Top 10 Scary Chernobyl Theories

Hey Everyone welcome back to most amazing top 10 im your host Che Durena! I dont know if you guys have watched the new Chernobyl series on HBO but it is seriously worth the watch comrade Its honestly some of the best TV Ive ever seen and its definitely a huge inspiration for todays list

It wasnt until watching the show that I new how many crazy things were going on behind the scenes And now that a little more of the facts have been uncovered Im going to dive into some things that may be facts or might just be ramblings of some crazy guy on the internet with todays list of top 10 scary chernobyl theories As always make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell Also Make sure you follow most amazing top 10 on all instagram and facebook, its a great way to get more most amazing content and you can get to know myself and the other host a little bit better And make sure you Check out our new channel Tier list were ranking all of your favorite things over there and its so much fun

And without taking any longer, lets get into it 10 Ghosts It was a ghost who did the whole thing, now everything makes sense Theres no way anything could go wrong in the powerhouse known as the USSR unless there was something supernatural afoot No Im just messing with you, Im not talking about ghost pre explosion but after the powerplant decided to kaboom People say now the sight is haunted by the people who lost their lives in the explosion

One scientist who visited the sight in 1997 said he could hear someone screaming from inside the reactor room that they were buried alive But the reactor room is seals shut, so theres no way anyone could get in there without a fingerprint scan and password So that means there could be some radioactive ghosts just chillin around the Chernobyl sight I feel like thats how you make a second tier batman villain 9 The CIA did it! After the release of the critically acclaimed HBO series Chernobyl, I really cant stress enough how much you guys need to watch this show Its literally the highest rated show of all time, what more do you want

Anyways, after the series came out the russian government released a statement that the TV show was anti soveit union propaganda and that they were going to make their own TV series telling the real story About how the reactor melted down because the CIA sabotaged it and it was all the americans fault This is some major tea that both sides are spilling about each other Will Russia and the USA every learn to get along or are we going to have to listen to the two of them complain about each other until the end of time We should just get the two countries to kiss and get it over with, there has been an unbroken building of sexual tension between them since the release of rocky 4

Just start playing nice already 8 The Soviets Sacrificed soldiers So rumor has it that the Russains sent in robots to try and clean up the explosion site, put out fires and contain the reactor But the radiation was so harsh that all the robots broke down So they went to the next best thing, soldiers It said that The soldiers were given an ultimatum Be my boyfriend or I dont want to see you anymore, wait Im thinking about the wrong unstable reactor

No what the russian government actually said was spend two minutes shoveling sand onto the exposed reactor oooooor go fight in the afghanistan war for 2 years! Really the worst choice ever, go fight in an intense war were a bunch of people are dying everyday and your chances of coming back in one piece are slim to none or for sure get radiation poisoning Something interesting is that the russians soldiers who decided to shovel sand onto an exposed reactor were apparently called liquidators Because they would take shots of vodka before they went in, vodka was thought to prevent any conditions related to radiation We really new nothing back in the day 7 The land is safe to live on Radiation is very bad we all know this, comic books have lied to us, radiation does not give you any sorts of superpowers

If want superpowers you need to be an alien or super rich, those are the only ways After the Chernobyl disaster the radiation of the surrounding area was at unlivable levels, or thats at least what the government said Some people from local villages didnt care and after everything was said and done they fought for their right to move back into there homes and they were granted the freedom to do so There are over 100 people living in the exclusion zone and their life expectancy isnt any shorter than that over the average person They grow crops, hunt animals and even drink the water all of which has recorded higher levels or radiation but no one there seems to care or be affected by it

Maybe if someone has a baby born out there well get our superhero Just a little bit of radiation right out of the womb 6 This could have changed the world Even though there was an explosion at the Chernobyl plant it wasnt a massive meltdown It ruined the surrounding area and the reactor site is still extremely dangerous but it could have been so much worse

