Top 10 Scary Childhood Memory Stories – Part 3

Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing Channel on the internet! I am your host Rebecca Felgate and you spook lovers wanted this… so it is happening! We are talking the Top 10 Scary Childhood memory stories part three! You all love the spooks so much that we are back for another haunting part The question is, though, who is going to pay for my therapy when I’m done with Youtube? You… you… good

Before we get in to this video, as ever I want to know to know what your scary childhood memory stories are! Personal story Sleep Paralysis This story comes from when I was young, but it also reoccurred last when I was 20 and was just as horrifying as an adult So when I was between the ages of 7 and around 12 or 13 I used to get sleep paralysis It was awful Let me know if anyone watching has had this too, I feel for you if you do… luckily mine went away after I hit puberty, except for one morning at a festival, but we will get to that I still remember the feeling I used to have when I was a child

I would wake up and I simply couldn’t move I couldn’t move one bit Often I would be facedown in my pillow and I would feel like I couldn’t breathe, but I couldn’t roll over I would try and scream for my mum but nothing would come out… I would panic… it would be a living nightmare, but eventually I could move It happened around four times a year for 5 years

Then it stopped Until one day I was at V festival I had bought a cow print pop up tent and had a really rough nights sleep as it kept leaking I had a nightmare that someone had come into my tent at night and stabbed me in the stomach When I woke up, I couldn’t move and was convinced one of the tent’s cow prints was a face staring at me…

I still think about it some time Okay, so that is my scary memory… but lets move on to other peoples scary stories… Imagine what it is like to remember living in a womb… 9 – Before Birth Prenatal Memory is an unproven phenomenon noted in a number of children who seem to be able to recall life before life

One redditor, Moseswasthevsionary wrote; I remember clearly there being a time before I was present in this world, where everything was dark and warm The sensation was that of being in some sort of dark encompassed cave that was extremely comfortable, but at the same time, I couldn't really sense anything, physically It was almost as if I had awakened from a deep sleep but was too groggy to fully comprehend what was happening I remember having a primitive understanding of the fact that I was conscious, and perhaps awaiting something, but try as I might I can't come up with any concrete details I really can't help but interpret this as a self-awareness of myself in the womb, or perhaps just pre-birth

While they make this sound kind of cosy… To me this is horrrriiiifying Other kids claim to remember the actual moment they were…you know…squeezed out

Okay, so some people remember being born…but what if you didn’t have any memory of your childhood whatso ever Listen to this at number * 8- The Great Nothing Redditor Ashybuttons said: I remember almost nothing before the age of 12, and that's kind of creepy on its own THAT is creepy I feel like my earliest memory was from when I was super young – like still in a cot…I remember crying when my aunty turned out the light After that I remember things my sister and I would do from around four years old! Next up I wanted to include a story from one of our subscribers, Insomni_Nom , who shared their story in the comments section of part 2: so…

here is The Beast at number 7 Insomni nom wrote: I have a memory you could possibly enjoy- I am an insomniac with a reoccurring nightmare since I was ten nowadays (20 years old) it happens less frequently but it was always a large creature that looked like an 8-foot tall demonic animal with black fur and red eyes and white large fangs would always stalk me in post-apocalyptic scenes some include the brooklyn bridge, gardens, street corners etc The worst part was that these scenes were always at night or in the evening, and this creature was invisible unless light breached its fur

The scary part was that the beast was always attached to a chain that was being held by a hooded figure that with a mask when it was unmasked it was myself with black eyes, a stitched mouth, hollowed out face, and it would talk backwards- the beast always coming after me and myself never knowing where it was Id would claw out my skin and jump at my legs I would wake up with scars or burning bruises It still freaks me out how sometimes, if I am exhausted and drowsy, I will see the beast while I drive around out of the corner of my eye, and the hooded figure in the mirrors around the house

BLIMEY that is terrifying! I want to share another personal story from my family – I talked about this in one of our reality questioning lists but it seems like it would also be a perfect fit for this list… 6 – The Twins This story is about the possible dark truth behind imaginary friends … you just never know In this instance, imaginary friends came back to haunt a member of my family My Aunty Jenny can be quite a formidable woman and doesn’t take too much nonsense My mum and her grew up on a farm together … I spoke about that spooky farmhouse in part 1 and 2, so you know Anyway my Aunty and mum grew up and moved away, and my Aunty is now married to a man called Colin who her kids aren’t overly enthusiastic about… to put it nicely They are all a bit more chill now because they are adults, but something weird happened 10 years ago when my cousins were in their early 20s and NOT here for her hubs It seems one day Colin lost his watch It was an expensive watch

A family heirloom that he cared a lot about He searched high and low Everywhere In the bathroom, in his jeans pockets, in his coat pockets, in the bed side table, under the bed, behind the bed, in the car, you name it he looked… but he didn’t find anything Fuming, my aunty thought the kids were playing yet another trick on her new husband

She was complaining about them on her coffee break at work… but oddly one of the newer nurses looked at her and said matter of factly – your children don’t have the watch, the boy and girl have it To which, obviously, my aunty replied…what boy and girl? The woman said was still pretty deadpan and said – “the boy and girl They are always with you, they have always been with you Go home and ask for the watch back and they will return it” Perplexed and bemused my Aunty amused the woman by saying she would do it… but when she got home she though, sod it

