Top 10 Scary Animals Hybrids Caught On Camera

This video comes with a lot of links because I wanted to get permission from the artist to use the photoshopped animal photos Because of that ALL LINKS are ordered at the bottom

This includes source links, and photo links for fake animals I think I only sourced the real image of one real animal and it was the narluga because there isn’t a real photo of its existence so I attached photos of the animal skull *Top 10 Scary Animal Hybrids Caught On Camera* There are some mixes between animals where you are like, no way, that’s that’s a bit far fetched man, and they ARE true, but yes, there are also plenty of photoshopped animals out there

I learned how to photoshop a squirrel's head onto a bird when I was eleven and I bet people can do it even better at even younger days now So today I, your host Abbey, am going to give you the truth Top 10 Real Animal Hybrids, but for every one I say is real I will show one or two photoshopped animal images to keep you entertained Thesephotos come courtesy of gyyporama on instagram, that’s G Y Y P O R A M A So let’s hop into top ten Scary Animal Hybrids caught on Camera shall we? 10 Cama Let’s start off with the Cama

This is a cross between a camel and a llama While you may be thinking, okay, this isn’t too wacky – I need to remind you the stats on both parents of this creature A llama weighs 130 to 200 kilograms, or about 300 to 450 pounds In comparison, a dromedary or one humped camel weighs 400 to 600 kilograms That’s about 900 to 1300 pounds! Twice the size! So now we are all thinking how, I will tell you it was done *sciency* through artificial means and the biggest success story was Rama the Cama, who lived to be 14 years old

Now that we’ve seen a Cama, let’s look at another Llama hybrid, the Swama Ah, yes Majestic I can imagine it now, flying, before nosediving when it sees I have snacks Stunning

But onto another real one at number 9 Narluga Now, while this one wasn’t caught on camera, we do have a photo of the skull (link below for editors) and there have been photoshopped interpretations of a narluga The skull was given to researchers by an Inuit hunter that was part of a group that caught 3 of these whales during a subsistence hunt The blend of narwhal and beluga was described as “uniformly gray, with pectoral fins shaped like belugas’ and tails shaped like narwhals” on ScienceNewsorg It was confirmed through DNA analysis that the mother was a narwhal and the father was a Beluga, and these are said to have not been spotted since

But, it’s important to note that humans don’t frequently visit the Arctic to whale watch for research or otherwise And okay here I promised it, have a funny photoshopped animal This is a beluga horse hybrid Again majestic But the balance makes this one hard to believe

I mean, it looks bipedal but has no arms to balance so what happens if the belugarse falls forwards? And have another aquatic arctic friend, the Pengwhale Honestly creepy and looks like the villain in a story Let’s get back to facts At number 8, Hinny While you think Hinny is just my bad impersonation of Ru Paul, well you are right but it’s something else as well You may have heard of a Mule but a Hinny is the other hybrid equine with similar parentage

Both are the result of breeding a horse with a donkey, but a mule has a horse as a mother and a hinny has a donkey as a mother Both tend to live longer than their parents and are more resistant to disease, but mules are more popular since they tend to be stronger and have better endurance And now that I have told you about Hinny’s let's look at this fake blended creation Another equine, the Horseal A moment of silence for how funny this one looks

7 Zonkey If the Hinny wasn’t wild enough for you then here, have a Zonkey A blend of Zebra and Donkey, and yeah, it’s real Quite rare though, as it’s not a fertile species, and also because donkeys and zebras don’t have the same number of chromosomes They look like their donkey parent in their physical stature and their zebra parent with their patterned fur AKA a striped donkey

So while they are rare, they happen every once in a while when there’s a love affair between a zebra and a donkey *said like romeo and juliet* Two equine species, unalike in chromosomes, In some fair zoo, where we lay our scene, From ancient grudge break to new mutiny, Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean Okay it’s not as dramatic as romeo and juliet but lemme have my moment Here’s your photo: It’s a shorse Shark horse

