Top 10 Scary Chuck E Cheese Stories

Hello everyone what is happening! Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video here at most amazing top 10 So apparently you guys really enjoy hearing messed up things about Chuck E Cheese which is fair enough i mean i get it

I enjoy telling the stories as well and giving myself more reasons not to go there If you thought the last video was bad then you guys have to gear yourselves up for this one As always guys remember to subscribe to top 10 and go check out our new channel top 10 beyond the screen for more hollywood related content if thats what youre into! But without anymore babbling this is the Top 10 Scary Chuck E Cheese Stories Starting us off with number 10 are the Crawl Tunnels Crawl tunnels are fun and all but i feel like whenever i used to crawl through them there just came a point i felt super claustrophobic and i was like ahh i just need to get out

But anyway, back in 2014 Robert Dustin Weber was visiting a Chuck E Cheese in Englewood with his mother and 2 year old daughter In the indoor playground area his daughter became friends with another 3 year old and they started playing in the crawl tunnels and Weber entered the tunnels with them staying in there for 3-6 minutes at a time Already sus why would a grown man who can barely even fit in the crawl tunnel stay there for 6 minutes? When they left the girl told her father that Weber had performed sexual acts on her and he called the police to which he found out that Weber was a registered sex offender with a history of similar behaviour When an officer finally asked him whether he had done it or not he responded by saying i dont think i should talk about that Hes since been sentenced to 18 years to life in prison

It still blows my mind how this happened under everyones nose inside the crawl tunnels Coming in at number 9 is the Tire that flew through the window Which sounds like the title of a very weird childrens book i feel But anyway this one happened in Merrillville Indiana back in 2015 A 63 year old woman was driving westbound on the US 30 when she veered off the road to the right

She drove into a ditch, then hit a telephone pole and then hit a parked car head on in the parking lot of Chuck E Cheese I dont know how but she then apparently hit another car pushing that one into another car The tire from her car flew off and went straight through the window of the restaurant and hit 3 children sitting inside Like it sounds like this woman was on a rampage One 12 year old had wounds on his head and left arm, a 5 year old had wounds on both arms and another 8 year old boys forehead was also injured

The woman herself was unharmed and it was later found that there was a medical issue that led to the crashes to begin with I shouldnt find this funny and i dont but this scenario just sounds like a made up cartoon like all the events that led up to the tire flying through the window At number 8 we have The Wrong Kid This ones pretty short and sweet and im guessing you guys will probably know what the story is gonna be about from the title In January of 2016 and was leaving a Chuck E Cheese in Hamilton with his child

He got about 4 5 steps away from the restaurant when he realised he had picked up the wrong child He rushed back and got his rightful child but this is jokes Like do you not look at the kid before youre picking them up? It was escalated slightly when a potential kidnapping was suspected but it was quickly dismissed and confirmed that no children were ever in danger just a dad brain fart Filling our number 7 slot is the Skee Ball fight It was only about time that this video was gonna take a ratchet turn and talk about a fight that couldve ended up on worldstar

com and here it is This one happened in New Jersey in December 2015 A woman and her 2 year old son were standing near the skee ball machines when another woman starting playing skee ball and pushed the boy The mother obviously triggered confronted the woman Words were said, the mum pushed the other woman who actually fell on her back on the machine

She got up and the two started fighting until an employee and a family member broke it up The one who fell told the police a different story That she was playing skee ball with her own son when the other womans boy came over and tried to steal her sons skee balls and she denied ever pushing him She said when the boy came over for a third time thats when she pulled her own son towards her The mother who started the fight actually had a 500$ outstanding warrant against her and she was later arrested and charged with simple assault

I mean when a mama bears claws come out they really come out Now at number 6 is Helen This one is actually a story from an ex employee from the esteemed establishment so thank you anon for that She claims the best story from her time working there was about one customer who had fully lost touch with reality and fallen in love with Helen And that would be all well and good except Helen is one of the animatronics in Chuck Es band

Hence not a real person The customer even bought Helen an engagement ring and was soon after banned from that restaurant which is no real surprise If anything i feel bad that he wasnt able to get closure with Helen before he was banned, delusional or not he still deserves that Coming in at number 5 is The Bathroom I honestly hate using bathrooms at busy restaurants especially if its a kids restaurant because 11 out of 10 times the bathroom will be absolutely filthy and my legs will give out from the amount of squatting i have to do just to pee

