Top 10 Scary Area 51 Urban Legends – Part 2

Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing Channel on the Internet! I am your host, Rebecca Felgate and today I am talking the Top 10 Area 51 Urban Legends Part 2! We made part one earlier this year but since the whole LETS SEE THEM ALIENS thing came to pass, well, we have decided that we need to create a part 2 Before we get into this video I want to ask you guys if you honestly and truthfully believe that aliens exist at Area 51? I am so on the fence

I think we all love a myth and legend, hence why you guys love watching our videos so I am inclined to say no but maybe! Also before we get into this – I want to give you some clarification about BOB Lazar – I mentioned him in my Top 10 Area 51 myths video and I falsely said that the whistle blower worked at Area 51 in the 50s, when actually it was much later in the 1980s We’ll hear a bit more about his thoughts in the list

LIKE SHARE INSTA 10 – The Mutants It is widely rumoured that the United States used Area 51 to test nuclear bombs ahead of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki attacks and continued to develop their nuclear program their after We talked about the nuclear element in part one, but not so much the fall out Literally

It seems that some people believe that the US Military were observing the effect that nuclear fallout had on humans and animals, with a whole lab of mutant humans locked away in the bowels of the facility I struggle to believe that the uS Government would have dropped the Atomic bombs if they had known what it would do to people underneath it, but perhaps that is naive of me If they didnt study the effects beforehand, maybe since they have conducted live experiments on nuclear poisoning Perhaps the “aliens” some have reported seeing in Area 51 are actually heavily mutated people 9 – Time Machines A lot of people agree that Area 51 is home to something top secret, but could that top secret project be an experiment into time travel? Some people certainly think so

Others say teleportation technology, which is pretty wild too Time travel and teleportation would certainly be game changers for us muggles, so I really do hope that that is the case There have been a number of people in history who appeared to have time travelled, including a few self professed time travellers like John Titor who used rudimentary social media in 2000 and 2001 to claim he was a time traveller from the American Military coming from the year 2036 Sooo wellthe American Military is very tied up in the whole Area 51 thing? Is this a clue? Furthermore, some people think that the flying saucers reported throughout history, especially around Area 51, are actually just us time travelling from the future! WILD

But you knowlegend 8 – The Spy Plane One of the more realistic urban legends andlikeprobably a true legend, a lot of people believed in the 1960s that tech buffs at Area 51 were developing a spy plane and this theory grew stronger in the 1990s as strange sonic booms were heard around the country

The original urban legend says that the name of the plane is Aurora, a black triangular plane more powerful than the Lockheed SR 71 Blackin 2014- and even more mysterious sonic booms were heard in London and New York, leading people once again to suspect a spy plane travelling at hypersonic speed 7 – The Illuminati While the Illuminati were once a real organization, the name has taken on a life of its own and is an urban legend in its very own right, but an extension of the whole triangular drama is musings and speculations about where the secret HQ of the Illuminati might besome say Denver Airport, others say Area 51! And why not, ehy! Until recently the Area 51 was a no fly zone, which would have made it a good spot for a secret meeting house for a world orderalthough Denver is very much a fly zone

being an airportwhich actually might be the best disguise Wait Isn’t that Area 51 plane triangle? Illuminati confirmed? Okay so if it isnt a secret Illuminati base, then maybe it is a bunker

that is coming in to number 6 It is widely speculated that Russia have a secret doomsday bunker city underneath their metro station, and, well I guess that could very well be true! The Cold War era was a tense time during which both the Soviets and Americans were worried the sky was about to come raining in on them as the other attacked A lot of American’s built nuclear bunkers in their home, it would make sense that the US government built a number of safe houses too

we know President Kennedy had one in Florida but that is East Coast

what was out West? Area 51? Does the facility sit above a deep rooted underground city? Maybe! Shall we have some light yet disturbing relief for this midlist moment? 5 – Sexy Aliens If the slew of memes following the much famed Facebook Storming event are anything to go by, a loty of people think that there is an alluring secret locked behind the doors of Area 51 If you don’t believe me, it seems that searches for Area 51 and Aliens have increased on a certain adult website that launched the career of Mia Khalifa Wanna see a little search graphic

