Top 10 Scary Childhood Urban Legends

Ah childhood, when looking back on mine I definitely have some interesting memories From using a hand crank to open the windows in the car, to games like hungry hungry hippos, and those dang lead pencils, that when you lose one piece the whole pencil wont work Does anyone else know what im talking about? Let me know if you remember any of those I also remember some more scarier aspects of my childhood, like getting yelled at for turning on car light when my mom was driving Hey everyone! Welcome back to most amazing top ten I'm your host lindsay ivan, and today i will be sharing with you the top 10 scary childhood urban legends Now I blocked out most of these urban legends, because some of them truly scared me as a kid! But now I have to relive them for you guys, so youre welcome

I'm just kidding, but some of them are truly terrifying and disturbing, especially for children Starting off at number 10 It was a very snowy night and a young girl was staying up late watching her favourite tv show As it got later she noticed a man outside of her window The man was very scary looking, and was holding a big knife

Terrified of this man she hid underneath the covers and called the cops The cops came by and inspected the area, however found no footprints in the snow outside of the window that the girl saw this man at But they did find a trail of wet footprints in the house, leading up to the couch where the girl was seated Therefore, the man was standing behind her the whole time, and she just saw his reflection Lets move on to number 9 One night a man was driving home when he saw a female hitchhiker standing at the side of the road

He stopped and offered the girl a ride home They get to talking and she says her name is Lydia and she directs him on how to get to her house The next day the driver goes back to his car and realizes that she forgot her red sweater in his car, so being the gentleman that he is he heads back over to her house to drop it off, since it was not his size However, when he arrived there the mother opens the door and informs him that Lydia passed away several years ago in a car accident He encountered lydia’s ghost last night, along the side of the road where her car crashed

At number Number 8 we have the man in the backseat I am sure most of you have heard of this story before, since its pretty well known Now this legend surrounds a girl driving home from a party when she notices that a truck behind her keeps flashing their highbeams at her She keeps driving and notices that he is following a little too closely, so she tries to lose him But when she speeds up, he speeds up, when she turns he does the same while continuously flashing his high beams

The girl becomes super scared and when she arrives home she runs into her house and tells her parents what happened However, the truck driver tells them that he saw a man crawl into her backseat with a large knife, everytime that he popped up in the backseat, he would flash his high beams to scare him, and he would duck backdown I have to admit, I still think of this story sometimes when im driving home late at night I do the odd glance in the backseat to try and catch anyone like gotcha Onto number seven So this story revolves around a girl who was babysitting a girl named Holly Towards the end of the night she was going to treat holly to some icecream She asks holly where their icecream is and she says it's in the basement The babysitter goes to the basement and gets the icecream but sees a girl at the window looking in

she shakes it off since its halloween and returns back upstairs Holly then asks for some hot fudge on the icecream So she goes back to the basement and this time the girl is wearing a cape Cute little halloween costume The girl then goes back upstairs and Holly, since she cant make up her mind, sends the babysitter back down for some sprinkles

This time the girl at the window is holding a knife The girl runs back upstairs in a panick and tells holly to lock all the doors since theres a murderer at the window Holly responds with We dont have any windows in the basement, only a mirror

Dun dun duuuuhh So the girl was behind the babysitter in the house the whole time At number 6 we have hookman One night two teens decided to go on a date in the woods, to a place called lovers lane While cuddling and do other lovey things an announcement came on the radio It stated that a prisoner had escaped an asylum and is on the run

He was a known killer who they called the hook man because he lost his hand in an accident and replaced it with a hook Just as this announcement finished they heard scraping on the side of the car The girl was so freaked out they she begged her boyfriend to just drive them back home, even though he insisted that it was nothing When they arrived home, fear flooded the boyfriends face as he noticed a bloody hook was lodged into the side of their car We are now at our halfway mark with number 5, the clown

Another babysitting story, yay Seriously, what's the deal with scary babysitting stories, watching over children is scary enough as it is Kidding Well this babysitter was watching over some children for the night, while their parents went out for dinner After getting the kids ready for bed, the parents call in to check on their children

