Top 10 Scary Animal Mutations

Hello and welcome back to the MOST amazing channel on the internet! I am your host Miss Rebecca Jane Felgate and today we are getting… well… I guess kind of freaky as we talk about the Top 10 Scary Animal Mutations I am torn between being kind of scared…and also really sad for these animals! Before we get into this video, why don’t you let me know what your favourite animal is in the comments section down below

Mine is a dog because they ARE SO GREAT… but if we’re going exotic… I would say elephant A further question – what animal do you think I would be? LIKE SHARE ETC 10 – The Fang Headed Mountain Lion In November 2016 Images of a dead mountain lion with fans and whiskers growing out the back of its head surfaced SADLY this lion was killed by a hunter in South Eastern Idaho which…well I guess you know how I feel about that kind of thing Anyway an image of the lion was sent to the Idaho Fish and Game's Southeast Regional Office in Pocatello to identify the deformity but reportedly they were baffled Biologist Zack Lockyer said: It's a bizarre situation and a bizarre photo

I am sad that a hunter killed this animal… but at the same time… a double fanged lion… Terrifying 9 – Glow in the Dark Cats It may sound like science fiction, but it isn’t in 2011, Scientists generated mutant glow in the dark cats I like cats, but I have read …repeatedly, I may add… that cats officially meet the definition of psychopaths…and if they were any bigger than they currently are, they would kill you So…

I don’t know… I am not sure if cats glowing in the dark is a good thing I have to say… If I saw one I would be terrified and assume I was drunk Scientists genetically modified the cats, inserting one gene into them – a version of a green florescent protein that light up crystal jellyfish Why? Well actually there is a good reason… it helps them resist feline aids

The GFP protein is found in jellyfish and scientists used it in the cats to make it easy to spot the altered genes and help scientists study HIV Soo… scary as they may be, it is actually a good thing https://wwwbbccom/news/science-environment-14882008 8 – Three Eyed Snake FORGET the three eyed raven, this three eyed snake is here and spreading fear in the Australian Outback

Nicknamed Monty Python for the lols, I would not be laughing if I met this beast Pythons scare me at the best of times, but pythons with three eyes? Boy, bye The snake was found on a highway in… LEGITMATELY… the remote Australian ton of Humpty Doo which is actually the best town name I have ever heard of and I would deeply consider moving there were it not for the three eyed snakes At the time Monty…

No the cute name doesn’t help… at the time Monty was discovered in March 2018 he was thought to be a baby and measured just half a metre… now… Well I bet that he is bigger It is thought that the reason for the deformity is… delightfully… a twin absorbed by monty in the womb This discovery was made by the Norther Territory Parks and Wildlife rangers, so unfortunately it is definitely legit Suffice to say, he sssssss…sees you

So it seems that this isn’t a one time only thing… At number 7 we have Two headed Shark Shout out to my friend Mingles who loves a Shark Babe, how do you feel about a two header? It seems in 2016 the BEEB reported that a two headed shark embryo had been found…which… well I mean a two headed shark sound like the plot for Sharknado 7 or Jaws 2027 Two blooming heads Horrifyingly, shortly after that story broke National Geographic published an article declaring that ACTUALLY they have been turning up world wide… which is pretty freaking terrifying, no? It seems blue sharks are the most likely to have a mutant baby because they carry so many babies at a time

I’ll see you a two headed shark and raise you a Two Headed Alligator ! – 6 Holy absolute moly I cannot deal with a one headed alligator, let alone a two! This is much worse than a two headed Shark as I feel like Alligators are more prominent in our human living areas than sharks are… Like with sharks… I mean we’re in their territory… but Alligators?! Well in some places we have to share! In 2014 a two headed gator was allegedly spotted in Tampa in Florida by man named Justin Arnld who posted the images to social media, after which they were shared thousands of times by freaked out people! On facebook, Arnold said that the gator had been reported by several people to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission A lot of people were dubious as to the authenticity, calling the image a hoax I certainly hope it is! This next animal is an urban legend rather than a fact, but if it IS real…well… that is terrifying 5 – The Meat Slabs In early 2000, rumours started flying around the internet that Mcdonalds meat was made from genetically modified cow mutants, grown specifically to be burger food in secret lab somewhere

