Top 10 Scary Close Shark Encounters You Won’t Believe

Some of the most deadliest and fiercest ocean predators are sharks Even though shark attacks are considered to be rare, people have developed an irrational fear to these predators

Great White Sharks have the ability to detect movement from as far away as 820 feet So add that to their powerful, gigantic bodies and razor sharp teeth, it’s no wonder why a lot of us are afraid to swim in the ocean But for these people on this list – they’ve experienced first hand what it’s like to have a close encounter with a shark How’s it going YouTube? I’m your host Landon Dowlatsingh and welcome back to another most amazing video Have you guys ever seen a shark in real life? I actually went swimming with sharks in Hawaii without a cage and a tiger shark actually showed up

It was a really cool experience and I’d recommend you guys trying it Unless you get sea sick – then just stay on dry land Alright, let’s get this list going – this is the top 10 scary close shark encounters you won’t believe Getting things started in at number 10 we have a Tiger Shark surrounding divers Yep, this sounds like my absolute worst nightmare

Did you guys know that tiger sharks are most likely to attack a human even if they aren’t provoked? Oh and let’s not forget about their razor sharp teeth that are literally designed for shredding their food So yeah, needless to say – these divers are in a whole lot of trouble Just take a look at this next clip, Stalked by a great white shark jumps onto our list in at number 9 Nope! This is way too terrifying Luckily this guy did a really good job at protecting himself from becoming this sharks next meal but it went on for nine minutes

That must’ve felt like an eternity to him Apparently if you find yourself face to face with a great white shark, you are never supposed to turn your back on him and you should go for his eyes, not his nose It’s also a good idea that you don’t splash around, because they might confuse you for a seal and if that’s the case – you really could be his next meal Surfer battles with a Great White and this takes us to number 8 This pro surfer got a lot more than he bargained for when he had an extremely close encounter with a shark in the middle of a surfing competition in South Africa

Maybe the shark just wanted his autograph or maybe he wanted to learn how to surf? All jokes aside – I think that the surfer handled himself really well and he got the hell out of there We have to remember that the ocean belongs to the shark and we are actually the ones invading their natural habitat Little boats and big sharks do not mix and I’ll show you why in at number 7I’m pretty sure the minute that this boat was manufactured and put into the open ocean it was unstable Why the heck are you plopping this tiny little lego boat out into shark infested waters? Do you guys have a death wish? This boat looks like it belongs in a bathtub, not the atlantic ocean Seriously though, the Titanic couldn’t even survive the ocean, what made you think this little boat could? These “shark experts” don’t seem to know what they are doing I think it's safe to say that they are going to need a bigger boat

Close encounter with one of the largest sharks in the world comes onto this list in at number 6 Let me introduce you guys to Deep Blue She is believed to be the largest great white shark on record, measuring in at nearly 20 feet long and weighing an astounding 5,000 pounds Well these divers got the thrill of a lifetime when they spotted her swimming in the waters near Hawaii So is this what grandpa shark looks like? I’d probably pee my wetsuit but these divers must’ve gotten the thrill of a lifetime

They wanted to show the world that even though sharks are considered to be dangerous predators, they should be protected, not feared This group is pushing for a bill that would ban the killing of sharks and stingrays in Hawaii and I really hope it passes Moving on to number 5, Tiger Shark wants to become friends If I was diving in the ocean, actively looking for sharks – you best believe that I’m going to be decked out from head to toe in some chain mail and I’d probably be locked up in a shark proof cageI don’t know if people are really brave or really dumb because you just can’t predict what an animal in the wild is capable of

I think I’m just much more suited at watching these close shark encounters from the comfort of my own home T Great White and his massive teeth takes us to number 4 No, I’m not talking about the shark from Jaws, but this next shark is pretty comparable Ummm, does this diver realize that a big chunk of his cage is missing? What the heck is the point? He’s literally in the water with a great white shark and the entire back of his cage is open and exposed to his massive teeth? Am I the only one that has a problem with this? Maybe the shark thought that he was stuck in this cage and he wanted to free him? An uninvited guest swims onto our list in at number 3 So imagine that you’re visiting Mexico and you decide to do a touristy thing and go on a shark cage diving excursion in the open ocean

What could possibly go wrong? Well, I’ll show you, Yep you saw that correctly, the shark managed to jump inside of the cage with the divers That must’ve been super traumatizing for both the divers and the shark Clearly the shark just wanted to get the hell out of there and the divers were probably thinking that they were going to die I feel really bad for the shark because he ended up getting injured and I hope that these tourists were able to get their money back Shark jumps onto boat in at number 2

These people found this extremely funny, but I don’t at all This poor shark is trapped on their boat probably gasping for air If I was on that boat I would try everything I could to get him back into the water because I’m sure he’s more scared of us than we are of him Thankfully he made it back into the water and I’m sure he will think twice about jumping onto anymore boats A close call tops our list in at number 1

This scary footage was captured from the waters surrounding New Zealand and Australia Apparently they spent $10,000 on a fake seal that’s used to attract sharks into the area Who in their right might would drop thousands of dollars on something that can literally put them in harm's way Something seems fishy about this whole thing And this guy only had a camera wedged between his flesh and the great white’s sharp teeth

No thanks! You guys are all crazy In the words of Chris CrokerLEAVE THE SHARKS ALONE

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