Top 10 Scary Animals That Look Innocent

hey everyone welcome back to most amazing top 10 I'm your host Jade arena I am a sucker for stupid cute animal videos most of the time we should spend working on my career or bettering my life I spent looking at the Instagram page dago's doing things but even though there are so many cute cuddly creatures out there that I just want to smooch on the lips some of them look cute but secretly want to eat your face and just so you don't make that mistake I put together today's list of top 10 scary animals that look innocent last thing we want is another Harambee incident may he rest in peace as always make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell also stick around for number two on the list because I bet it can sneak up on you on vacation also follow most amazing top ten on Instagram and Facebook it's a great way to get to know myself and the other hosts a little bit better and without taking any longer let's get into this list number 10 dolphins dolphins are so cute right they're always got big smiles on their faces they jump high in the air and they seem so playful well they're also extremely cruel and they can beat the hell out of you dolphins have been known to practice infanticide yeah they'll kill their own kids they usually do this by beating them to death with their baseball bat like noses they've also been known to do this to sharks anything out there that's beating the hell out of sharks can't be that nice to hang around they're also super intelligence some research says that they're only second to humans so they're basically like humans but with no laws a school of dolphins is basically just a gang ready to beat the hell out of someone and take their wallet now attacks on humans are very rare but they will attack you if they feel threatened with all that being said we still need to take them out of the tanks they're so smart they shouldn't be locked up in these horrible cages if you have the chance to swim with dolphins on vacation just don't let those places go out of business so dolphins can get released into the ocean and hang out with their gang member friends please number 9 pandas I mean they're so goddamn sweet looking and they're vegetarians how could something that only wants to eat bamboo be mean I mean look at how cute this video is if that doesn't warm your heart then there's no hope for you you should become one of those people that want to volunteer to go to Mars because there's no one that's ever gonna love you on this planet sorry that was very harsh even though these big old bears look like an even cuter version of raccoons well they're still bears you know those giant lumbering beasts that hang out in the woods and eat campers pandas are part of that Club too back in 2015 a scared panda ran into a small Chinese village and managed to grab ahold of a man's leg and broke it even though pandas looked like God designed them to be in a Hello Kitty commercial there's still wild animals and very very powerful number eight the slow loris look at this little tyke with his big wool eyes he looks like the nerdy girl at the beginning of a movie who looks off shy and dorky and then the end of the movie she takes her glasses off and she was hot the whole time well even though these dudes look like little innocent Marvel fans with coke-bottle glasses they're actually packed full of poison the slow loris have poisonous glands on their elbows and they use it to protect themselves what they do is they lick these glands and then lick their fur that way for predator trans to eat them they get a mouthful of tainted fur even when these things look at their cutest they're actually trying to kill you if you ever tickle a Loris it will raise its arms in the air it looks like it's loving a little belly rub but it's actually trying to show you the poison glands on its arms and that it feels threatened so it's actually true no one likes being tickled number seven elephants I love those videos of baby elephants playing with people they come up to you and they sit on you and they roll all over you it's like playing with a giant dog that still thinks it's a puppy we even have movies like Dumbo which elephants look like the most kind-hearted creatures you could ever come across but don't forget that these things grow up to be the largest land animal and they're strong enough to pop your head like a cherry tomato if they wanted to and they do have a little bit of a track record of attacking people in between the years of 2010 and 2015 how many elephant attacks do you think happened to people well if you guessed 37,000 then you were exactly right there was even a case in Bell Wat in India where an elephant was killed by a train after the elephant was killed a bunch of other elephant gathered around the spot where the grisly murder took place and a few days later they attacked the village in what seemed to be a revenge attack this is like Kill Bill Vol three losses two thousand in elephants know elephants your grace that's disappointing number six anteater I mean these guys don't really look cute but they definitely don't look threatening either I would say next to sloths ant eaters are the most STONER looking animal out there