Top 10 Scary Audio Recordings That Can’t Be Explained

Whenever people are investigating supposed paranormal sights, they often try to capture EVPs Electronic Voice Phenomena

You all probably know, but just in case you didn’t Rarely, people capture a clear recording And most of the time my ears hear dfjdfkjbsdfkjbsdf A bunch of garble But some of these had me thinking since they were more distinguishable than others

So here we are I’m your host, Abbey Kelly, and here are Top 10 Scary Audio Recordings that Can’t be Explained First at Number Ten is the drowning This clip was recorded by Brendan Cook and Barbara McBeath from the Ghost Investigators Society It was recorded in an empty room in an abandoned mental hospital in Ogden, Utah

The recording I’m showing is something Cook said is the “oddest recording” that they had ever recorded It sounds like a child is saying “I can’t breathe” over and over Then there are other voices in and out, then water thrashing THat continues for a while until there is a thud, and then silence The pair of investigators claim that there were no children present and that there has been no running water in the facility for almost 20 years

The only water in the building is in the buildings basement where there is an old well Number Nine is The Table incident Kimberly Rodney on Youtube heard odd knocking noises coming from a table in her bedroom So, she set up a tape recorder to see if she could pick anything up She heard 5 different voices on the EVP after analyzing it She left the tape recorder alone in her room during these recordings

The first four were more muffled and had to be turned up to be heard, but the fifth one was something she classified as a class A recording Listen out for “back to work with me?” She said when she heard it she “jumped a mile”, took off her headphones, and stopped analyzing the tape It caught her SO off guard she stopped recording for things for a year and a half Number Eight is A child This clip is from Youtube user jojo31978 who I will be calling Jojo from now on She was getting her voice recorder ready to see if she could capture some EVP when her 8 year old son asked her how it worked

Jojo asked him to say something into it after she pressed record that way she could show him He said “I love mum” into it, but when she played it back she heard another child’s voice before her sons Have a listen: Jojo is pretty sure the dissonant voice says Call poppy Jojo finds this significant since the reason she got the recorder out was to see if her dad would leave a message Both she and her sister have lost children, so Jojo says she is sure it is one of them on the recording

Number seven High pitched mystery sound This sound is now known as the Forest Grove sound because it happened exclusively in Forest Grove, Oregon It happened only during February of 2016, but it was so annoying that about 200 calls were made to the Forest Grove police department about it To you, does it sound like a steam whistle, a flute played off pitch, or a car brakes? Whatever it was, no one knows A physics professor named Andrew Dawes mapped where the noise was heard but any results were inconclusive So no one has any solid facts what was doing this, and it just stopped

It wasn’t wildlife, it wasn't a water or gas leak There was a haunted house later that year based on the noise, how much mystery there was and still is surrounding this It was called aliens in the grove Maybe that’s what was up? Number Six a Disembodied Ghost Voice This was posted in March of 2019 Ghost Hunt Weekends says they believe its a man's voice saying either EVP or Evie

It was recorded at the Thomas House Hotel from inside the Grand Seance room A woman asks, “would you do that please? Would you tell me your name?” and then some raspy audio comes through That's what Ghost Hunt Weekends thinks is a man's voice saying EVP or Evie Now if it was saying Evie, I’m guessing the voice may be looking for someone named Evie A wife, mother, sister, or child perhaps

But if it’s saying EVP I bet it is some ghost whispering to another one to stay quiet so they don’t get caught You know, “shhh… (it’s an) EVP” Number Five Whispers by the morgue The American Paranormal Research Association worked in partnership with the Los Angeles Paranormal Association They were at Linda Vista Community Hospital They collected an EVP in the basement hallway that led to the morgue

One investigator asked, “how are you associated with the hospital?” and in response they heard this Listen again and see if you can hear what the investigators thought they heard “We’re not dead” So if these are not ghosts of the dead, why are they hanging out at the morgue? Or are these spirits that have passed in denial? Or are they playing a joke? I don’t know These are audio recordings that can’t be explained, so I can’t really tell you, can I? Number Four Whispers from Roxy This EVP was captured during a paranormal investigation at a Squash Club in Swinton, United Kingdom It was originally a movie theatre called Roxy Cinema that shut its doors unexpectedly in 1965 It was being investigated because the squash clubs manager reported seeing a shadow ghost and some bottles moving by themselves

Here is the EVP The investigative team said they heard “I’m one down here” But others have suggested that the clip says “I’m not done here” So listen again Which do you think it is? Number Three is Televised Scream EVPs are captured by Paranormal investigative teams and that includes the Ghost Adventures crew

During season seventeen episode 4, Tintic Mining District, they shared this EVP that they caught Zaks prompting questions were one, what name are you connected to, and two, who brought you here Zak says there is a voice that responds “zak bagans” in response to his first question But the really chilling audio is the response to the second question Hear that? Some sort of demonic or ghastly shrill scream

So whatever that thing is is not happy Number Two is Demon Sounds This sound was posted by Don Garvey on YouTube He wrote that it comes from Paranormal investigators in Philadelphia Apparently the backstory is a homeowner was complaining of noises coming from their basement in the middle of the night The paranormal investigative team put a digital audio recorder in the basement to see if they could pick up anything

The first three days, there was nothing out of the ordinary But then they caught this on night at three twelve am: Garvey said in the original video that the audio was amplified 20x, but nothing else was done to the audio Garvey posted this back in november of 2007 Number one is ghost fight For this one, I invite you to have a listen and see what you can hear for yourself Listen out for clock ticking, sounds of fighting, screaming, a mans voice, a voice saying, “hello baby” and more screaming

Play Now that you have heard it, I’ll give you the details This clip was captured by the Central New York Ghost Hunters back in 2007 The did an overnight investigation at an old hotel The hotel apparently had history of nefarious activity, which may be why the EVP is the way it is Everyone on hotel staff and the ghost hunters present the night of the recording were female

But listen out for the distinctly male sounding voice in the recording They recorded it in a stairwell below an empty floor where they had been hearing sounds And on that audible note, that is all I have for you folks today! That was Top 10 Scary Audio Recordings that Can’t be Explained Please let me know what you think some of these EVP said because I bet your ears are better than mine, and while you are letting me know down below, make sure to give us a like and subscribe and hit that bell to be notified when we post! I’ve been your host Abbey Kelly, until next time, have a good one, goodbye! If we have bloopers, hit it!

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