The original source seems to be from a fake email “uncovered” in Brazil The email said that the people who had seen the creatures reared in the lab were horrified They said that the mutants had no limbs, bones, horns or fur, that their heads were the size of a baseball and they were fed through tubes directly through to the stomach The email also stated that those who eat this meat are at risk of catching a disease akin to AIDS and Alzheimers! What on earth 4 – The Leaf Rat a farmer in the Ratlam district of Madyga Pradesh, India, found a rat with a soya bean plant growing out of its body on his land

Farmer Datar Singh said his neighbours filmed the mutant rat – the footage is quite shocking and very sad as the rat seems to be struggling with its deformity Just a little warning before I show it to you… Here you go *** clip* The plant growing in its back is big and the rat is probably in a lot of pain That pain is only going to continue to increase as the plant grows

So how did this happen? it seems that a soya bean seed must have fallen into an open wound in the rats body and found the right conditions to grow As the plant grew, it meant that the wound in the rat was unable to heal, leaving it constantly exposed 3 – Fukushima Fish The Fukushima powerplant accident took place in March 2011, during which a nuclear power plant spilled radioactive material into the North Pacific Ocean Fast forward fpur years and THIS BEAST was pulled out of the water near wear the disaster took place If that isn’t a mutant fish…I don’t know what is! Honey looks prehistoric

Ha… I just made t hat up but I think that might be my new favourite insult You look prehistoric LOL Although I am honestly not mean enough to ever say that to someone… although maybe I can just… think it… anyway… Japanese Fisherman Hirasaka Hiroshi tweeted an image of himself with the fish, a massive Wolffish double the size it should be 2 – The Beast Have a look at this image and tell me what on earth you think this creature is?! I? Er? Are those claws or cloven hooves? I’ll give you a second to make up your mind…

… … So… it seems that this poor creature was a lamb that was promptly and creatively dubbed The Devil Lamb So the story goes that in 2017 in a South African village , inhabitants were shocked and disturbed by the birth of a human looking lamb…Villagers were convinced that either Beastiality or witchcraft were at play when the human looking lamb was birthed, although sadly the creature was stillborn While DNA samples confirmed the creature was indeed a lamb, many locals were convincing the dead sheep was the work of the devil and a bad omen of things to come

DEVIL! 1 – The Animals of Chernobyl This is just so sad… Following the infamous Chernobyl disaster of 1986, a lot of animals were born with serious mutations Chernobyl and the town of Pripyat are still exclusion zones…you can’t go there… but obviously it is pretty hard to stop wild animals roaming In the immediate fall out, farm animals produced seriously deformed offspring, such as this cow…

Here is a lamb also reportedly from Chernobyl Concerningly, there is now talk that Chernobyl wild wolves could be spreading mutations across Europe… which… Is worrying to say the leasy WELL that was the TOP 10 Scary Animal Mutations Which of these did you think was the scariest? Reading comments from the Top 10 Funniest Pictures You Have To Look at Twice which was a collaboration video between Landon Che and I You seemed to like it! TMB Clan Said: Did you know you can't breathe while smiling Try it – Okay… * tries* Seeee… Oh… I just read the end of the comment… they said Jk just wanted to make you smile 🙂 WELL you did

But you tricked me into it! Haha! Lizi Anne said: Hands down Rebecca – you are a Queen for a reasonart school wanker sealed it * curtsey* Storm Ledbetter said: So I never noticed how much of an accent that the Slytherin Queen has until hearing her talk with Che I love it You know what I love? The amount of you that call me slytherin queen !

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