Top 10 Scary California Urban Legends – Part 3

Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing Channel on the Internet! I am Rebecca Felgate, your hostess with the mostess facts… And we are talking the Top 10 Scary California Urban Legends part THREE ! Before we get into the video why don’t you guys let me know what the best holiday slash vacation you have ever been on is? I had a great trip to Montreal with King Danny Burke this year… but I love all the trips we took to California as a Top 10 team back in the day

LIKE SHARE INSTA 10 The Flying Monkeys of Napa Valley I have always wanted to visit the Nappa Valley because, wine! People across the world have heard of or tastes the Californian wine made here… but most of you will probably have never heard of the Rebobs… Legendary flying monkeys…or robots…or something in between They are most frequently sighted around Patrick Road outside Napa

According to local lore, the Rebobs were made by a mad scientist who tried to combine humans with monkeys; although some believe they are robots created by the government as a distraction from a doomday bunker they were actually building in the area Some say the monkey’s hunt teenagers, craving young flesh to satisfy their appetites All pretty wild theories ! 9 – The Witch of the Black Diamond Mines It is said that the Black Diamond Mines of the Mount Diablo Coalfield is home to the ghost of a girl named Mary It seems that in the 1870s Mary was a nanny but several of the children she cared for died of illnesses or other completely unknown causes Mary was then accused of being a witch by the mining community, who hung her with little semblance of a trial

The town claimed they found evidence of sorcery rituals at her home… but who knows What locals do know is that her spirit haunts the mine to this day, and it is said to be angry Mary wants REVENGE 8 – The Smoke of the Claremont Out in Berkeley California there is an old historic hotel called the Claremont The original hotel was built in the 1800s but burned down as a result of a fire

Ten years later, a new Claremont was built and opened Great… except the smell of smoke has never left It seems smokey smells waft through the halls late at night…oh, and if you travel to the fourth floor, you may meet one of the victims of the fire, a little girl who particularly likes to hang out in 422 7 – San Diego Chulapa It seems San Diego may be home to a creature in the ilk of the Chupacabra, Big Foot, the Sasquatch or the abominable snowman

Chulapa is said to be a creature that many say they have heard cry late at night It is said that the beast stalks San Diego and feeds off the weak, including any children it can sink its teeth into or homeless people unlucky enough to encounter the menace 30 mysterious deaths seem to have been blames on the creature, although in February 2012, San Diego residents breathed a sigh of relied as they thought the monster washed up dead on Mission beach Have a look at the pictures… lts hope their aren’t any baby Chulapa’s around! 6 The Boy of Grouse Lake I would love to go to Yosemite National Park and do some hiking – but of course the sprawling 3000 square kilometre park is filled with myths and legends Ever since the mid 1800s reports of a wailing sound have been noted around Grouse Lake

It seems in 1857 Yosemite’s first park ranger Galen Clark heard the cries and went to investigate It seems that Clark kept hearing the noise and thought it may well be a dog or an animal and so decided to ask a local first nations tribe if they had lost a dog or livestock Legend has it that they responded to tell him that it was no dog, and he should not go near the water, for it was haunted by a first nations boy who had fallen in the water and drowned To this day he is said to call out to those who pass by, but if anyone goes into the water to help him, he will grab their feel and pull them into the lake until they drown, just like he did 5 – Toys R Us of Sunnyvale I feel like Toys R Us have bigger issues than a Californian branch store haunting, what with its spate of closures…

Buuuttt none the less, the Sunnyvale California location is said to be haunted by a poltergeist A poltergeist in a kids toy shop Argh! I actually used to work in a massive Toy Shop in London as a Princess, but sometimes we would do sleepovers for kids and there really is nothing scary than a toy shop at night – your imagination runs wild with all kinds of scenarios in which the toys come alive and like… Bite your ankles Either way … scary, right? Just ask the nightstaff! Legend has It that the poltergeist came about after kids broke into the store and snatched an Ouija board of the shelves, holding an impromptu séance and accidentally unleashing a spirit

