Top 10 Scary Churches Where Prayers Won’t Help You – Part 2

Hey everyone welcome back to most amazing top 10, Im you host Che Durena Church can be a good time, you got a bunch of people singing songs, everyone is there to praise jesus and theres a preist there whos always carrying enough wine to get everybody tilted

But just like any other building a church can get run down, hit by a natural disaster or the devil himself will move in I mean if I was the devil I would want to walk into every single church in the world, its the one place your not allowed to go and you would be able to go into there and here everyone talking trash about you, youd figure out each person your going to personally torture in hell Well the house of god can get corrupted more times then you would think and thats why Im brining you todays list of top 10 scary churches where prayers wont help you part – 2 If you havent seen part one go check that out right now, Rebbeca did such a great job on that video As always make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell

Also follow most amazing top 10 on instagram and facebook Its a great way to get to know myself and the other host a little bit better, and without taking any longer lets get into this list 10 Temple of Amida, Japan Lets kick off this list by flying way over to japan, the japanses have some of the best ghost stories in history I still have scenes from the ring and the grudge burned into my brain Those were the perfect movies for me to watch as a 13 year old

I remember the girl in the closet who looked like she just pushed through a crash compactor and then left in the sun for 8 years Yeah when your 13 and you see that out of nowhere, you dont forget it over night Well this is a classic Japanese ghost story from the Temple Amida that was built over 700 years ago Legend goes that a blind man would be brought to play music for a dead emperor in the graveyard He was lead by a priest, but the blind dude didnt even know he was playing music for ghost

The priest would cover the dude in protective symbols so the spirits couldnt see him But one time he brought this blind dude in, but didnt cover his ears, so the spirits cut his ears off and he died in the graveyard Now its said you can still hear the music from the blind dude if you go there Ghost tunes 9 Chuch of St Nicolas, Pluckley Uk Were gonna jump on a plane again and fly over to jolly old england for the most haunted town in the UK Pluckley, England is a place where the hauntings are hot and people still live there

Every knows you can live where ever you want right, its not the 1800 anymore where if you tried to move to a new town half your family would die and it would take a year and a half Pluckley is so haunted that when Halloween rolls around they need to bring in more cops because so many drunk dummies come there to dress slutty and hopefully run into a phantom And in this town is the Church of St Nicolas, where the spirit of Lady Dering walks around looking for the spirit of her dead kid Its said she was burried in 7 lead coffins but that didnt stop her from breaking out and haunted the hell out of this church I dont even think lead does anything to ghosts, I think its suppose to be silver

They were probably like, 7 silver coffins, jesus christ thats expensive, lets use lead and hope for the best 8 The Chapel of bones Now its time to head over to portugal to one of the creepiest arts and crafts projects Ive ever seen Back in portugal somewhere in the 16th century, the cemeteries were getting too full, people were dying real quick, so when this happens they need to dig up to the old already rotted bodies, take their dry bones out and then plop the fresh ones into the hole Now usually when you got all these bones you would make something like the paris catacombs But not the monks of the church of st francis, they were like, lets take all the dope bones and make a bone house so everyone can bone in it

No, they did build a chapel made of bones but thats not why they did it They build this clavicle castle to remind people that theyre going to die, so they should be good people before they die They were literally like, you see this, you see this spooky skeleton house, be a better person, god and stuff It was made using concrete and around 5000 bones, I wonder if its legal to do that today, like if you even just built a little bone dog house for your puppy to sleep in and to scare kids off your lawn 7 St Andrews, Selkurk Manitoba Get your winter coats were heading over to Slekruk Manitoba to check out the church of St Andrew

Where going all over the world with this one By the end of this video you have no excuse to not check out a scary church, unless your like me and your just not going to do that because its a terrible way to spend your day Well the church of St Andrew is nicknamed St Andrew on the Red because if your lucky, youll see a set of glowing red eyes inside the church Great I put on all my best clothes for church and I just pissed in them People have also said theyve seen a dude ghost and lady ghost walking around the graveyard

And my favorite haunting from this church is some people have said theyve seen a ghost car Whaaaat, I didnt know that ghost could have cars, this might be the only ghost with a car, if this is true he for sure bangs Your the only dude in the afterlife with a ballin ride your getting laid bro That ghost is probably just riding past the church cemetary to trying pickup chicks, This dude could drive a phantom rolls royce phantom 6 St Marks, Episcopal church Uk Back to England guys, Its apparently the bell tower of this haunted church that is the hot spot of supernatural activity

Legend says that the stone mason who was building the tower fell to his death before the tower was finished and then started haunting the workers who came to finish the tower They pleased the spirit by building his own room in the tower, which is so funny to me They were like we know your upset that your dead but we all came together and got you something nice, theres a nice little bench here, a memory foam mattress and we now your a stone mason so we filled the bookcase with all the best stone mason books in the land Do you like it? 5 St Georges Church, The Cecz republic This Church is oooooold as hell, it was built in 1352, Ill bet good money that the building is not up to code Well back in the day when this church was shiny and new but it didnt take long before people thought it was cursed, because fires kept breaking out in the darn thing

People kept going though, in the Cecz Republic theyre not afraid of curses But in 1968 when the roof collapsed in on some people during a funeral service Everyone decided to stop going to church kinda, they held mass outside, these guys really love god Because there was now a massive hole in the roof the towns folk needed to find a way to fix it And they did this by playing off the cursed story of the church, the put some sculptures of shrouded figures in the church and then turned it into a haunted tourist attraction and raised enough money to fix the church! Awwwwe, that one was kind of sweet

4 Basilica of our lady of good health Were in india baby! In the town of Velankanni, where the sight for this church was picked because people saw spirits there before hand They wanted the church to be haunted before it even went up, interesting choice There are several ghosts who have been seen walking around this place, primarily one of a woman with her young child who people think is Mother Mary and Jesus himself Apparently people have even been healed by these ghosts but I think theyre probably liars 3 The Church of Bones Another church covered in bones, bricks must have been expensive back then

Well this one is waaaaay crazier than the other bone house, it all started 1278 when an abbot came to the spot, where this church stand, today with a handful of dirt He said it was from the site where Jesus was crucified The dusted the land with it and then everyone in europe wanted to get buried there, it was THE place to get buried So there were a ton of bodies there, and in the 1800s when they wanted to build a church there they had to dig up all the bodies and it was one dudes job to stack up all the bones, He made six pyramids of bones from 70,000 people The bones were later used to decorate the whole church

Theres a chandelier in there that has every bone in the human body 2 Old Rock Church, Texas We made it to America where this little old abandoned church is still a happening place It was built between 1884-1886 but shutdown not to long after that because another church got built nearby But that didnt stop this place, from being a hot spot, because apparently ghost still go to this place all the time, especially on sundays The new church may have had a new coat of paint on it but the old rock church had followers so devoted they still came through after they died

People have seen all sorts of ghosts and lights coming from the church but the craziest haunting that happens there, is when people hear a full choir singing, damn this place is lit, youll walk in the doors and hear Clip 3 1 Christ Church Greyfrairs And for number one we shoot over to england The Christ Church of Grey Fairs was once the most haunted place in london, but now only the spire stands And its haunted for good reason, its the burial place of the queen known as the she-wolf of france She had her husband killed, King edward the 2nd, by having a hot iron rod inserted into his anus to burn his insides

Its said you can still hear his screams When she died she was buried with her dead husbands heart on her chest and on the full moon her ghost will rise clenching the beating heart of her husband Yeah you get killed by heart poker in the butt and your screams wale out for eternity, thats how you get number one on the list

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