every time I see an anteater it looks like he just ripped a massive bong and the next thing he's gonna say is yo you got any ants but even though these guys are extraordinary chilling appearance they'll actually throw down if need be ant eaters aren't aggressive but if for whatever reason you cornered them they will clap back who the hell is going around cornering ant eaters get a better pass time you're perverts and these guys are very good at standing up for themselves they can even fight off Jaguars and Panthers they have 4-inch claws and they know how to use them if you're ever wondering that anteater is ready to slap your lips you'll know because they'll be standing on its hind legs just like the mean number 5 seals I mean these guys look as adorable as they look dopey they've got these big loving puppy faces and like these fat bodies that say I'm comfortable with who I am and who I am is someone who loves fried cheese but seals can get super aggressive and also have some pretty cruel tendencies first of all if you get too close they've been known to bite humans there's even a case of a leopard seal dragging someone so deep under water that they drowned and they will also torment penguins seals have been known to chase penguins until they die from exhaustion although that is terrible the idea of a seal chasing a penguin is one of the funniest things I've ever heard of it's like a super fat guy chasing someone on crutches number four the platypus how the hell did this thing happen if God exists he definitely believes in recycling the platypus is a prime example of that looks like after he made all the creatures on earth he had a bunch of spare parts and he was like well let's take this to the kitchen we'll whip something up throw it all in the crock-pot let's see what happens the platypus has the face of a duck the body of an otter webbed toes and it's a mammal that lays eggs but something that the platypus is hiding is a spur on the back of its hind legs that's packed with venom yeah a little bit of snake worked its way into the mix of this little smorgasbord now you don't need to worry about this little guy killing you the venom only packs enough punch to kill something about the size of a dog so keep your Pug away from this thing but if it stings you it will hurt like hell so try to avoid it possibilities hey where's Perry number three chimps so do you guys remember the movie MVP most valuable primate I vote the chimp that plays hockey so well that he plays with a bunch of kids and wins them a championship so heartwarming and the sequel most vertical primate where chimp skateboards which is one of the funniest movie ideas I've ever heard of I wish I was in the pitch meeting for that it's like they had a Venn diagram where one side was Air Bud and the other side was 90's kids and right in the middle is where this movie was born well those movies made chimps look like fun-loving team players who know how to have a good time but in reality they're unbelievably vicious they'll rip your body apart with their bare hands they even cannibalize other chimps there's a case of a woman who had one as a pet one day she brought him home and tickle-me-elmo toy and out of nowhere he went berserk and ripped her face off I think Tickle Me Elmo toys must be like blackface for Apes or something I don't number two the blue ringed octopus octopus octopi whichever you would like to say I read that octopi is wrong because putting an eye at the end of something as Latin and the word octopus is Greek but I also don't like saying words that end with pusses but for the most part these guys seem pretty chill though hide from you they don't eat people only the really big ones have been recorded attacking anyone so the little ones must be fine right wrong the blue ringed octopus is just a little guy but it's one of the most poisonous creatures on the planet it has enough poison to kill 26 full-grown people in a matter of minutes what makes this little headed monster even more dangerous is it hides in shallow tide pools meaning you could accidentally step on it and when it feels threatened that's when it's going to bite you the good news is is you're gonna die really really fast number one poison dart frog a frog bro that's number one on the list a frog I know some people don't like them because they're slimy and stuff but a lot of you out there never knew that one of these things could kill you just by touching it I mean look at this little guy he's chilling hard he's got a little belly out he's guy's feet in the water he's on vacation dude but the poison dart for is not as chill specifically the golden poisoned dark rum has enough venom to kill 10 adult humans now this isn't as poisonous as the blue ringed octopus the reason that it beat it out for number one is because this thing can kill you just by touching it you don't need to get bitten which is definitely scarier well everyone that is our list thank you all so much for tuning in as always make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell also follow most amazing top ten on Instagram and Facebook until next time I'm trader Reyna and I'm gonna stick to hanging out with dogs right

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