Top 10 Scary AudioBooks That Might Be Cursed

Hey everyone welcome back to most amazing top 10 Im your host Che Durena Audiobooks are great, you get all the benefits of reading but you can be lazy, illiterate and it kind of simulates your parents reading you a bedtime story

If the person reading the book is good they might even do a scary voice for the scary parts But just like everything in life some things are too good to be true Just when you thought you were being a productive multitasker by cleaning your house while listening to a good book you find out the thing is cursed and now your going to go bald Well to help prevent all of you from getting wrapped up in some demonic curse I put together todays list of top 10 scary audiobooks that might be cursed The key word in this list is might, if someone out there wants to risk their life and listen to these audiobooks please dont be selfish and write the results in the comments

Also you know the rules guys, if your watching this video make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell And make sure you stick around for the end of the list because Im going to read out comments from the scary occurrences that happened at 3am part 2 video And make sure you follow most amazing top 10 on instagram and facebook Its a great way to get to know myself and the other host a little bit better And without taking any longer lets get into this list

10 The Catcher and the Rye Ok so first up on our list of cursed audiobooks we have a book that many of you probably read in school I guess the good news is that a bunch of you are cursed together so no one needs to feel left out The suspected curse on this page turner comes from the fact that both John Lennons killer and the guy who tried to kill former president ronald regan were caught while reading this book Does this book make you a psycho who wants to kill high profile people? If this is true then the american school system has been building a league of celebrity killers for the last few decades Or maybe this book dosent make you crazy but if you really like it, it means you are crazy

Make sure you check what your tinder dates favourite books are before you go back home with them 9 Necronomicon Sometimes things in fiction pickup so much steam that they become real, like that documentary about real life superheroes People who dress up as masked heros but have no powers and just beat the hell out of criminals Its actually quite beautiful Well one of those things is the Necronomico, it was originally a book that was only real in the HP Lovecraft universe

But because his books were so popular people decided to take what didnt exist and bring it into reality You can know buy fan created versions of this book some of which come in the form of audiobook If you dont know the Necronomicon its a book that is said to have the power to raise the dead This is a very high level magic item for anyone whos planning a DnD campaing out there Theres all sorts of different spells in there with weird writing

If you listen to the audiobook version of a spell book wouldnt your speakers or headphones automatically cast the spell? Someone out there test this out and let me know if a demon randomly appears in your room Obviously list book is super cursed and if you mess around with it theres a good chance youll get a visit from your dead cat you just buried 8 Tominos Hell So next on our list we actually have a nice little poem, about a guys whole family dying Its said that there is so much pain in this open that if you read it out loud youll be cursed to a tragic fate Lucky for you someone read the whole thing on youtube so you dont need to worry about dying baby, somebody alreayd died for you! Thats what I call taking one for the team! 7 the book of sacred magic of abramelin the mage When your growing up no one tells you that theres just magical text books lying around that you could be reading instead of your boring old math textbooks

Imagine you spent your formative years learing how to cast chain lighting instead of long division You would be way more popular at parties This book of magic was written by a dude named Abriham and he believes that everyone has their own personal demon, I guess thats why im always tempted by porn and high fructose corn syrup Well Abrihams book is made to help people control this demon buddy If you do this you can apparently complete great feats which im guessing means you get some suto superpowers

On the down side its said that whoever has a copy of this book will be haunted by spirits from the other side This will bring you the worst luck you could ever imagine which will eventually kill you So just let your demon be free man 6 The Orphan story Heres just a regular book that isnt made to summon ghouls or make your crush notice you This book is just about a Spanish traveler who heads up to the old spanish empire in seek of fortune

Seems like a pretty straight forward plot that should have anything bad tied to it But what makes this thing cursed that up until 2018, every time the book was almost published the publisher would die Some died in car accidents and others just got sick out of nowhere and kicked the bucket 5 Untitled Grimoires Now this audiobook you cannot find on audible but I did some digging and there are some audiobook version online which may or may not be fake These two books were originally sold online for over thirteen thousand dollars

