Top 10 Scary Child’s Play Theories

Ummm, no thanks ChuckyI don’t think I want to be your friend till the end Is anyone else completely terrified by this doll or is it just me? And no I’m not talking about the sequelsthose got really weird didn’t they? The Chucky franchise started in 1988 and Child’s play is one of the most famous horror franchises ever I mean, everyone knows who Chucky is The idea of an evil, possessed doll running around and killing people is a pretty creepy concept And since its original release, it has become a cult classic So just when we thought that we would never see our friend Chucky again, they released a reboot of the original a little while ago and they are coming out with a Child’s Play Tv series that is set to air in 2020

How’s it going YouTube? I’m your host Landon Dowlatsingh and welcome back to another most amazing video Before we get started, I want to know, what was your favourite toy when you were a kid Mine would have to be a Tonka truck or my Gameboy colour Ahh those were the days Alright let’s get to it

this is the top 10 scary child’s play theories Let’s kick things off in at number 10 with the origin of Chucky’s name I know that Chucky just looks like a small deranged children’s toy, but he is definitely a classic horror movie villain who has stood the test of time

And this probably has a lot to do with his name as well In the original 1988 Child’s Play film, a good guy’s doll was possessed by a serial killer named Charles Lee Ray He was able to insert his spirit inside of the doll with some voodoo Now, let’s break down his name It can be argued that Chucky’s full name is a combination of 3 infamous killers

First we have Charles who is of course a reference to Charles Manson, the leader of a cult who committed a series of brutal murders Then we have Lee who is named after Lee Harvey Oswald, the man who murdered John F Kennedy And last but not least is James who is an obvious reference James Earl Ray who was responsible for assassinating Martin Luther King Jr Next up in at number 9 we have the Good Guys VS Buddi rebranding

In the original movie, Chucky was a Good Guy doll created by Play Pals toy factory Obviously Play Pals was under a lot of scrutiny when it was revealed that their best selling doll was responsible for several murders So naturally, their reputation went down the drain and it is believed that Play Pals went bankrupt and had to dispose of all of their Good Guys dolls Well according to this fan theory, the owner wasn’t ready to let go of the Good Guys dolls just yet He kept one of the dolls and worked on it for decades and adding new technology as it came out

And this is when he pitched his newly improved doll to Kaslan Corporation who rebranded the original good guys doll and called him Buddi That’s why the two dolls look similar to each other but not identical But history repeats itself, and apparently we weren’t able to learn from our mistakes because now the Buddi doll is probably more of a threat than the original chucky ever was Chucky is based on Robert the Doll and this scary theory brings us to number 8 I think that most of us would agree that Robert the Doll is pretty terrifying

I mean just take a look at him Apparently he is responsible for car accidents, broken bones, job loss, divorce and a bunch of other misfortunes That’s why he is being housed in a container in a museum and you aren’t even allowed to take a picture of him Not that you would want to I don’t even know why he is on display

Maybe because no one wants to touch him and throw him in a fire because they are scared of getting cursed or worse It is also believed that Robert the doll is possessed with a curse after a disgruntled housekeeper performed voodoo on him So that’s why a lot of people theorize that Chucky was based off of this doll

But apparently the writer Tom Holland said that he never heard of Robert when he wrote Child’s Play If that’s true, then there are a lot of crazy coincidences Chucky of the corn brings us to number 7 If you are into horror movies than you’ve probably heard of the classic, Children of the Corn John Franklin is probably best known for his role as the scary child preacher Isacc in this film but a lot of horror fans don’t realize that he also plays an integral role in Child’s Play as well

He actually played Chucky when he was shown running or walking So this made people believe that Isacc from children of the corn is just dressed up as the chucky doll and he is on a murdering rampage It’s actually not that far fetched if you think about it, I mean Isacc was bat shit crazy in Children of The Corn, I wouldn’t put it past him And now in at number 6 Toy Story and Chucky are in the same universe Alright before you come after me, I realize that Toy Story is a cartoon and Chucky is in real life but let’s hear this theory out