Here you go Also I feel like now would be a good time to share some choice memes There is indeed a sci fi inspired brothel nearby! I wonder if it goes down a bit like this – Editors play twitter clip and include tweet LINKS: 4 – The REAL History Even before Bob Lazar made his sensational claims, people believed that area 51 contains mind blowing documents as to alien involvement with human civilization, as well asactualer aliens

According to Bob, this is most definitely the case He says that under lock and key within the test facility there are archives detailing an extensive 10,000 year relationship with aliens It seems that intelligent alien life has visited earth on numerous occasions and that aliens truly did build the pyramids or so the story goes anyway 3 – Freeze-ray Guns I am just going to come out and say it

Is the US military creating energy weapons – including freeze ray guns at Area51? A lot of people think so Directed Energy Weapons could be the next step in warfare and there has been a lot of suggestions from the Pentagon, Darpa, the air force and the US army that energy weapons are in the making At the moment they have been linked to missile defence systems, but perhaps they are also working on individual weapons too Our mate Baba Vanga, the blind mystic who died in the 90s, predicted that the US would have a war with a Muslim run Rome in the next few decades and the battle would be fought with freeze ray guns, so like maybe she was on to something Our next point is all about how the alien rumours came about in the first place 2 – The Russians This is a two parter, so let me deal with the Russia side of the legend first! The Roswell Crash happened in 1947 – the onset of the Cold War area between the Unites States of America and the Soviet Union, now Russia

Many people believe the timeline is not a coincidence and that actually the Soviets planned the Roswell crash in order to freak the American’s out, thus sparking the whole Area 51 holds aliens panic US Journalist and author Annie Jacobson wrote a book which put the legend down in writing and presented the situation as fact According to the book, Soviet Leader, Joseph Stalin was inspired by Orson Welles’ 1938 radio drama, War of the Worlds and decided to generate something cosmic to throw the US into hysteria, allowing the Soviet’s the upper hand It seems the Soviet’s designed an alien like craft and remotely piloted it into US airspace, but the craft had crashed in the wrong location and the incident was hushed up by the Americans Jacobson says this was confirmed by a former employee of Area 51 who was put on the Rosewell Project in Area 51 in 1978

So what about “them aliens” well stay tuned for number 1 – Josef Mengele’s Creations Wild wild wild

Have you heard of Josef Mengele, he was the evil Nazi doctor who worked in Auschwitz on sick experiments, especially liking to focus on twins He was a horrible man A horrible man who unfortunately did not meet justice because he escaped Germany and went to live in Argentina, eventually dying age 67 in Brazil What he did after his career as a deranged scientist, well, we we don’t know but according to urban legend, Joseph Stalin commissioned him to design fake aliens to land in America It is said that the doctor of doom mutated Russian children in order to make them look alien and gave them back to the Soviets so they could land them in the United States and cause panic Wild Perhaps this checks out timeline wise though

Mengele was on the run after the end of the War in 1945 but he didn’t sail to Argentina until 1949 Perhaps he was captured by the Soviet’s who then used him to help them get one up on America before allowing him to go free? Were the aliens, the greys we hear so much about from various sources who claim to have worked at the facility, are these greys actually mutated Russian children? Comments from the Top 10 Scary Area 51 Myths : Lots of you had nice things to say about my jumpsuit, so thanks! Lilie Wooster said: Rebecca I think Area 51 is actually the headquarters for the illuminati – you took the words right out of this videos mouth! Terena said: What if Aliens are actually humans, From future Evolved over million years Time traveled could be explained with that well that is indeed a theory, and like maybe! Megan Crane said: She blinks like that because she is sending secret messages to her alien overlords ???? ? (Just blink) KGB zeka said: Tragic missed opportunity to reprise the aliens song, I am sad

You’re righthere she comes

I’ll sing myself out ALIENS ALIENS ALIENS

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