Top 10 Scary Archeological Discoveries

what up top-10 fan hope you're having an awesome day I'm your host Ayman Hassan and welcome back I've got a special guest with me today okay know about special you see him every day but yeah I'll give you that okay we're doing archaeological discoveries what do we think about archaeological discoveries I mean I got some pretty good ones I know a miner for sure better than yours okay thank you also I don't know why we're starting to see them yeah standing we're ready to face off oh yeah do you guys know should we vote in the comments now oh yeah totally this is Chambers's aiming for this video in the comments let us know which host you like better it's for sure me I think I know team che first of all no no team Ament come on okay it's like Team Jacob and Edward yeah even know who Edward was oh it doesn't matter it doesn't matter okay anyway make sure to vote below and number 10 we have King Henry the fourths head I want to be such a badass in my life that when I die people put in such an effort to make sure I stay dead either that or they do some sort of weekend at Bernie's situation with strings on me and I'm dancing around well when King Henry the fourth was assassinated they cut off his head and buried it in another location the location was a mystery to everyone until 2010 when it was found in some tax collectors attic the dude had a 17th century cranium stored up there like old baby pictures this guy bought it off an elderly couple the elderly couple snagged the head in an auction in the late 19th century okay I want to add to what I want to live like I want to be such an awesome person in my life that people are selling my body parts off at an auction it would be like next up we've got chained arenas prized scrotum it said that if you pull off one of the hairs any wish will come true coming in at number nine is the tiny alien and yes I found this one after pulling one of those scrotum hairs and wishing on it honestly I don't even know with this one so back in 2003 in the Atacama Desert of Chile archaeologists found a 6-inch tall mummified skeleton with a pointed head and if you see the picture of this thing it's actually tiny like it's a size my foot more or less and now I can't tell if I've exposed that my feet are big or that this thing was tiny my feet enormous size I say either way after close examination researchers found the skeleton to have the bone density of a six-year-old kid despite its miniature size even scientists were like could this be our first are the alien specimen sadly not after more and more thorough investigation they found out the skeleton was in fact human after all probably related to the indigenous Chileans there were seven different mutations in her growth genes which most likely explains her overall smallness but it is a sight to see honestly I've never seen a skull shape like that and I'm not throwing shade at all it's it's interesting all right your favorite host is back or back with number 8 head on a stick way back in the day when we were still swinging around clubs and we didn't really know what to do with dead bodies cremating someone and then throwing their ashes over the parking lot at Cheesecake Factory by their request is a very new thing well these Stone Age dudes thought taking heads and mounting them on sticks was the best course of action an archaeological dig in Sweden found a bunch of heads mounted on sticks that dated back way before the Greeks were laying around with rock-hard ABS it's unknown why these cavemen decided to shish kebob these skulls they might have been enemies and mounting the heads to sticks could have been a warning to other people not to come around or you're gonna end up like this head on a stick or it could have been a nice thing maybe when your buddy dies you put his head on a stick so you can bring them around and give them little forehead kisses forever it did seem like some sort of ritual because where they found the mounted heads there were loads of animal bones scattered everywhere filling under the seventh law is the Apple store and no I'm not about to mention a 13th century Apple store that archeologists randomly found and with it the iPhone -10 C or X or whatever you want to call it so basically back in 2013 the company was breaking ground in Madrid in order to build another Apple Store because clearly they thought they didn't have enough while construction crew were excavating the area they found the remnants of a 15th century hospital just casually if the hospital was in use way back in the 1400s and treated victims of the plague mohnish in 1854 and sealed below the street until the Apple store came along and when asked about the situation Apple said they want to incorporate the ruins of the hospital into the glass box store design so you know if you walk into the Madrid store you'll find the iPhones on your left ear pods on your right and the hospital ruins and corpses way at the back do ask for assistance from an employee if need be and I am your favorite host back again guys with number six smallpox scabs you go to the library and you try to make your brain smarter and then the only thing that happens is you come in contact with an ancient disease you pause your Netflix and pick up books only to get punished for it this is like when there was ecoli in the romaine lettuce well in 2003 Suzanne Caro went to check out some books the Santa Fe College library she picked out some old Civil War books because she's a fun time and in the book there was an envelope because she's a curious little devil she decided to open them up and found a bunch of scabs scabs and an envelope must be my birthday she found out by reading this old timey book that the scabs were taking off patients with smallpox during the Civil War so she kept them then dipped them in chocolate and served them to her friends at a dinner party I'm just kidding guys she called the Center for Disease Control because she's not as imaginative as I am coming in at number five is the latter during the demolition of a fireplace and a house located in cabochon builder