Top 10 Scary Claustrophobia Stories

Nope, nope and nope I don’t normally mind being in small, confined spaces but these videos literally made it hard to breathe

I just couldn’t imagine being stuck under snow or inside of a tiny cave, unable to move or breathe deeply If you suffer from claustrophobia, then this video is going to be hard to watch How’s it going YouTube? I’m your host Landon Dowlatsingh and before we get into this video I want to know, what is your biggest fear? Let me know what it is in the comment section below I really look forward to reading all of your comments! Alright, take a deep breath because here is the top 10 scary claustrophobia stories Trapped in an elevator starts us off in at number 10

Nicholas White was working late on a Friday night when he went outside for a smoke break Well that was probably the longest smoke break of his life because when he went to return back to his desk located on the 39th floor, the elevator got stuck and stopped working He pressed the alarm a bunch of times but of course, the office was deserted and no one was working on the weekend So he knew that it would take over two days before he got rescued He didn’t have a cellphone on him and he didn’t have any food or water

Every minute that went by, he was battling with his intense fear of claustrophobia And you can see this as he paces around the elevator He spent a total of 41 hours trapped inside of this tiny elevator before he was rescued at 4pm on Sunday night He received a settlement from the building but I bet he will be taking the stairs from now on Or at least he will invest in a really good cellphone

Climbing up this list in at number 9 we have a woman who got stuck inside of a chimney And no, she is not a chimney sweep This woman tried to slide down the chimney and into the house of a man that she had met online and had gone on a few dates with Let this be a lesson to you guys out there on dating apps, always meet a stranger in public and don’t bring them home unless you are prepared for them to sneak into your house via the chimney Well anyways, the woman was stuck inside of this small chimney for two hours before firefighters came to her rescue

They used jackhammers to dismantle the chimney and lubricated her with soap to get her out of that sticky situation She was charged with illegally entering a residence and providing false information I hope for this guys sake, he put his house on the market and he’s going to buy a house without a chimney Man gets stuck inside of a wall and this brings us to number 8 Yep, I thought the exact same thing

How the hell does someone get stuck inside of a wall? It almost seems impossible to me but apparently a homeless man got stuck when he tried to sneak into a Marshalls from the roof The employees heard a man screaming but they didn’t know where it was coming from He was stuck in this tiny crevice for three whole days Officers had to use a power saw to rescue him and he was taken to a nearby hospital They wanted to charge him to attempted burglary but they thought that by being trapped inside of a wall for three says would count as time served

Number 7 brings us to Satan’s birth canal Okay so the proper name is Airman’s cave birth canal but I renamed it because it looks scary as hell Take a look I think I’d rather spend a whole day swimming in shark infested waters then do this for five minutes I don’t get how people can train themselves to remain calm in a situation like this I would be freaking out and I’d probably hyperventilate and then pass out from being so scared

Someone would have to grab my feet and drag me out because there is no way that I would survive this I just don’t see the appeal of getting stuck in tiny spaces; can someone please explain this to me There are so many other hobbies out there in the world that doesn’t involve almost dying Crashing into number 6 we have an Avalanche Back on March 2, 2013 two people went skiing but things took a turn for the worst when they were caught in a six-foot-deep, 1,200-foot-wide avalanche in Colorado

One of the skiers never made it out alive but Alex White managed to survive being buried underneath snow for three hours before he was rescued According to the stats, very few people survive being in an avalanche for 30 minutes so the fact that he was able to survive for 3 hours is incredible He also had a torn ACL and MCL and a deep cut on the back of his calf His body was face up but his head was 4 feet deeper than his feet When people were trying to dig him out, they said that it felt like they were digging concrete and the man trapped underneath the snow said it felt like he was drowning

Up next in at number 5 we have a man trapped 1,000 metres underground In June 2014, a 52 year old man was exploring German’s deepest cave when a rock fell from the ceiling and smashed into his face He was helplessly lying on the floor for 11 days with a fractured skull and a broken eye socket and there was nothing that he could do but wait Experts spent 5 days planning his rescue operation and more than 700 people were involved in this rescue mission Note to self, never explore deep caves alone

And better yet, don’t go exploring any dark, remote caves unless I don’t have any plans of escaping I don’t know what I would do in this situation He must’ve been so scared and confused and he probably thought that he was going to die there Parents lock daughter in the closet for years and this comes onto our list in at number 4 An 8 year old girl had been locked inside of a tiny closet for four months by her mother and step father

She was severely malnourished and she was only fed tiny pieces of bread and water inside of the dark, lice infested closet She was forced to sleep on a urine stained blanket with no social interactions or day light When the authorities discovered her, she was only 25 pounds and three feet tall There was urine and feces all over the small closet Her teeth were black, her body had a bunch of sores on it and her hair was covered with lice

Luckily her “parents” were charged and sentenced to life in prison I just hope that they are locked in solitary confinement with a broken key We have another scary cave claustrophobia story and this brings us to number 3 This video clip is literally giving me anxiety So my first thought while watching this video is why the hell would someone willing shove their body through small openings in a cave that is filling with water

And my second question is, who actually enjoys doing this? I don’t know about you guys but I love to be able to breathe and move around freely I hope that I never find myself in a similar situation Actually, I know for sure that I wont because I’m not dumb enough to explore scary caves and try to squeeze my body through tiny little openings that I have no chance of fitting through Man survived inside of a sinking ship and this tale brings us into number 2 Harrison Okene was on a tugboat with 12 other crew members

They were sailing through the harsh waters off of the coast of Nigeria when a huge ocean swell slammed into their boat, causing it to capsize Okene was in the bathroom when the boat turned over and began to sink He was thrown from one end of the small cubicle to the other but eventually he made his way over to the engineer’s office where he was able to find a small pocket of air By this time, the boat was completely upside down, resting on the sea floor at a depth of 100 feet He survived like this for three days with no food or fresh water

He was trapped in a tiny room with a little pocket of air and his oxygen supply was running out It seemed like his odds of surviving were next to zero After about 60 hours of being trapped liked this, he was finally rescued Topping this list in at number 1 we have buried alive A 37 year old woman was pronounced dead and a funeral was held for her in a small town located in Brazil

But her family desperately dug up her grave 11 days later because people living near the cemetery said that they heard screams and moans coming from her grave Don’t you think it would’ve been a great time to call 911? Once her casket was lifted out of her grave, they saw that she was no longer alive but she had a ton of marks on her body that shows that there was a struggle She had wounds on her hands and forehead and the family said that those marks weren’t there when she was laid to rest Investigators believe that this poor woman was trying to escape her coffin for several days before she died Could you imagine? I think this would be the absolute worst way to die

Well there you guys have it…

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