Both of the main kids in the movies are called Andy, both movies involve toys that are alive and they all just want to be Andy’s best friend till the end Let’s take a look at some of these movie posters As you can see, we have Chucky murdering a bunch of the characters from Toy Story So this kind of suggests that maybe Andy’s mom bought him a Buddi doll and Chucky doesn’t want any of these toys to get attention from Andy But I’d like to think that Woody and Buzz could kick Chucky’s ass

Maybe Andy should invite Sid over for a playdate and give Chucky to him Now that would make one good horror movie Andy’s mom was actually schizophrenic and this brings us to number 5 People are theorizing that in the original movie, when Andy’s dad died, something snapped in Karen’s mind She was never the same

It’s believed that Karen actually stole Chucky from her work because she thought that he was talking to her She felt some sort of connection to this doll and she told Andy that the doll was alive Andy was only six years old so he was gullible and naive and he actually believed her But she started to become paranoid and as her schizophrenia progressed, she began killing people but she believed that Chucky did it So fast forward to the end of the original Child’s Play, Chucky is shot through the heart and he is finally dead

But according to this dark theory, once the ambulance and police arrive, they know that their stories aren’t making sense There is no way that a killer doll actually exists, so they take Karen to a psychiatric hospital to be evaluated and they charge her with murder While she’s serving time in prison, Andy is sent to a foster family Jumping over to number 4, The superintendent of the apartment building was Charles Lee Ray’s grandson Alright so if you’ve seen the new Child’s Play, you’ll know exactly who I’m talking about

For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, don’t worry – I won’t spoil anythingexcept everyone diesJust kidding Ok so getting back to it The Superintendent is this creepy guy in an apartment building that has cameras in everyone’s units His workstation is in the basement and that’s where he likes to watch people

He finds a Chucky doll in the garbage and he decides to open him up and reprogram him so that he can sell him on Ebay But some fans are speculating that this creepy guy is actually the grandson of Charles Lee Ray and he has a strange affinity to the Chucky Doll He seems to know way too much about the mechanics of the doll and he almost seems obsessed with it Maybe he’s trying to find the original doll so that he can resurrect his grandpa Chucky isn’t actually possessed and this scary theory brings us to number 3

In the original 1988 film, fans are saying that chucky is just a manifestation of Andy’s Rage Yep that’s right, Chucky was never possessed, he never learned to grab a knife, he never actually murdered anyone It was actually Andy this whole time Apparently Andy is a really creepy kid with some serious anger issues Think about it, his father left him when he was young, he doesn’t have any friends, his mom is struggling to get by and he is being bullied

So when he gets Chucky, he develops a really unhealthy relationship with him So what if I told you that this whole time, Andy was the serial killer and not Chucky? We are watching the movie through Andy’s mind because to him, the doll is murdering people, but in reality, it’s actually Andy with blood on his hands Chucky will control an army and this fun fact brings us to number 2 This theory could potentially be applied to the original series and the reboot That’s because in the ending of Child’s Play 2, Chucky’s heart was destroyed so we thought that Chucky was gone for good

But if you look closely, you can see that his plastic body was melted down and mixed with hundreds of new Good Guy dolls So Chucky’s evil personality could have potentially been inserted in hundreds or thousands of dolls that are just waiting to sink a knife into a human And then if we look at the ending of the reboot, we can see that Chucky was able to easily control the other Buddi dolls and other Kaslan products because they are all on the same Kaslan network That’s pretty terrifying if you think about it I think this reboot hits a little too close to home because what if our smart products go rogue and start killing us off

And finally in at number 1 Andy was actually evil Alright let’s think about this for one minute In the reboot, Chucky is a smart robot with artificial intelligence but he is only able to do things after he has learned them from a human So when Chucky is in the hands of Andy, that’s when he starts to become evil and goes on a murdering rampage So maybe Andy showed him a thing or two about how to murder people but Andy didn’t want to get his hands dirty so he got Chucky to do it for him

And do you guys remember when Andy found the head in his bedroom? He wasn’t even really phased by ithe literally wrapped it up and wanted to throw it down the garbage chutethat sounds like some serious serial killer tendencies I really think that Andy should go see a shrink about his anger issues Well there you guys have it…

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