Top 10 Scary Annabelle Stories

Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing Top 10 Channel on the Internet! I am your host Rebecca Felgate and today I am talking about a dastardly little cretin who actually I haven’t mentioned in a while, so it is HIGH TIME YEP …you already know the title of the video because you clicked on it, but this is the Top 10 Scary Anabelle Stories! Before we get into this, let me know if you believe that Annabelle is a real haunted doll…

or do you think it is all just fake news …a good halloween story… let me know in the comments section down below A little back story on Annabelle, although If you don’t know who she is you will by the end of this video – she is supposedly the most evil and demonic doll ever to grace the earth and she lives in a sealed box in the Warren Occult Museum in Connecticut OKAY 10 – The Prayers CLIP 1 Annabelle is said to be so demonic that a regular Circumambulation has to be performed, this basically means prayers carried out by a priest who blesses the room she is kept in in order to stop her evil energy escaping

This is what Lorraine Warren said about the Priest…… CLIP 2 – basically she confirmed the museum has its own priest In order to touch Annabelle, it seems a person has to be blessed by a priest This is seemingly confirmed in a video that went out on facebook live of a team moving her from her case Have a listen to what the team had to say – CLIP 3 Blessings necessary then

From The Prayers to The Priest at number 9 – and this one did not fair so well IT seems that the Warrens always had good relationships with Priests They needed to, right… They believed god would help protect them from the evil living in their basement… although they new that even priests might not be a good match for the evil contained there One day a priest friend came over to the Warren’s for lunch and over tea, the priest asked Lorraine about the doll

He asked to see it and so Ed took him downstairs but warned him not to touch anything The priest ignored Edd’s warning and he picked Annabelle up and threw her across the room, screaming “God is more powerful than any devil or demon “ Edd was horrified, he said “Father you should have never touched that doll…yes God may be more powerful but no priest or human living is a good match Well… The priest when on his way but he never made it back to the Rectory that day…

Why? Because he lost control of his car on the I84 and crashed… Although luckily for him he didn’t die… If it was a further warning from the doll then this time he heeded it He called Edd and cried down the phone He said I should have listened to you

I shouldn’t have touched that doll What else did he say? That he has seen her face in the rearview mirror before he crashed So…did Annabelle do it? 8 – The Tarot Devil Some of you may have noticed from looking at images of the real Annabelle in her box that attached to the front is The Devil tarot card How many of you have watched our Top 10 Scary Tarot Cards You Never Want To See video? If you have seen it, you ‘ll know that among other things, you don’t wanna be seeing that Devil

Although when I had my tarot cards read for the year the Devil was my overruling card…so… SO Annabelle and the Devil… not a combination you really want to see, right? Tarots are personal to the people they are being shown to so its hard to give you a reading of what the Devil general means, but if I had to I would actually say life sucker, bondage, bad habits, destruction, negative forces, bad energy SO maybe with Annabelle, it is an indicator she is possessed OR it could be for show 7 – The Voices Many people who have visited the museum claim to have felt or heard scary forces in that room But it seems you don’t have to go there to experience how horrifying the energy is

It seems that following a video posted in February 2016 by Gravity Media Productions, a viewer claimed to hear voices in the background In a comment pinned by the uploader, Hyper 1 wrote: I watched this video at full volume and I ensure you I can hear voices of spirits behind The comment has been liked 450 times, with others responding to say that they had heard it too Awful 6 – The Actors As you may have noticed, Annabelle in real life is much less intimidating looking than the Annabelle doll used in the movie

In the film she is a porcelain doll with an utterly horrifying face and deep set eyes In real life, she is a raggedy Anne Doll…which I think makes her creepier…although that would be hard to portray in terms of horror in a movie…I am assure she is not comic… but I guess she kinds of looks it Director James Wan wanted something more visually disturbing for the film so the Annabelle we know from the big screen was created It is rumoured that that the prop doll may have been haunted too…

in an interview, Wan said: “We knew we had something special when people would go out of their way to avoid Annabelle on-set She definitely gave off an inherently creepy vibe” … Maybe she was part possessed too! 5 The Eyes The story goes that even Loraine Warren herself wouldn’t look at the doll in the eye for fear of what It would do to her Have a look at some footage of Lorraine when she was alive back in 2013 and giving a tour of the museum

CLIP 1 She had known that doll for 40 years and she still wont look at it It seems that the Warren’s daughter, Judy, wouldn’t look at the doll either – this is what she had to say… CLIP 2 Crikey

Poor Judy having to live in a house with it! 4 – The Million Dollar Bargain Rumour has it that since both Ed and Lorraine Warren have passed, museum director Tony Spera is in charge of maintaining their legacy and as a result people have been coming at him with offers for various items in the museum It is said that he was offered a million dollars for the doll but he refused, saying it was not for sale, and – I quote – totally reckless and irresponsible to let that doll out into the public realm Good thing he didn’t fancy making a quick buck, then! 3 – The Crash There are a lot of scary stories associated with those who have blatantly ignored curses and how that has ended up for them I always think of the guy who sat in the Busby Stoop Chair in Yorkshire and died later… And there HAVE been deaths associated with those who have provoked Annabelle, too! There is a sign on Annabelle’s case warning for people to NOT touch the doll, but one museum goer ignored the warning

The man came on his motorbike with his girlfriend – have a listen to what happened So he implored the doll to slash him Great idea… imagine what happened next? He was killed in an accident 3 hours later His girlfriend, however, didn’t die She said the last thing she remembered was laughing and joking about the doll with her boyfriend, who then lost control of his wheel and crashed into a tree head on

The clip you saw there comes from Hailey Reese’s Occult museum video – there is a link in the description box to the full video, you should check it out! 2 – The Nurse Okay so the time has come for the original Anabelle story… It seems the story began in 197- when a 28 year old nurse named Donna received the doll as a gift from her mum She soon noticed the doll would change positions Then it seems that the doll began leaving notes for the girl and her roommate, like help me, help us The doll then began to appear in different rooms and at one point seemed to leak blood

The girls contacted a medium who determined that the doll was possessed with the spirit of Annabelle Higgins who died age 7 According to the Occult website, the medium claimed Annabelle was comforted by the roomates and wanted to stay with them and be loved They gave Annabelle permission to inhabit the doll… but worryingly that wasn’t enough — this is where the Warrens got involved and this is what leads me to my number one point… The Body The Warrens visited the women after reading about the doll and quickly came to the conclusion that They that the doll itself was not possessed by Annabelle…but was manipulated by an inhuman presence who was not looking to stay attached to the doll, instead it was looking to possess a human host” In an interview, Lorraine explained that Annabelle wants a body and that is why she has to be locked away She said…"If you're vulnerable, it would be you

" – so anyone in a vulnerable state had better stay away from Annabelle! Unless you want your casa to her casa Goodness me Well that was that Thanks so much for watching this video… after ten minutes of chatter…tell me, do you think Annabelle is actually possessed or is it a hoax? COMMENTS from Top 10 scary myths that might be true? That had Annabelle in the thumb! Slime Bubble said: It's for sure our smart devices eavesdrop and I hope we confirm where Atlantis was really located at in my lifetine! Thank you for recommending BUNZ OH you are welcome, I love BUNZ! Kawaii Strawberry wrote: I love Rebecca so much and I definitely take inspiration from your fashion! Slay all day queen! Great comment from VIVE who said: I'm going to be a bit too serious here & say the biggest mystery of all time for me would be how & why humankind developed sense of superiority, why is it needed and would our history be different if it never was

Also – the extreme curiosity to know everything That's a mystery to me too But on a lighter note – I do fancy Atlantis & anything cryptozoology

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