If there was a total meltdown, like a britney 2007 shaving her head and running around with kevin federline meltdown then the world would have been a much different place The nuclear fallout could have made all of europe unlivable, millions of people would have died, the spice girls never would have existed It would have been a major bummer on epic proportions And we cant really know how that would have affected the whole world would have been affected Maybe it would have only been europe but maybe it would have been the whole world, maybe we would have all been raised in bunkers like the fallout games and only to resurface to find super mutants and three headed wolves running around and thriller is still number one on the charts

That actually sounds kinda cool 5 The Black Bird So the Chernobyl disaster was caused by the mismanaging of a nuclear reactor, ooooor was it caused by a supernatural being known as the black bird Its said that in the days leading up to the Chernobyl disaster people saw a huge black winged creature with glowing red eyes People believe that this was some sort of demoic entity that came to bring a dark omen to the area Good new for the chernobyl scientist, no it wasnt my fault that the reactor blew, it wasnt because Im bad at my job, its because a mythical beast came to spread dark energy and he did it in the form a reactor meltdown

Duuuuuh Some people who were at the site of the explotion said that they saw dark winged creatures flying out of the fire From now on thats what im going to do, anytime I screw up royally im going to blame the whole thing on a monster Did you just rearend me? No, are you stupid, that was the ghost of abarham lincon and I think you should go a little easy on him, when he was alive cars were just a box attached to two horses 4 Mutated Animals Theres a theory that from the explosion many of the animals who were in the radiation zone were affected by the blast and caused to mutated There’s even the taxidermied body of a deformed piglet on display at the Chernobyl museum

There hasnt been extensive research on the matter so its uncertain if any birth defects or cancer growths found on animals were going to happen anyways or caused by the blast Now enough time has passed and so few humans visit the area that the animal population has increased I would say that the Chernobyl disaster caused the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and that their actually russain but TMNT came out two years before the disaster happened I guess the chernobyl would be middle aged mutated chernobyl scientist human in great pain 3 The Meltdown was a coverup Take out your makeup wipes girls because we’ve got to uncover some tea

I think that should be my new catchphrase Well this IS some major tea about the Chernobly disaster, there is a rumor that the whole thing was a cover up for a failed secret experiment known as project woodpecker Project woodpecker was a giant set of radio towers that were supposed to give to soviet government the ability to detect nuclear missiles before they were launched If this thing was to work it would be huge, they could know where other countries were keeping their warheads and if some countries were lying about having any nukes at all But the project failed! And because the people working on the project were so afraid of what would happen to them after the higher ups found out about their failure they orchestrated something that would not only distract from the problem but destroy it

Pretty sneaky plan, but its kind of a long shot, too many things would have to go right for this to be true, but its still some major tea 2 The Meltdown was caused by the KGB Giiiiirl if you thought the last one was hot I got some sorching tea for ya There have been rumors that the whole Chernobyl meltdown was a plot by the KGB to control Europe By causing the reactor to explode it would strike fear into the rest of europe when it came two building their own nuclear power plants After the whole world watching as a reactor meltdown almost destroyed an entire continent not a single soul would be in line to buy a shiny new energy plant

Instead all of europe would have to rely on Russia for energy, since they have a huge amount of natural resources This would give Russia an insane level of power for the foreseeable future Hot, tea 1 UFO Heros Alright its time to go way off the rocker with these theories I was able to dig up some reports of people saying that UFOs helped stop the reactor from becoming a major disaster Mikhail Varitsky was there that day and said he saw several glowing objects fly over the broken reactor

He then saw a beam of red light shoot out from the glowing object and then it flew away People believe that some alien friends came down to have our back in a terrible time of need They were like humans invented tacos, they must be saved Well everyone thats our list, let us know in the comment section what you thought of the video and also make sure you like and subscribe And you guys know to check out most amazing top 10 on instagram and facebook, theres a load of more content over there and its a great way to get to know myself and the other host just a little bit better

Until next time Ive been Che Durena and If you got some tea just message me, it doesn't matter what its about I love the tea

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