Top 10 Scary Apple Theories

Hello everyone hope youre having an awesome day wherever and whenever youre watching this! Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video here at most amazing top 10 Ok so im gonna hit you with the age old question that has perplexed everyone since time, team apple or team samsung? I would just like to say i am team samsung all the way, android girl through and through

My samsung once got stolen at a party so i had an iphone for a month till i got a new one and theyre fine theyre just not my cup of tea But i know most people are Apple people so hopefully this video will convert some of to the dark side My side This is the Top 10 Scary Apple Conspiracy Theories Starting us off with number 10 is Planned Obsolescence (ob-sa-lehsance)

So this conspiracy theory came out a few years ago and it claimed that Apple purposely slowed down older iPhone models and their operating systems when new models got released Many customers complained that their older phones started malfunctioning and their battery life declined during and after new releases Apple was accused of planned obsolescence which is basically when a product is designed to become useless after a set period of time As if that wasnt bad enough, heres the cherry on top, Apple themselves came forward and actually confirmed the theory They said they throttle iPhone performance as a precautionary measure because if they didnt then older models would break earlier than they should or that they would keep shutting down unexpectedly

I mean i dont think thats necessary Apple your phones break regardless Either way the company blamed the lithium ion batteries used in the phones which degrade over time, saying if they didnt diminish the phones performance then the risk of internal damage would be greater Either way thats the company's problem and customers shouldn't have to suffer and then ultimately have to get the iPhone 20+ which lets face it will just be iPhone XS but longer and thinner Coming in at number 9 is The Jack Can we just have 1 minute of silence for the earphone jack of years past

What a true loss to society honestly When the first iPhone model came out that had no earphone jack people were pissed You now had to buy a dongle to connect your headphones to if you wanted to or you had to buy the 159$ wireless earpods that conveniently dropped the same time the jackless iPhone did Coincidence? I think not Conspiracy theorists everywhere have theorised that Apple removed the jack to sort of force users to buy the earpods so the company could double its profits or more

I mean think about how many iPhone users there are in the world Insane But business is savage, i would not be surprised if that was the case Tech junkies disagree though and they say they had to remove the earphone jack to make room for the Taptic Engine At number 8 we have Biometric Data

As times are progressing and technology is developing instead of clicking the middle button and the star button to unlock your phone you can now just use your face or finger Now Apple has assured customers that their biometric data is only store locally on their own phones inside the secure enclave Which is true But some theorists have advised against using any of the biometric features because they believe it could give authorities a way into your phone and life Say you get pulled over and for whatever reason the cop wants to go through your phone, all theyd have to do is point it at your face and theyd be able to go through it easily

Others believe theyre using facial recognition to collect a database of human biometric data for mass surveillance For all we know they could even sell it to a third party Filling our number 7 slot is Siri Hey Siri i have a question why do you not understand anything i say ever? Like i thought i was an articulate person, i thought if anything i probably over enunciate words yet Siri still shits all over me Anyway this next theory claims that iPhones are listening to customers 24/7, and of course Apple has denied this saying the iPhone only listens for the audio trigger Hey Siri and anything that comes after the trigger phrase

But if the iPhone has to listen out for the trigger phrase, then realistically the phone is listening to us all the time because its waiting to hear the trigger phrase Do you know how easy it would be for apple to collect and store personal information about us because of this feature? I know its against privacy laws for them to do that but they easily can, and if it was some undercover operation with the government, oh god i cant even imagine Either way i fully believe that they are listening all the time because how else would the feature even work? And you cant try and damper it by saying dont worry its listening to you all the time but it only REALLY listens after you say Hey Siri Cut the crap Next

Now at number 6 is the Facetime Glitch And this really ties in with the previous conspiracy theory and if anything backs it up So at the start of this year iPhone users were buzzing after one twitter user 9to5Mac realised there was a major glitch in the new facetime regarding its new group feature The feature basically allowed anyone to listen to whoever was on their list, you could even hack the front facing camera of that person without the recipient of the call even knowing or answering It affected any iPhone that had the iOS 12

1 or later which is a lot of people Apple has since disabled the group feature but it begs the question, if it was that easy for us to do it to someone else, that means its that much easier for them to do it to us Which they are probably doing Coming in at number 5 is Supply and Demand This theory claims that reports always circulate everytime a new iPhone comes out about the stock of that product being limited