If that was running at you what would you do? Talking about fast mixes… Number 6, Leopon Sure you’ve heard of a liger or a tigon, but what about this fanciful cat? It’s a cross between a lioness and a leopard This is one type of cross that’s the most likely in captivity, but not unheard of in the wild The resulting look is a cat nearly the size of a lion with shorter legs like a leopard They have spots like a leopards, but are paler, more like brown instead of black and Males grow short manes Honestly, they look unreal, and kinda fake, as if a lion was spray painted with jaguar spots and his mane was given a haircut, but coool

What else is cool? This lion cross between a lion and a guinea pig *australian accent* a guina lion I can’t imagine being afraid of it, with that cute face? No no no Or this one, the squix Just gosh darn adorable

To number 5, Geep No I’m not talking about the car This is spelled G E E P and on second thought, it’s probably pronounced Geep This hybrid is a chimera In short, any Geep has four parents because its the result of a combination of goat and sheep embryos The mix of embryos is then put in the womb of sheep or goat until it is born

A successful Geep that was born had patches of sheepish wool and goatish hair Whenever these are a success, they aren’t able to have babies because goats and sheep have different numbers of chromosomes But another break from science talk, look at this: A DUNNY Look how fluffy Amazing,from my wildest dreams and I want 10

4 Dzo Spelled D Z O the Zo is a hybrid of a yak and a cow Yak for reference *pause* Cow for reference *pause* and the resulting Zo *pause*

Some people call it yakow Which I think is great because it has a very nice ring to it A Zo has a face similar to cattle, but with large horns Also, very sturdy and larger than both of it’s parents My favourite fact is that it can survive at an altitude of more than 10,000 feet

Zo’s have low pulmonary artery pressure which means it can survive breathing thin air without risking pulmonary hypertension AKA very low blood pressure so the arteries have less problems What would give me less problems? Having a spowl Spider owl 1

It has better eyeliner than me and 2 Is this spider sized or owl-sized? I gotta know 3 Grolar Bear This blend is becoming increasingly more common likely due to climate change Grizzly bears are moving further north into polar bear territory and the two are mingling One example looks like a grizzly in its face shape and it’s paws, but has the mostly white colour that polar bears are known for

What is uncommon is the pear This penguin bear hybrid about the size of a teddy bear and probably really great at catching salmon Slightly more common is the bowl, an owl bear hybrid that is super jacked but wise at the same time 2 Wholphin A wholphin is the result of a false killer whale breeding with a bottle-nosed dolphin This *gesture* and this *gesture*

Now this one is a bit misleading A false killer whale is technically a dolphin species, but this is still a staggering pairing A wholphin is much bigger than a bottle-nosed dolphin and a bit darker too This pairing has been seen in captivity as well as in the wild and a cool story is that a pair of parents of a wholphin was actually in an adam sandler movie 50 first dates featured Her mother, Punahele (<), and her father, I'anui (<)

Elephant manatee or phanatee brings snorkelling to a new level It is just me or do you picture the phanatee swinging it’s trunk like a propeller to go faster If it’s just me that’s fine it’s a funny visual I’ll throw in another one with Sharkopotamus

I already knew that a hippo could crush a four foot tall child in it’s jaws so I really didn’t need that belanded with a shark, but thank you for that gyyporama 1 Killer Bees This is a bee that was originally a hybrid of the african lowland honey bee with various other european honey bees The cross became known as the Africanized bee It was produced originally with the hopes of creating a bee with higher honey production but instead resulted in a more defensive bee Victims of killer bee stings tend to receive ten times more stings than from european honey bees

During the original process of hybridizing, 26 swarms escaped the quarantine where they were produced in Brazil That was back in 1957 and the hybrid was spotted in North america by 1985 and the south of texas by 1990 This last photo is a ferret and a duck I believe So, obviously, a fderret, right? More than anything it’s just ADORABLE And that’s all I have for you, thanks again for gyyporama for letting me share his awesome photoshop skills with you all and thank you for watching! Which one was the most unbelievable to you and which photoshopped animal do you wish was real Personally, the pengwhale freaked me out with its teeth, but I would love to see a bowl in real life, but that’s just me I’ve been your host Abzkelly, make sure to like comment subscibe and ring that bell, until next time, have a good one

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