The babysitter says that they are all cozy in bed, and asks if its okay to watch some tv in the parents room I mean that's a bit weird in my opinion, she could have just watched it in the living room on the couch, but whatever floats your boat Anyways the babysitter than asks if its okay if she throws a blanket on the clown statue that's in their room, because it's scaring her The parents reply with “ get out of the house, we don't have a statue of a clown” What would you do in that situation

I would chuck the blanket on the clowns head anyways and then get the heck out of there But seriously how did that girl not realize it was reallike wow that's a really detailed life like statue Even its eyes follow me when I move Coming in at number 4 we have, I am teddy Ugh chainmail

They can scare you or make you feel like a bad person There's no positive aspect to chainmail Seriously sometimes they guilt me like, repost if you love your family Don't if you want them to get hurt Like dang

Now this next urban legend has to do with a chainmail legend named I am Teddy The chainmail basically reads “ Hi, I am Teddy Once you read this you cannot get out Finish reading this until it is done!” It continues by saying I am Teddy I am 7 years old

I have no eyes and blood all over my face I am dead If you don't send this to at least 12 people I will come to your house at midnight and I'll hide under your bed When you're asleep, I'll kill you Then it goes on by listing the people that refused to forward the chainmail and what happened to them

It then tells the reader to send this message to 12 people before midnight or else they will suffer the consequences Not sending it to anyone results in your death Only sending it to 1-6 people means you will be hurt 7-11 means you will encounter your biggest fear And sending it to 12 or more people means you're safe and will have good fortune

Cant lie, as a kid I was like “nope not risking it And would pass them forward Let's move onto number 3 Disney world! The happiest place on earth You got cute disney characters, tons of delicious food, fun rides, and Mr walt disneys frozen body

Wait what? So legend has it that the creator of disney is frozen in a cryogenic chamber, waiting to be revived later on in life I guess that gives a new meaning to disney on ice This legend started in 1967 when a reporter snuck into st joseph's hospital, the hospital where walt disney passed away in The reporter apparently broke into a storage room in the hospital and saw mr disney's body in a cylinder

Legend also says that he is now stored in a freezer underneath the pirates of the caribbean ride at disneyland That is not the case, apparently walt disney was cremated and then buried at forest lawn cemetery in Glendale california In our second spot we have the drip drip drip legend Alright, for this story we have a girl that was afraid of the dark But she had a cute little dog that would sleep under her bed and keep her company Whenever she would feel afraid in the middle of the night she would put her hand under the bed and the dog would lick it

One night she heard something go drip drip drip Being scared she put her hand under the bed and felt reassured when she felt her dog lick her hand However the dripping didn't stop so she got up to check the bathroom, she checked the taps, nothing but still she heard drip drip drip She checked under the sink, there was nothing but she still heard drip drip drip Lastly she checked the shower and behind the curtain she found blood dripping down from the shower head and a message written in blood saying “ dogs aren the only ones who can lick”

I think this is the main reason that when we are going to the bathroom we rip open the shower curtain to make sure no one is lurking there And we have reached our number one spot As a gift for her birthday, a young girl named Lucy received a doll in the mail They don't know who sent it, but it appeared to be very antique looking However, Lucy wasn't too fond of the doll, as it scared her

She told her mom that she didn't really like the doll but the mom scolded Lucy for being ungrateful for her gift Lucy pleaded her mom to get rid of the doll, but her mother insisted on keeping it Forced to keep it, lucy hid it at the back of a cupboard behind a pile of shoes One night Lucy was lying in bed when she heard some shuffling and dragging noises on the stairs She then heard someone say “ Lucy, I'm on the first step”

The shuffling sound continued and she heard someone say “lucy, im on the second step” Lucy was terrified, and didn't know what to do The dragging sound continued followed by “Lucy I'm almost there” Lucy hid underneath her covers, but once again she heard the dragging noise and then she heard the doll say “Lucy im in your room” The next day the parents found lucy passed away in her bed with the doll beside her, with one of lucy's finger on the dolls hand

Apparently the doll has different fingers from each of their victims Yikes, that one was the scariest one for me Alright thats all I have for you today, as always dont forget to give this video a big thumbs up, comment down below something spooky, or maybe something more uplifting Also comment any videos ideas that you want to see from me And lastly, don't forget to subscribe to most amazing top ten and turn on the little bell notification to make sure you don't miss any videos from us

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