down Well everyone that is our list thank you all so much from tuning as always make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell Also follow most amazing top 10 on instagram and facebook, Its a great way to get to know myself and the other host a little bit better And make sure you hit up the comment section to let me know what you guys think of this video Until next time Ive been Che Durena and I gotta see if Circ du Solie is coming to town soon

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