Top 10 Scary Animals That Look Innocent – Part 2

Hey everyone welcome back to most amazing top 10 Im your host Che Durena A few weeks ago we put out a list of scary animals that look innocent to let you guys know some of the hidden dangers lurking around the animal kingdom

You’d be surprised what kind of animals are secretly waiting to kill you and you should probably go check out the part one video if you havent seen it yet It will definitely make you second guess buying some exotic pet, Im not even sure how you get in contact with the extoic pet guy but if you have a link make sure you leave all their contact information in the comments But our first list was such a big hit that we bring you todays list of top 10 scary animals that look innocent part 2 Its time to countdown some adorable fluffy creatures that want you eat your heart As always make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell

Also follow most amazing top 10 on instagram and facebook, its a great way to get to know myself and the other host a little bit better And without taking any longer, lets get into this list Were going to kick off this list with Dogs Dont get me wrong I love dogs, every time I see a good boy in the street I need to take a moment just to appreciate the glory that pupper brings to the table And the vast majority of dogs are so sweet and would never hurt a fly, they just want to be snuggled and occasionally destroy your house and pee on things And even when dogs are mean its always the owners lack of care that makes a bad dog, no dogs are born bad

But all that being said there are some people who dont know how to take care of their dogs and that leads to bites and attacks There are 35,000 people who die from dog attacks globally each year Thats why you always need to ask if you can pet someones dog, even though its so hard to resist petting a dog I could go longer without eating carbs then petting a dog 9 Hippos Hippos look like big heavy cuddly balls of fat that you could snuggle up next too I would say they look like savanna cows

Most people would see a Hippo just chillin and they wouldn really think of them as a threat, but it might surprise you that hippos are some of the most aggressive animals in africa They kill people all the time, theyll even tip over boats so they can take you into the water and crush your skull like a peanut m&m They dont just attack humans but hippos will kill almost anything that comes close to them They destroy crocodiles, like its not even a contest, theyll even smash lions like Mike Tyson winning the heavyweight title at 19 Really the only thing that slows down hippos is elephants and I mean that makes perfect sense

That would be like me fist fighting with andre the giant Probably fun for everyone to watch but I would have a concussion in the first 15 seconds 8 Puffer fish When their swimming around they look pretty cluless, theyve got a big body and little fins, theyre kind of the T-Rex of the underwater world But even though these guys look as clueless the kid in your math who would breath through his mouth, they have something hidden up their sleeve If you stress them out theyll blow up like me after eating too much cheese

When they do this they will expose the sharp spines they have covering their body and it makes them a lot harder to play with So now you know to not give a puffer fish anxiety, seems easy enough, but most species of puffer fish have an extra layer that makes them even more deadly Most of them are extremely poisonous Like one bite and your going to be on the floor foaming at the mouth poisonous But this doesnt stop it from being a delicacy in Japan, there are places you can go and eat puffer fish

It needs to be prepared by a trained chef and if they dont prepare it properly it will kill you So even if your not swimming around these guys can find a way to end your life 7 Geese They look kinda like big ducks and ducks are cute as hell, so an even bigger duck should be like an over sized ball of cuteness Wrong, geese are mean and hate everything, I think the only thing geese like are their kids and biting people in the face Theyre very territorial and will drown other animals that come into their feeding area

Have you ever tried to give bread to a goose They dont politely wait in line line ducks or pigeons, no theyll attack you and try to rip the bread from your hand Theyre fowl creatures who love to hiss and squawk at people Not to mention if geese fly over your car, you can be sure theyll take a dump on it the size of a cinnabon 6 Beavers They look so innocent, theyre small, they got big buck teeth, they got a big floppy tail

They kinda look like the nerd of the animal kingdom, I picture them carrying a bunch of books and wearing thick cock bottle glasses But even though these little dudes look like they were born with social anxiety they arent to be messed with They have extremely powerful jaws that can bite through skin like a hot knife through butter In 2016 there was a couple swimming in a lake in connecticut, they were probably just having a great old time enjoying their young love and ignoring the impending doom of climate change They were also ignoring a giant beaver nest that was close by because in the murky water snuck up a bucked tooth furball and bit through a ligament in this young ladies thumb

There was also a man who was killed by a beaver when it chomped down on his leg and severed an artery 5 Moose These big old forest folk have long faces and lots of people think they live and act like deer You know how if you walk up to a deer it will run away, yeah moose dont do that, a moose will beat you to death and they leave your corps of the scavengers Moose have a bubble of personal space and if you enter it you know they are going to get super pissed and try and crush you In alaska more people get attacked by Moose then by bears And if its mating season you can bet that you want to stay miles away from any moose

When a male moose is horny they become super aggressive A horney moose is more dangerous than drinking two cups of coffee and getting stuck in highway traffic, but they both end with you filling your slacks full of butt chocolate 4 Deer I mean its bambi for god sakes, how could these things be scary If disney has taught us anything about deer its that they are the sweethearts of the forest and can make friends with literally any animal Also if you shoot a deer remember theres a little baby deer out there looking for its mama, I told you that just to bring a little brightness to your day Well if you didnt know, deer kill more people in america than any other animal

Around 120 people die from deer every year, you know how many die from rattlesnakes every year? Just one So you should be way more afraid of being gored by a Buck then poisoned the reptilian meraca Most of the deaths from deer come from people driving into them But deer also carry a ton of diseases I dont know if you remember the zombie deer that were running around the US last year

Literally deer with rotting bodies and brains were on the loose and it was terrifying 3 Tasmanian devil I mean we all know Taz, hes one of the most famous Looney Toons, if you dont know him, I have no idea what youve been doing with your life I mean he was in the world famous movie Space Jam, the worlds greatest commercial and critical success But in real life these things look pretty cute, there little black fluff balls They kind of look like what I think a black haired Pikachu would look like in real life

But these bad boys can be pretty vicious They have teeth that can slice right through bone with an extremely powerful bite They typically eat small animals but they will attack a human if they feel threatened Also they are nocturnal, so if your getting chased by a pack of these things at night you can bet that they will have the upper hand 2 cats I feel like most of us out there are starting to catch on to cats, they all look so nice and sweet with their big eyes and furry little faces but deep down we know that most cats are dicks

They only want to hang out with you when they need something, theyll wake you up all the time for food or to just be plain rude and they will sometimes randomly scratch you for petting them Like dude what do you want But you have to admit they are super cute, thats the only reason we put up with their garbage Its the age old saying of if your good looking, you can get away with anything I might have just made that up

But there is something outside of cats terrible personality that makes them a threat They have a toxin in there poop that can make you sick It something that is deadly to humans and especially risky from pregnant women So think about that next time your scooping turd out of that sandbox 1 Wolverine I dont know if any of you have seen a wolverine, its a white dude from canada in a yellow jumpsuit, with a broken past and everyone he has ever loved is dead Well its that and its also a member of the weasley family

These dudes look super cute and cuddly, they look like a big ferret you could have a tea party with But these bastards are vicious, they are very territorial and will fight anything that makes them feel uncomfortable, like I mean anything They will kill moose if they have too Just to put that into perspective a moose is around 1500 pounds and a wolverine is only 80 Could you imagine fighting something 20 times larger than you in a fight to the death and winning

Thats unreal dude

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