Top 10 Scary Area 51 Urban Legends

Hello and welcome back to the most amazing channel on the internet I am your host Rebecca Felgate and I can’t believe it has taken us to bring this video to you, but it is time to right that wrong

I present to you the Top 10 Area 51 Urban Legends Before we get into this video, why don’t you guys let me know if you believe in Aliens in the comments section down below ALSO while you are down there why don’t you hit that thumbs up button and share this video with a friend who needs to know about aliens today Also be sure to check out the link to our Instagram Like, some of these urban legends are actually very true! 10 – The Brothel Legend has it that nearby the Mystery Nevada Site there is an alien themed brothel next to an Area 51 Alien travel centre and a themed diner Now, it turns out that actually this is true, But what goes on there, well…

that really is the stuff of legends I have been browsing the YELP reviews and …they’re pretty fruity One reads: She showed us the lounge and bar and then took us to the shower room A large tiled room with multiple shower heads where she proceeded to say that they hold their wet 'n wild parties and orgies in there It was all so blasé for her to utter those things

Next up, the Alien Probe Room Weird stuff on the walls and displayed ever so lovingly on the bed were things like whips, probes, ropes, etc Blimey, Alien probe room 9- Area 51 itself started as an Urban Legend! For those of you who say that urban legends aren’t true, Area 51 is one of Modern America’s most enduring urban legends and it turns out it is true…sort of Area 51 is a actually a highly classified remote detachment of Edwards Air Force Base in Nevada, officially known as Restricted Area 4808 North

The CIA only confirmed existence of Area 51 in 2013 when old documents were declassified by the Obama administration President Obama himself joked about the base in 2013 at the Kennedy Center Honors Event at the White House, saying “I think I just became the first president to ever publicly mention Area 51”… While the more tin hat conspiracy areas of the Area 51 legend haven’t been officiated, the fact that the public was right about the spot in the first place is a bit of a green light to some of the things said about the space being true While it may not have been an alien test centre, current evidence points towards it likely having been a centre for the testing of black project weapons and aircraft 8 – Independence Day The United States Military Fell out with the creators of Independence Day, Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin, over Area 51 It seems that the Military were on board to supply the movie with costumes, planes and props but they pulled their support when they discovered that Area 51 was mentioned in the movie’s script

They warned the movie makers, asking them to remove the reference, but they did not It seems the US Government Arm were very touchy about it! 7 – Moon Landing filmed there Ah, the old Moon Landing was fake conspiracy! This is enduring! A lot of people think that the Moon Landing was filmed in a studio, and many of those think that that studio was in one of Area 51’s Hangars Why not, ehy? The location has top secrecy and top security so I guess if anything was going to happen under the radar, it would happen there It makes more sense than filming it in Hollywood – basically a beacon for attention Although of course I don’t believe the Moon Landings were faked… 6 – Nuclear Test Site Is Area 51 radioactive? It seems that the site has been pegged as a possible location for secret nuclear tests

A lot of people believe that the US Government carelessly tested nuclear weapons around Area 51, with some people claiming to have spotted them on Google maps (editors clip) Investigative Journalist Annie Jacobsen uncovered details of Project 57 – which she says tested near Area 51 with a disasterously lax cleanup She claims that alpha emitting material – so nuclear waste – was buried in the ground, but spread by earthworms who have polluted the Nevada soil with Plutonium Others claim the fallout from the bomb test secretly poisoned the people of East Nevada and West Utah 5 – Employees Swear Life Long Oath of Silence So, we talked about a few former employees of area 51 who spoke out about the test centre, most notably Bob Lazar who fuelled the alien fire

Lazar mention he was sworn to secrecy In 2013 a shocking video interview was published in which a very ill former Area 51 employee spoke out about his time at Area 51 This is what he had to say : CLIP 1 In 2013 James Noce, an Area 51 Veteran, spoke about his time working there too, claiming he had to stay silent for 47 years Although Noce didn’t mention any aliens…

But perhaps not all employees came across them! 4 – Alien Prison Is area 51 an alien prison or an alien test centre? Well, some people think it is both! Of course pictures like this are pretty infamous and have been circulated since the Roswell incident – purportedly they show dead aliens at area 51… but who knows Two former employees and self confessed Whistleblowers have provided shocking details about the alien life at Area 51 Bob Lazar claims to have been a scientist at area 51 and he spoke to Annie Jacobsen when she was researching for her book He is reported to have said that he saw a small grey extraterriestrial being interrogated by men in white lab coats Another whistleblower, victor, sensationally appeared on the radio airwaves in 1997 to say that he had witnessed alien interrogation when he worked there

Again, our anonymous friend had something to say on the topic… Have a listen… CLIP 3 Engineered Children Wild Urban Legends are floating around out there that Area 51 was a site used for genetically engineering alien children

It seems that many thought that, yes, science experiments were being conducted on aliens, but beyond that, scientists were working to create genetically modified human alien hybrids Some even WILDER theories say that a whole race of extra terrestrial human hybrids were living in communities at area 51 What has happened to them since the height of the gossip in the 1950s and 60s, we don’t know 2 – The Extra-terrestrial Highway The extra terrestrial highway is a real place You can go there and take a picture with the sign, if you dare anyway

The road is officially Nevada State Route 375 and stretches by Area 51 and runs 98 miles from State Route 318 to Crystal Springs The road has been given its name BECAUSE of the many many extra-terrestrial sightings that have been made on the stretch over the years As I said, Area 51 is along the route and reportedly there used to be a sign that said: Use of deadly force is authorized Sooo even if the UFO’s don’t get you – the US military might ! Whether or not the sightings and legends are true, business is thriving along the route with many alien themed business – like restaurants, diners, inns, and gift shops – making a killing out of extra terrestrial tourism Finally coming into number one we have the most enduring Area 51 urban legend of them all, we have The Roswell Incidents and the UFO Garage at number 1 What does our friend the anonymous former employee have to say? Let’s have a listen shall we! CLIP 1 Oh, Garage’s filled with saucers? Well that kind of cooperates what Bob Lazar said and reiterates pre-existing urban legends that Area 51 is holding UFOs

But what… What else does he say? CLIP 2 Right Roswell Well that is the smoking gun, isn’t it! So, lets back track a moment – in 1947 something crashed into a ranch near Roswell in New Mexico

Reports vary on what that actually was, although the official line is that it was a United States Army Air Balloon… While the unofficial line is that it was an alien aircraft and that alien aircraft was taken to Area 51, the home of alien research and study Millions of people simply didn’t buy the air balloon story and believed that the united states military was involved in a massive coverup So, the Roswell craft and its inhabitants were taken away to join other alien craft being studied at Area 51, with many people suggesting that the US were trying to reverse engineer alien technology What did the Roswell UFO look like…

Let’s hear it? CLIP 3 Without the Roswell incident, I really don’t believe the Area 51 Urban legends would be as enduring as they are OKAY so that was the Top 10 Area 51 Urban Legends! What did you think to this list? Do you think any of them old any weight? Do YOU believe in aliens, don’t forget to let me know in the comments section down below OKAY Before we go, a few comments from a previous video, the Top 10 Scary Reincarnation Stories Part 2 Dustin Fowler said: I love the idea of reincarnation and being able to pick your family? Marcus said: I believe reincarnation is possible and with stories like the ones you presented, Rebecca I can see why people do believe in reincarnation

The afterlife is a mystery? Erica Morgan made my day when she said: I like listening to Rebecca's voice she is such a beautiful and calming voice I love you Rebecca? WELL I think that is just about enough… Don’t you?

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