But anyway the bathroom is not just the place for your bowels, its also the place to do drugs apparently 5 years ago in Costa Mesa (may-sa) California Collin Zborowski and Daniel Lubach were arrested after police witnessed the pair inside a bathroom stall at Chuck E Cheese A customer complained that they suspected the duo were getting high in the bathrooms and they were indeed observed smoking heroin Funnily enough they actually went to Chuck E Cheese to meet their drug supplier because apparently a family centered restaurant is the best place to do that Daniel and Collin were arrested but both were subsequently released later either on bail or on promise to appear in court

At number 4 is Dead Chuck E This ones another story submission from an ex employee and im honestly loving these So this employee comes into work one day and was asked to go ‘wake up Chuck E’ for a birthday party And that basically meant they would have to go and put on the suit dance and take some pictures So the hard working employee goes and puts on the suit, they do the dance and the kids lined up for pictures

Everything is rainbows and butterflies i know but the problem was was that the employee had a really bad cold and the inside of the Chuck E suit is so hot that they ended up fainting mid picture and collapsing to the floor When the employee finally regained consciousness all the kids were screaming and crying hysterically that Chuck Es dead They had to be dragged by the shoulders out of the room and they ended up ruining 3 birthday parties that day Honestly if that was me i wouldnt care about ruining the parties i would be like you shouldve gotten an employee that wasnt sick to be in the suit Like how is this the employees fault its not

Filling our number 3 slot is The Knife Wielder I wish i was talking about a fantasy book or movie with this one but it was 100% more a nightmare than a fantasy The setting is 2015 New Jersey around 7pm James Burgess (burjis) a retired Bergen County Sheriff Officer was going to the Chuck E Cheese when he saw a man stumbling outside the restaurant The man later found to be Anthony Campagna was holding an 8 inch knife

Burgess confronted Anthony after he entered and told him he couldnt bring a weapon inside Then a brawl ensued and it took Burgess along with a few other patrons struggling with Campagna (cam-paan-ya) to finally gain control of the knife Burgess ended up getting injured on his right hand and Anthony was taken to Wayne Police HQ and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and had a 25,000$ bail His intentions were unclear according to employees but it was a good thing Burgess was there otherwise who knows what could have happened Now at number 2 is The Purse Snatcher

This one made me laugh because the kids obviously had no idea what they were doing they probably thought they were just playing a game but little did they know In Olympia Washington a 34 year old man named Charles was using children to steal purses inside Chuck E Cheese I know I was shook too A slew of purses had been reported as missing in the restaurant over a course of a few months and victims said their cards were being used in Thurston and Pierce counties

After reviewing some surveillance footage investigators found a man directing two young kids to steal unattended bags and bring them to him in the bathroom A few days later the man came into the restaurant with 3 more kids all under the age of 10, police was called but the man and kids disappeared before they got there Employees managed to see which car the man left in and the police later found the car and arrested Charles for a plethora of reasons But wow i mean you gotta hand it to him thats innovative using the kids to bring him the purses And finally at number 1 is The Parking Spot

This one was so outlandish i literally thought it was just a false story But its 100% true and honestly parking spots cause fights all the time In the car with your significant other when you miss one and youre both hangry, with strangers when youre both trying to go for the same one, all in one they end relationships lets just leave it at that So what happened? In LA back in 2011 27 year old Robert Herrera and gunned down 29 year old Daniel Villanueva because of quote on quote beef over a parking space outside Chuck E Cheese I mean I know sometimes youre desperate for a parking spot or youre in a rush but theres literally never a logical reason to ever ever ever shoot someone multiple times over a parking space

Literally ever Herrera and his sister actually drove away from the scene and she ended up getting arrested later on after a TV viewer recognised her from composite drawings they had seen of the two Robert was still sought after for previous arrest warrants as well as this new arrest warrant for murder Amd guys that is it for todays video I hope you guys enjoyed your second dose of Chuck E Cheese monstrosities this one was definitely one for the books

I didnt think this amount of shit could happen in any establishment ever so that in and of itself has blown my mind Let me know in the comments below about which one shocked you the most and whether you actually knew about any of these cases before this video! Im your host Ayman Hasan guys and ill see you in the next one Byee!

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