Top 10 Scary Black Panther Theories

Hey everyone! I’m your host Che Durena and welcome back to most amazing top 10 He’s the king of wakanda and the most ballin member of the avengers but even the leader of a free futuristic nation nation can have a darkside

Today where running through the Top 10 scary black panther stories Be warned that there will be some marvel cinematic universe spoilers As always make sure you like, comment, subscribe, and hit the little notification bell and let’s get into it 10 Ulysses Klaue isn’t dead In the blockbuster Black Panther movie we saw T’Chala go up against mainly killmonger but also a twisted psychopath bent on taking down wakanda His name was Ulysses Klaue and big theory is that he secretly survived his shootout with killmonger

This could be true seeing that he has had vibrainum tech installed in his body, there's a chance that he had some sort of subdermal shielding Also in the comics he made a device that made a duplicate of himself that was composed entirely of sound We’re also talking about the guy who broke into the most secretive nation on earth and escaped with some riches If anyone can weasle there way out of death it could be him There’s also the theory that Ulysses Klaue uses clones or robotic drones, similar to the way that Nick Fury does in the comics

I thought his character was so well played by Andy Serkis so I wouldn’t mind seeing him make a comeback in the black panther sequel 9 Black Panther Will Die in his next movie Marvel has shown that their not afraid to axe characters, so whos next on the chopping block? It could very well be black panther The MCU fans think that Black panther could be the next to die because this would set up Black Panthers sister Shuri as the next option This would allow the MCU to bring in a female protaganist into one of their main line franchises I would be interesting to see this happen but I don't think they'll have to kill Black Panther to make this happen They could just Have Shuri throw on the suit and the two can start fighting crime like a cool buddy cop movie

8 Killmonger will be resurrected The Avengers need to bring some of their friends back to life but I dont think its an exact science It could be possible that through the event’s of Endgame the Avengers resurrect, not just their food processed friends, but killmonger and several other dead MCU villains Or that Thanos will use the power of the infinity stones to bring forth dead villains to work as his minions He lost his quartet of evil butterfaces in the battle for the infinity stones and who better to replace them with then the dead archenemies of each one of the avengers They’ve fought them

and in Killmonger case, beat them and would probably work pro bono They just love the game 7 M’Baku’s betrayal If you don’t remember M’Baku he was the rival tribe leader who challenged T’Chala for his position as leader at the beginning of black panther Since then it seems the two have sorted out their differences and have become good pals crackin head on the battlefield But this could have all be a ploy

M’Baku could have seen that if he can’t beat T’Challa in an honest fight he may try to wait for an opening to betray him This could be motivated by a few things, maybe he never got over that public beatdown he got while all his friends were watching or maybe he just wants the wardrobe upgrade that comes with joining a wakandan tribe In the scene where M’baku challenges T’Chala he just kinda shows up, so it’s clear he knows his way around Wakanda I could see him teaming up with the villain in the next black panther movie to try and put himself on the throne Of course he won't win tho because wakanda forever

6 Naymore will be the next Black Panther Villain With massive success of the the first black panther movie you can guarantee that they will making another movie Because the thing that hollywood producers like more than great stories, riveting characters and equal representation of all people, is, money But who will be the big baddy in the next BP flick We’ll lots of fans think it will be Naymore the submariner This would be a good clash, they both come from technologically advanced societies, they both are kings of their respective homelands, and there have been rumors that neymore will be in a upcoming marvel movie

Also They were both revealed in an easter egg on shields hot spot map in Ironman 2 This would make sense because even tho Neymore is normally a hero he has been a villain or an anti hero many times This would make his introduction to the MCU as a villain make perfect sense and maybe they'll move him into the hero category for later movies 5 T’ Challa is a dictator We all love king T’ Challa, he’s got great style, a great smile, the dudes shredded, The perfect leader But what if it's all a lie, a few fan theories out there seem to think so There's a few of them, some people think that T’Challa is using the advanced technology of Wakanda to control people's minds, this ensures that he is never challenged and can manipulate the most powerful nation on the planet to do his bidding

Other people believe that he’s been using his superior position to rule all the other tribes with fear, threatening to banish them out of wakanda if they don’t bend the knee Think of Daenerys Targaryen cooking that one dude with her dragon Yield or die 4 Wakanda will take over the world They’ve got the guns, they’ve got the intel and they might want to do it just because they’re better than everyone One of the darker theories is that Wakanda is planning a global assault to take over the world

The reasoning is pretty much that they could just run the world better, maybe T’Challa is sick of seeing men squabble over pointless things like oil and is going to show them how it’s done It would be a pretty easy fight, the wakanda tech is so far advanced that it would be like Lebron dunking on a six year old One sided, mean and fun to watch I don’t know how much I support this theory seen that a huge plot point of the Black Panther movie was that Wakanda didn’t want to expand I’m sure the amazing writers at marvel could work around that but I’m gonna say I doubt it

3 T’ Challa will kill the Avengers Let’s say our number 4 theory is true If king T’Challa was going to try something like that he would have to go through earth's mightiest heroes and he could probably do it Each one of the avengers has come through wakanda except Ironman, spider-man, doctor strange and the guardians So that means everyone who has come to the african disneyland has most likely been monitored while they were there Wakanda is super advanced, I’m sure ever person who steps foot in the country is recorded

And I mean on a deep level, I bet they can find out, their blood type, hair color and favourite rom com to cry too They’ve also displayed their powers while fighting in wakanda, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the cooler Malcolm X has a dossier on every hero and their weaknesses With this kind of knowledge and a breakdown on each avenger AND access to all the world's vibranium I think if anyone on earth could take down Avengers it would be the Black Panther 2 T’ Challa let his father die Continuing down the road that T’Challa is actually evil, we have rumor that T’Challa actually let his father die At the begining of Captain America Civil war it wasn’t T’Challa who was king of wakanda but it was his father king T’Chaka and it was a brutal terrorist attack orchestrated by bucky barnes that killed him

T'Challa seemed heart broken but what if it was all a ruse What if he worked with bucky barns to have his father killed so he could take the throne and start planning a new darker future for wakanda Blood relative africans killing each other for autocratic power, it's basically the lion king I mean they even dress up as large cats 1 T’Challa stole all the Infinity Stones After the massive battle in avengers endgame there might have been an opportunity for a mix up

What if T'Challa didn't like the idea of the infinity stones being returned to their timelines Many people on the internet seem to believe that T'Challa might have taken the infinity stones as a way to future proof the protection of wakanda and the rest of the universe He was able to make a swap using his sneaking black panther skills to replace the real infinty stones with some fake ones and will keep them locked away until there needed down the line Could this be true? Could T'Challa betray all of the avengers to try and protect his homeworld? We'll I guess we'll have to wait untill the next movies to find out Well that is our list and honestly i felt a little bad writing it

The black panther is so nice and charming and I had to make him look like a turd all video We’ll let us know in the comments what your favorite Black Panther theories are Also as always make sure you like, comment, subscribe and hit the little notification bell Until next time i’ve been Che Durena and if you know where to get that dope suit T’challa is always wearing please let me know

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