Spooky 4 Albinos of Hicks Road It seems Hicks Road in San Jose is a strange place with an even stranger legend attached to it Locals believe that the road, which runs between Los Gatos and Twin Creeks, is haunted not by ghosts but by so called hostile Albinos Rumours of the clan began circulating in the 1970s and it is said they are violent to passers by and will stop cars and attack people with improvised weapons There aren’t accounts of them murdering anyone, just generally displaying hostile and creepy behavior

The legend says that they eat road kill and have been spotted dragging away dead deer into the hills 3 – Haunted Disneyland Disneyland California opened in 1955 in Anaheim… I actually went twice with Landon and Danny two and three years ago Here is a picture of us, along with Charlotte Dobre and Michael McCrudden, having a fun time… Buuutttttttt despite being the magic kingdom the park is filllllleeeed with urban legends, the most enduring being that it is haunted by the ghost of none other than Walt Disney himself who is said to stalk the park at night and regularly visit his old apartment above the fire station on Main Street It is also said that the It’s a Small World ride is haunted, with the dolls moving and switching places with others

Some say that the haunted house ride is ACTUALLY haunted by a little boy and others say that the secret club 33 is the illuminati Headquarters! 2 – The Black Dahlia The death if Elizabeth Short was no legend… it actually happened In 1947 the budding 23 year old starlet was found cut in half and severely mutilated Her killer had drained her blood and scrubbed her body clean and then laid it out meticulously The case totally stumped the LAPD, with the lead investigator Brian Carr saying I just can't imagine someone doing that to another human being The murder was front page news for months, and Elizabeth’s connection with Hollywood made it glamorous in a very macabre way

The killer was never found and her death is one of the oldest cold cases in LA It was after she died that the rumours and legends were born…some say she was a high class escort killed by a lover, some say she was involved with a satanic cult and various news publications started elaborating on the state of her body Some say she was covered in cigarette burns, others say she was forced to consume feces Somehow she was dubbed the Black Dahlia…books were written about her, and a 2006 movie was made starring Scarlett Johansson and Mia Kirshner 1 – Cursed Hotel Cecil Some say all 600 rooms of the Cecil hotel are cursed

The building, which has now been rebranded as The Stay on Main to avoid association with its dubious past The Black Dahlia herself was said to have drunk at the hotel before she met her grizzly demise There is a whole Wikipedia page about deaths and violence at the Cecil Hotel, and on a quick glance I count 16 grizzly incidents…and those are just the reported ones! Many of the stories involve suicide by jumping from the top of the building, others involve poison The hotel was also said to be the home of serial killers Richard Ramirez and Jack Unterweger The hotel made headlines in 2013 when a Canadian tourist, Elisa Lam went missing after staying there

A video was posted of her from an elevator security camera by police as this was the last time she was seen alive In the video she is seen acting exceptionally strangely…very strangely She presses a number of buttons in the elevator, then the doors fail to close She is seen peering out of the elevator and then trying to hide in the corner She then exits the elevator and seems to be pleading with someone invisible outside of the door

The footage ends with her walking out of shot and the elevator door opening and closing a number of times On the 19th of February, her body was found by hotel maintenance workers who had come to investigate issues with the hotel water pressure It seems she was dead in the water tank and had been dead for weeks The water tank was used for drinking and bathing water for other hotel guests So…

What happened to Elisa…and is the hotel cursed? Soooo that was the Top 10 Scary California Urban Legends Part 3 – what did you think to this list? Which of these did you find the scariest? Let me know ! Comments from Top 10 Scary Childhood memory stories Mysterion said: This was one of your best Rebecca XD I really like your Videos do more please Raven Fountain said: Love love love that shirt R!!!!!!!!! Btw U and me have the same initials! Lol So awesome! – thank you! Buuut your name is Raven Fountain…which is infinitely cooler! Michael Batt’s had some thoughts on the scary story from family…he said: Collin's experience sounds like what is called an apport Supposedly, spirits get fascinated with tech and sometimes take things in order to study them Then when they are finished they bring the object back and put it back where they got it from Apports have been studied for a very long time

Ooh… interesting… I need to look into that!

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