I’ll give it a go So she stood in her house, alone, and said to the thin air…GIVE IT BACK

Please give me back the watch Then she didn’t think too much more of it I mean, I say that, she thought about her weird colleague and told my Nanna about it on the phone My Nanna stopped for a moment and said… well… that is weird because come to think of it, when you were little you used to have two imaginary friends – a boy and a girl You would walk around the garden with your arms outstretched holding their hands, or so you’d say

My aunty and my mum did grow up on an old farm dating back to the Victorian time Well this freaked out my aunty… but the icing on the cake came the next morning, when her husband put his coat on to leave the house, put his hands in his pockets and found none other than his missing gold watch My Aunty thanked the boy and the girl for its safe return

5 – The Punishment I found this story on sharesloth from someone talking abut their experience as a baby I was seventeen and babysitting a friend of the family’s six year old He’d been in bed a couple of hours and I just peeked in to check on him He wasn’t in the bed when I checked so I opened the door wider, When I did this I saw he was standing in the corner, facing the wall Then the creepiest thing ever! I asked him what he was doing and all he did was turn around, smile, and put his finger to his lips as if to say “shhh” I asked him again what he was doing and all he says is, “leave us

it is the punishment” URRRRRRR Nope 4 – The Lady in the Blue Dress Another story from good old Reddit – this one is from Mrhegel who wrote: When I was younger I used to think I was having dreams of an old woman in a blue dress and cat-eye glasses sitting at the end of my bed singing to me She'd always sing the same song and then leave

One night I followed her into my brothers room (he is younger than me and was around 5) instead of singing to him he woke up and they began talking After like 20 minutes my mother came in and asked what we were doing My brother said "I'm just talking to the lady in the blue dress" She made us go back to bed I woke up still thinking it was a dream

My mom told me the next morning she didn't want me sneaking out of bed anymore in the middle of the night to play with my brother I asked her what she was talking about and she gave me her version of what she saw the night before To this day I believe that was real and that every night that old woman would sing to me I get goosebumps just thinking about it She stopped singing to me soon after that night, though … but people in my family still caught my brother speaking to nothing on numerous occasions

A while later an aunt came to visit from down south and refused to come in to our house after seeing an old woman in cat glasses standing in the upstairs window She came in asking who was upstairs then freaked out when my mother told her no one and let her search the house GHOST I am straight up calling ghost on this! 3 – Does Anyone Know CPR A valid question But imagine hearing this in your childhood…and living with the memory of it not going so well! A user called Fawkes shared this story on a chat board on website “I’m not okay” – They wrote – My family and I were doing some grocery shopping one day (I think I was in 8th grade), and one of the store employees comes running down the aisle yelling "does anyone know CPR?" Apparently my mum was the only person in the store that did A women had collapsed in the store and wasn't breathing, so my mum performed CPR until the paramedics arrived

We later found out that she died Even though I didn't know her, it was kind of scary to see that” 2 – Satan Okay so remember earlier when we talked about someone who couldn’t remember the first 12 years of their life? It could be that they are suppressing some horrific memories In this story, a headline from 1992, it seems Gail MacDonough began remembering her satanic upbringing She said there was a farm by her home in which rituals would occur and the powers of satan would be called on

After years of suppression she grew up to remember cannibalism, rape, animal sacrifice and murder” Blimey Maybe you don’t wanna go digging into your memory gaps, then! Finally, is there any childhood memory worse than remembering a school shooting? 1 – Beslan On the 1st September 2004 in Beslan, Russia, a crisis developed as a group of 30 Islamic militants and Chechen rebels stormed a massive school on its first day if a new school year and took 1,100 people hostage – including 777 children – over the course of three days, 334 people died, including 186 children A further 700 were moderately to seriously injured 100 or more of the dead burned alive

Now, 15 years later, the survivors are grown up and have some very dark memories One such survivor is 17-year-old Aida Sidakova – the girl pictured in this image She was just 7 when the attack happened and was photographed covered in blood trying to climb back into her school to look for her mum Luckily her mother survived but her best friend died in the siege Speaking out about the attack, she said “This tragedy changed my life but it surely did not break it

Once a year I always go to the gym to recall those who remained there My friends and I try not to talk about it on other days The pain is too much “ What an emotional journey this video has been! Comments from part 2: OG Nick said: YES been waiting thanks again for the great stories! #part3vote One of my favourite Channel Contributers, Zoe Murtagh wrote: I know you're probably sick of seeing my name in the comments, but I have a pretty weird childhood memory I was in 1st class and my primary school teacher who was also the principal, Mr Hayes took our class to the G

AA pitch across the road We were doing some kind of event that I told my parents about that morning and they said they would wait for me at the stands across the pitch When we got there, I was listening to my teacher talk but got distracted by daydreaming and decided to wait for my parents at the stands As I was walking, the teaching assistant, Audrey, pulled me over and said I was misbehaving

All I did was walk three meters She took me and another classmate back to the school and I was crying and yelling the whole time She brought us to our classroom upstairs and closed the door I sat on the really low windowsill, still crying It was the only source of brightness in the room because the lights were off "to save electricity" and it didn't help that I was afraid of the dark

My parents came in, my dad clearly furious I ran over to them, still crying I never thought anything of it when I was younger, but looking back, it was a pretty different day

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