Lewis short found unless unless it was written sometime in the 40s by a little boy called David I know you were hoping it was like some sort of murder confession letter or a steamy cheating confession but alas it was just a letter to Santa Claus in it he wrote dear father Christmas that was quite formal and you a dear father Christmas please can you send me a Rufus annual at a drum box of chalk soldiers and Indians slippers on any little toys you have to spare love David or any little toys you have to spare how cute is that like me he has a factory run by elves he has more than a little to spare Lewis really wanted to track David down to give him the letter so he actually made a hashtag find David media campaign and actually managed to find him alive and well the Internet there you go you just see him David would have been like bro I wrote the 60 years ago you think I care now was actually quite surprised and found it quite cute considering his kids now either asking for a motorbike or a bunch of Barbies chalk and slippers just won't cut it in this day and age David get with it I never form the list we have the Essex sarcophagus a Stephen Drake was checking out an old home in the middle of being touched up while walked through he came to a big gap in the wall decided to peek through now if this was a horror movie this would be the point where something jumps into his eye and sucks out his brain but instead of having his brain sucked out he found a 3000 year old sarcophagus that was left there by the previous owner the guy who used to own the home was now dead so Stephen took the sarcophagus to get carbon dated and it turns out the thing was legit I hope Stephen got a fat payday for that some weird stuff about this is no one knows where the dead owner got this thing from and there also was no body inside the sarcophagus so no one knows where the mummy body went filling the flaw is the baby I can't even wrap my head around why someone would even do this or how they would do it but here we go back in 1850 a Parisian couple were getting some work done on their home workers came in and started digging up the floor and walls and a mummified baby just fell out of the war legit they were probably like is this yours obviously the couple was suspected of getting the baby right away but they were quickly exonerated the doctor use changes in corpses and flies to determine they didn't do it fast off how on earth do you put a baby dead or alive in a wall forget dad how do you have the heart to put a live baby in a war and brought it back up certainly how a fly's good murder conviction evidence like am I the only one that thinks this is us this is us guys and sadly enough cases of mummified babies are so common even now I mean two were found in 2007 and those are just the two that I know of I'm sure if I researched it more I find a bunch this just just hurts my heart re chase here for comic relief and I'm here for the morbid stories hey guys I'm back to bring a smile to your face after Eamon bum Jo I'm number two if the mass grave of tomb County Galway okay maybe I'm gonna bum you out too in an archaeological dig I bet you want to find like dinosaur bones or old weaponry maybe even some fossilized dinosaur poop that's a real thing you should look it up underneath the former home for single mothers entomb County Island was the remains of seven hundred and ninety-six babies what the hell it was a super baby grape this is like something that came out of a Rob Zombie movies like it's literally almost House of a thousand corpses between the years of 1925 and 1961 the home was run by the bond secure nuns and it was a place where single mothers could go to get support however the nuns would often neglect the children which they were left to take care of this would lead to them dying and then they would wrap them in a sheet and dump their bodies in a septic tank when the discovery was made a home was built over top of the burial site to pay homage to the infants that was so chilling I never want to think about it again now we got to go back to Eamon hi guys I'm back hopefully you don't find me as does Jesus you do and finally at number one is post death possum so you probably do find me as dull as j62 once upon a time 1,300 years ago in a small Italian town of Imola a woman died and that's the end of number one no I'm kidding I'm kidding archaeologists found said woman in 2010 and the skeletal remains seemed ordered his skeleton was fine but archaeologists found a strange cluster of tiny bones in between her legs which obviously turned out to be the remains of her fetus that she somehow gave birth to after her death if we investigate this further CSI style she was buried face up so that implied she was purposely buried she was in her late twenties early thirties and her baby was only two weeks away from being full term the baby's legs were still inside the mum but their head and upper body was born after she died and that's referred to as a coffin birth do you guys know that was a thing because I certainly did not know that was a thing what happens is that gas built up inside the dead woman which pushes the fetus out of the birth canal something that has rarely ever been seen in archaeological history and that's not even the end of it they also found a hole drilled into the woman's skull which is common back then to relieve things like head injuries headaches or to get rid of evil spirits if any of you need that treatment after listened to che hit me and that's all today's video guys what did you guys think let us know in the comments below what you thought of the video and also which host you like more I know we have a lot of beef and saltiness but we actually are good friends we're pals no kidding no kidding but do you guys think we should do more collapse I feel like clubs are very fun for the host to do I'm hopefully that fun for you guys to watch mm-hmm all right well guys I don't know what else should we tell them that's it really yeah I'm your host even Hasan I'm your host Jay dureena we'll see you inside

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