Even when the iPhone X came out, according to Apple they had a lot of manufacturing issues with it and hence the supply decreased which a) stimulated demand for the new iPhone coming out and b) stimulated demand for the iphone X itself because there was a lower demand But people claim its not that they circulate rumours that the supply is low, theorists believe they intentionally always make supply lower than they claim just to boost sales I mean Apple is a for profit company and business is business right Thoughts? At number 4 is Steve Jobs And i feel like everyones gonna know about this one before i even say it but i have to

This theory claims that Steve Jobs didnt die in 2011 like everyone said Many many believe hes still alive and that Apple swerves in a direction Jobs wouldnt have approved of in an effort to emphasise hes really gone when hes not Reddit exploded when user TheHorseSizedDuck uploaded a picture of himself in Brazil with a disabled man in the background of the photo that looked identical to Steve Jobs the glasses, the hair or the lack thereof, the jawline everything was too similar Other redditors like MindAlchemist hopped on and believed the theory and said head transplants have been done before with animals why cant it have been done with humans? Human heads have been reattached with only the spinal cord holding them up and if you spent billions of dollars on it, which Mr Jobs probably did have, then it is possible

honestly when i first saw the picture i thought the guy had photoshopped steve jobs’ head onto the man and i was like what a sick joke But no that is his real face Filling our number 3 slot is The Live Photo The Live Photo feature is basically when the camera records 15 seconds of video and audio before taking a picture

And then you can see the video bit by bit and pause it if you like that bit as a photo better than the photo it actually took Useful for instagram but for that feature to be possible, the camera has to be recording all the time Theres no other way the device would know to recording otherwise The Apple website itself says that the Live Photos feature is always on by default when you click photo mode unless youve manually changed it So if its on by default all the time… need i say more? So now theyre not just listening to us all the time, theyre watching us too

Now at number 2 is Sealing Products So i totally back this theory because i think its bullshit that Apple products are only compatible with other Apple products and that theres always like a 2 day wait at the Apple Store if you ever want to go in and get something fixed This theory claims that Apple intentionally seal all their products in such a way that it makes customers unable to fix or open them themselves Hence they always have to go to Apple and pay them a forkload of money to get their product fixed or buy a new one altogether Phones aside, take the Macbook Pro, they used to have screws on them that were easy to open but now they have a new 5 point screw on them so you have to go out of your way to find a screwdriver that fits in it just so you can open it

These 5 point screws are also on the new iPhones and some claim the change may have been because of aesthetic reasons or sturdiness but this theory emphasises its just another step in making users unable to fix their own devices Like think about it before iphones and hi tech phones we all had good phones where the back would slide off we could get the battery or sim out everything was so accessible Nowadays you can barely find any smartphone with that level of accessibility why is this so slept on? This is a daylight robbery you guys And finally at number 1 is BeautyGate So unless youre objectively gorgeous and never look bad, then you like all of us usually look like a double chin egg looking sort of creature when the selfie cam comes on

But with the new iPhones you arent that creature, youre surprisingly pretty good looking Reddit users have dubbed this theory BeautyGate which is hilariously done fyi A user uploaded the same selfie of him, one was taken on an older iPhone model and the other one was taken on the iPhone XS the first was more HD it showed his pores his flaws shall we say but in the iphone XS version he did not have a single pore, his skin was more pinkish, and it was a lot smoother And he wasnt the only one that noticed it

Many customers took to Reddit because they were picturing suspiciously better than usual, so they were curious as to whether Apple added a secret beauty filter to the selfie camera People started speculating whether Apple added this in secretly so its customers would seem better looking than other phone users and thus elevate the brands image and entice other people to buy it too Tech junkies disagree however and say the smoother complexion is just because of noise reduction technology in the new phones Either way, i would also like some secret filters but the Samsung ones are admittedly not great See im not blindly biased

I do recognise the flaws And thats all for today guys! I feel like a lot of these theories could be applied to any smartphone really, but they are Apples specifically Let me know what you guys thought in the comments below and whether i brought any of you to the Android dark side Anyway ive been your host Ayman Hasan and ill see you next time!

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