The seller warned the buyer that the book is hella cursed Theres even a warning at the beginning of the book that pretty much says if you dont know how to wield magic youll die from using this book Its basically like how you need your divers license if before you drive or you gonna reverse through an old lady 4 The Satanic Bible So you dont wanna be a chirstian anymore but you still crave religion God seems like a little bit of a square what you go to hang out with his cooler disowned angel lucifer

Well if this is something you were thinking about doing you could crush all the learnings of your new religion without flipping a page because entire audiobook version of the bible is on youtube Perfect for the satan worshiper who need to take a long car ride up to the cottage Be Careful though, its said that some people who read this book are tormented by demonic ghost at night, which can lead to insomnia 3 the Voynich Manuscript From what Ive researched about this book, I have no idea if the audiobook is real but you can totally get it on audible so Im guessing its legit The Voynich Manuscript is one of the most mysterious texts ever discovered

Its thought that it was written somewhere in the early 15th century, but no one knows where it came from On top of that no one can read it, its written in a completely unknown language and has beens stressing out code breakers for decades Its the nut they just cant crack open, like trying to convince your girlfriend to have that threesome So this is why I dont know what the audiobook is, if this text could never be translated then how is there a nine dollar audiobook on audible Whats on the audiobook? Is it just someones best guess, are you aloud to do that, like could read some chinese text into a microphone and just hope im right and then sell it on audible for 9 bucks? Well regardless of if its real or not, some people believe that this book is written in an ALIEN language and if its decoded it might bring the end of mankind, which sounds very dramatic

2 The Satanic Verses Ok so there are a lot of layers as to why this book is cursed First its said that reading this book will grab the devils attention and he will start to torment you Nothing like a little light reading that gets the prince of darkness to start pranking you to really ruin your weekend On top of that the author of the book, Salman Rushdi has a fatwa on him for writing the book A fatwa is basically when a hit is put out on someone by the muslim community

The price on his head is 3 million dollars Also this fatwa dosent just affect him it stretched out to anyone associated with the book Translators have been killed over this book So if your thinking of reading this thing remember that someone might literally stab you in the back 1 The Lesser Key of Solomon Were going to wrap up this list with another thing that would be a High level Dungeons and Dragons item

Like this thing is end game type stuff, this book is super powerful Its a book on demonology and basically a spell book This book is packed full of crazy stuff to help you through life in the worst ways It can teach you how to summon demons for when your need a 4th person for squads You can make magical items like trinkets and talismans so you can look fashionable and also increase youre fireball damage by 2 points

Theres also recipes for potions, so if your crush doesnt like you back you can just dose them with a love potion, black magic can solve all your problems The book was several other manuscripts that came together sometime in the 17th century and thanks to the beauty of technology you can get it all packed into a nice little audiobook The power to summon the devil himself comes in a little 14 kilobyte file Be Careful with this one, its said whoever owns the book is cursed with the doom What that means, I dont know but THE DOOM doesnt sound fun

Alright and as I promised Im going to be reading out comments from the top 10 scary occurrences that happened at 3 am part 2 video THE FBI IS WATCHING Wrote 3AM: Nobody: Pigeons return to their headquarters to recharge Thank you for reminding us that the birds arent real, stay woke Christopher Altamirano Why would you stay up at 3:00am Me:Using my phone This is so honest as to why my sleep cycle is screwed up and every morning I wake up feeling like someone poured mouthwash in my brain rockstar ft foxy gaming and more Slender Man was for a Photoshop contest in 2009 Theres the answer I was looking for! Well everyone thats our list and thank you all so much for tuning in Please hit up the comment section and let me know what you thought of the video Also theres a chance that I could read out your comment in a future video Now that were rappin up make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell

Also you guy know you should hit up the instagram and facebook pages for most amazing top 10 Theres a lot of content over there and I think you guys would love it Until next time Ive been Che Durena and Im going to stick to pop up books from now on

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