Top 10 Scary Cartoon Network Theories – Part 2

What's gucci top 10 fam hope you’re having an awesome day, Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video Someone commented on a video the other day that they hadnt been asked if they were gucci in a long time and that made me sad

So this was for you But anyway back with more theories yassss cus you guys love watching them, i love doing them, everyone wins Cartoons, are they really as simple and innocent as we think? Never So lets get into it, these are the top 10 Scary Cartoon Network Theories – Part 2 Starting us off with number 10 is Johnny the Kid Pt 1

I actually watched a lot of Johnny Bravo mostly because it was usually on around the time I came back from school and after a stressful day thinking boys had cooties at school i came back and watched a cartoon about a guy hitting on girls constantly Great logic Ayman Johnny Bravo was a smoothtalking Elvis impersonator i feel Although he looks like a muscly good looking guy on the outside this theory suggests hes actually just an annoying kid Think about it, he never ever gets any girl he hits on that could be cus of his approach but humour me, his best friend is an 8 year old which is just strange for a grown man and he even calls a lot of the girls he wants ‘momma’

I know that could be the whole Elvis reference or it could be the fact he is a child and thats just how he speaks to older women Coming in at number 9 is Johnny the Kid Pt 2 Continuing on with Johnny Boy an alternate theory explores the fact the women he hits on usually hit him or inflict some kind of physical pain when rejecting him which would be screwed up if he was a little kid But if we just look through his behaviour and look at the fact he exaggerates about so much like the man cant identify a single flaw in himself in every episode he literally compliments himself 5 times in the first 2 minutes So he could easily take the pain he feels from the rejections and externalises it into physical pain

Honestly im not totally convinced by this theory, i get how someone could come up with it but i feel like he genuinely wants these girls to a point it would be very abnormal for a kid Like that is his sole mission in every episode, surely 8 year old guys arent that obsessed with getting girls at that age At number 8 we have Lucien I had a love hate relationship with The Cramp Twins like I initially hated the show but then the more I watched it the more i realised i really freakin liked it so i was like they got me Anyway this theory claims that Lucien's life is tragic

The whole show takes place in his head as he goes through foster care Wayne his twin brother was actually still born which is why hes blue and has red around his eyes His mum Dorothy died a few days after giving birth to Lucien hence shes yellow and his dad Horace got so depressed after the death of Wayne and Dorothy that he hung himself and hence hes green After everyone basically dies except Lucien, he gets put into the foster system and the family he ends up with neglects him quite a bit and doesnt give him any attention Unhappy with his life, he starts imagine what it would be like to have a family that loved him and thats the show

His friends play along with his delusions because they riddled with guilt over his situation Childhood ruined Filling our number 7 slot is Coma 10 Whether you choose to admit it or not, Ben 10 was lit i feel like every episode was action packed and interesting and the tension between Gwen and Kevin was also fab

And it was surprisingly easy to remember all the aliens Ben would turn into This theory takes us back to the first episode In it Max Ben and Gwen are camping and Ben takes a walk seeing a shooting star on his way He wishes on it hoping he wont have a boring summer and the star starts heading straight for him He dodges out of the way and the shooting star ends up being the capsule that had the Omnitrix in it

But what if he didnt dodge it What if he just tripped on something as he was wishing on the star and he fell unconscious Think about it, Max and Gwen dont go looking for him straight away, if that huge thing crashed into the forest they would have If ben just tripped then they wouldnt have even known So everything in the show is happening in Bens head while hes in a coma

Hes a fan of comics and the aliens he becomes resemble actual heroes Heatblast is kind of like Ironman even his mask looks similar And obviously if Ben wanted not a boring summer that means he finds Max and Gwen boring so in his coma state, Max becomes one of The Plumbers and nerdy Gwen becomes a magical martial arts expert That doesnt even sound like a half bad coma Now at number 6 is the Scooby Draft

I truly believe Scooby Doo will go down as one of the best cartoons in cartoon history Like hands down Unpopular opinion but Scooby himself was my least favourite character and im not afraid to admit that Come for me Anyway this theory explores the fact we never get told why a group of teenagers and a dog are travelling around the country in a van

The producers were probably like dw about it no ones gonna care And then everyones like um Either way this theory claims because the show premiered in 1969 and the Vietnam War was at its peak at that time that the gang was actually driving to Canada to avoid being drafted Everyones just coming to Canada these days i love it The theory goes on to say Fred was drafted but since he had all the mystery solving skills and 0 combative skills he knew hed most likely die on the field so he decided to run away with his fiancee Daphne

Since Velma is an activist for the war to stop she went along with them and Shaggy is clearly a hippie whos not going to war any time soon so he joined the gang too Coming in at number 5 are Tommies and Jerries If anyone has anything bad to say about Tom and Jerry then get out right now because you need to put some respect on that show because it paved so many peoples childhoods This theory is crazy but interesting so here goes Apparently Tom and Jerry was Nazi propaganda

Hear me out Lets start with the names, Tom and Jerry, way back when British soldiers were referred to as Tommies and german soldiers were called Jerries Tom is always the bad guy and in every episode he does his level best to kill Jerry any way he can But Jerry fools him everytime either by blowing him up with some dynamite or running back into his hole i dont know The show aired in 1940 the same year as the Battle of Britain so the theory claims the show is just a coded message about superior German intelligence

At number 4 is A Series of Unfortunate Chicken Cow and chicken in my opinion was one of the most annoying shows on the channel, that was the first show on when i got home from school and i was always just waiting for it to be over Having said that maybe i misjudged the whole thing According to this fan theory from redditor AJofStewart Cow and Chicken was dark Firstly theyre the only animals in the show, everyone else is human including their parents but theyre not

The duo get up to the most screwed up things that most parents would punish them for but their parents seem oddly cool about everything, if anything Chicken could kill someone and his dad would still be super proud of him The theory claims the whole show takes place in Chickens mind since in inreality hes the bastard son of a broken home His dad puts him down all the time and emotionally abuses him which is why in his head his dad always just goes on about how proud of him he is Cow is chickens sister and in real life shes this slightly airheaded emotionally needy overweight girl all because of growing up in the same toxic household as chicken So in his head shes this helpless cow

He knows hes choosing to escape his reality rather than face it which is why in his head he made himself a chicken Hes fully aware Lastly the weird devil character is every 3rd party adult he meets like a divorce lawyer, his principal, the repo man etc all in all this hasnt made me like the show any more Filling our number 3 slot are The Grim Adventures Pt 1

The grim adventures of Billy and Mandy was an interesting show for kids, I don't know whos idea it was to base a whole cartoon off the thing that represents death but sure This theory is similar in the sense it assumes everyone living in Endsville is dead But thats the only similarity i promise The entire town is dead and Billys family is the most recently deceased family since they just moved there Hence theyre also the most disturbed by everything around them

Grim reminds everyone that theyre still awaiting judgement and to remind them of their sins, when he does go and collect souls hes not killing them hes actually escorting them to either God or Satan In the episode Keeper of the Reaper, Billys family is just about to move out of Endsville and so Mandy and him start arguing over whos going to keep Grim when really the argument is which side does Grim serve is it Hell which Mandy represents with her harshness and cruelty or is it Heaven which Billy represents with his innocence In the end the fact Billy doesnt leave means Grim serves both Heaven and Hell but Hell has more dominance over him and we can see that because Mandys the one that always tells Grim what to do I think thats a banging theory to be fair everything checks out

Now at number 2 are The Grim Adventures Pt 2 This one is longwinded so pay attention In the episode Who Killed Who? Many meets an elderly woman called Ms Doolin who tells Mandy she beat Grim in a staring contest once After they diss Billy Mandy leaves the house and realises Ms Doolin was a ghost and that Grim had known her for a while but had come to reap her soul Its like Ms Doolin knew Grim her whole life and constantly beat death

Does that remind you of anyone? Mandy Mandy wins over Grim in every episode in arguments and things and even look at the pendant Ms Doolin is wearing Its a spider and in the show we know Mandy quite likes spiders At the very start of the show Mandy could have easily beat Grim in a staring contest but she beat him in limbo Ms Doolin is old and couldve easily confused the limbo competition with a staring contest

So with all that explanation, the theory Mandy could be an old woman now whos remembering her childhood in the firm of Ms Doolin Instead of remembering humans she remembers monsters because shes schizophrenic As the show goes on it just gets weirder and weirder and that reflects Mandy slowly losing her mind When she does finally die, thats when she realises Grim won for once Im saying for once like he even has to win more than once lol

And finally at number 1 is The Tragedy Next Door Codename Kids Next door was so fun, i loved the missions theyd go on and id pair up which ones had crushes on each other Numbuh 4 and 3 were definitely a ting you cant convince me otherwise Either way this theory is MORBID Dubbed as the hospital theory, this one says that all the kids were patients at a local hospital and a nurse told them all they were a squad of secret agents to make them feel better

Numbah 5s parents were divorced and her dad left them poor Her mum blamed the whole thing on her and beat her hence she ended up in the hospital and also why shes like a mother figure to the group since she wants to be a better one than her own mum Numbah 4 came from a rough neighbourhood and got mugged by a man and didnt back off so the dude ended up stabbing him hence hes in the hospital Numbah 3s family were all drug adicts and would abuse her So one day she took her mums antidepressants but the next day her dad shot her mum and she walked in on it and felt nothing because of the pills heavily affecting her

Her dad shot her to leave no witnesses but she survived and ended up at the hospital Numbah 2 actually had a good loving upbringing His parents lt his creativity flourish but his uncle was jealous of him since his own abilities had never been encouraged so he decides to overstuff him Even when he says no he forcefully fed him and so he ended up in the hospital because of obesity and the chance of heart failure Numbah 1s dad had alzheimers but he didnt mind taking care of him

Hes the only adult numbah 1 liked but after his mum left the doctors and nurses werent looking after his dad One day at the hospital numbah 1 puked and he found out he had cancer and so he started hating adults after feeling like he was being tortured with chemo and what not And thats all for today guys! I tried not to repeat too many shows from the first video i think Scooby Doo was the only one that appeared again which im not even mad at Lemme know which one of these shows you used to watch or currently watch in the comments below As always im your host Ayman Hasan and ill see you next time


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