Top 10 Scary American Myths

Every culture and country in the world has their fair share of creepy myths and Urban Legends From the Wendigo, Hellhounds, Bloody Mary, to even the myth about Slender man this list has it all

So let’s take a trip to America where we will uncover some of the most grisley, terrifying and scary myths that have come out of this country How’s it going YouTube? I’m your host Landon Dowlatsingh and welcome back to another most amazing video So just letting you guys know this video is sponsored by Vikings: War of Clan They asked me to try out there game and I said why not since its a free game You guys can also check it out in the links down below

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Help support our most amazing top 10 channel by downloading the Vikings link in the description for free If you click now you will get a bonus 200 gold coins and a protective shield which will be extremly useful for the start also dont forget to look me up and join my clan LandonYoutube Before we get started, I want to know what is the scariest thing that has ever happened to you? Let me know your answers down in the comment section below and while you’re there be sure to smash that like button if you love these scary videos Alright, let’s get going with our list of the top 10 scary American Myths The Jersey Devil shakes things up in at number 10

This scary looking creature is said to haunt the wooden Pine Barren area of Southern New Jersey Although this monster has never been photographed or captured, he has appeared in a ton of books, movies and TV shows The Jersey Devil has a horse like face and horns or antlers sprouting from the top of his head He walks on two legs that have hooves or pig’s feet His body looks like a kangaroo and he also has bat wings and a tail like a lizard

Wow this thing sounds super ugly According to the myth, he is known to kill dogs, chickens and other small animals Sometimes you can even hear a terrifying screech from the woods when it's dark out But despite this only being a legend or myth, people have claimed that they’ve seen the Jersey Devil over the past 250 years So could this creature be real? I really hope something like this doesn’t exist because I would never want to leave my house If I lived in New Jersey

Demon’s Road drives onto this list in at number 9 Let’s head over to Huntsville, Texas where there is a stretch of pavement known as Demon’s road where a ton of strange occurrences have happened A lot of people are saying that these supernatural occurrences are happening because of the cemetery that is located at the end of the road People have reported seeing ghosts wandering around at night, hearing strange laughter and some say that it sounds like someone is being tortured or murdered But the most popular myth is about a woman who saw a man walking around the cemetery

She didn’t really pay too much attention to him but later on in the night, while she was getting into the showerm the man from the cemetery was there in her bathroom before he quickly disappeared Someone please explain this one to me because I would be freaking out! Next up we have the Pukwudgie in at number 8 The name doesn’t sound terrifying but trust me, they are what nightmares are made of Don’t believe me? Let’s look at a picturewould you guys want to run into one of these creatures? Because I definitely wouldn’t The Pukwudgie are creatures from the Wampanoag folklore They stand at three feet tall and they look similar to humans except they have bigger noses and ears and just look down right creepy I’d say that they look more like goblins because they have gray skin and sharp porcupine quills

Some believe that the Puwudgie can either be mischievous, so they like to hide your things or pull pranks on you, while others say that they are down right evil and they will push you off of a cliff if they get a chance They are also known to be really powerful They carry poison arrows with them and they can teleport, create fire, and morph into porcupines Oh and did I mention that they can also control the souls of the humans that they’ve killed But probably the creepiest thing about them is that people in Massachusetts are still reporting that they’ve had encounters with them

Someone call an exterminator, we need to get rid of these things ASAP The Polybius video game comes onto this list in at number 7 A video game called Polybius was released for about a month back in 1981 in Portland Oregon You’re probably wondering why it only lasted for a month, well apparently this video game was designed to be a psychological experiment that was being conducted by the government The game sort of functioned like a drug and it gave players seizures and nightmares

Government officials would come in and take information about the players through the arcade machine But this is only a myth, or is it? Several other video games such as the Tempest used to cause people to suffer from epileptic reactions and motion sickness when they played it in the 80s So could the Government be running tests on us when we play certain video games? I can’t say for certain but I’d definitely wouldn’t be surprised Slender Man crashes our list in at number 6 Who doesn’t know who Slender man is? I bet you all do

He’s one of the most popular monsters of our generation But back in 2009, mysterious pictures started to circulate around the internet that showed a creepy, ghost looking figure that was wearing a black suit People started to say that this faceless man was seen stalking and terrorizing children in schoolyards and playgrounds It is rumored that the people who took these pictures were never seen or heard from again If that’s not scary enough, Slenderman is said to be 8 feet tall and he has tentacles for arms

He can change his shape and become invisible and teleport wherever he wants No one knows how or why Slender Man chooses his victims but once they are chosen, he stalks them, takes them to an isolated location and then kills them in cold blood Oh and then he eats you Thankfully he is just a made up creature or is he? The Candy Lady breaks onto our list in at number 5 Growing up, we’ve all been told not to accept candy or rides from strangers

We all thought that our parents were just over bearing, or crazy but as it turns outthey were probably right And that’s because a myth about a candy lady probably scared the shit out of them

The story goes like this, kids started to go missing in a small rurral Texas county The legend says that it was because of the Candy Lady who was known for dropping off small candies on children’s window ledges during the night After a while, she would put a note with the candy asking them to come out and play with her The children were never seen again As time went on, scary things started to happen

A father found a rotting tooth in a candy wrapper and a little boy was stabbed to death in a ditch with his pockets full of candy So when a child goes missing, people are quick to blame the Candy Lady The moral of this story is to buy your own candy from the corner store or ask your parents for some Never ever take candy from a stranger, because that might be the last thing you do Let’s move up this list in at number 4 with Keelut

The Inuit believed that this scary looking creature was from Hell but he would make his way to Earth throughout the year to feast on human flesh He looks like a grey, hairless dog who stalks his victims in the night before he murders them and then eats them But if you manage to escape from the Keelut, that doesn’t mean that you’re safe Actually, it means that your days are numbered and you are probably going to die very soon According to the legend, he doesn’t leave foot tracks so he is impossible to track down and hunt

Inuit parents used this story as a way to prevent their children from sneaking out at night but even hearing this as an adult is making me want to never leave my house at night Cropsey scares us in at number 3 According to this scary myth, Cropsey is known to lurk beneath the abandoned Willowbrook state school for children in Staten Island There are different versions of this myth In one version, Cropsey was an axe murderer and in others he was the boogeyman

But basically he was known to be a creepy murderer who enjoyed killing lost children But sadly, Cropsey was actually based on a real life murderer known as Andre Rand He worked as a janitor at the Willowbrook state school before it shut down in 1987 and after that he was suspected of being responsible for the disappearances of several missing children in the area Even though it was never proven, he was found guilty of kidnapping in 1988 and in 2004 So is there some truth behind this myth? Was it actually based on a real life axe murderer or does Cropsey still lurks beneath this abandoned building? I’m definitely not going to venture down there to find out

Next up in at number 2 we are talking about Baykok These things are pure evil They look like a skeleton creature that is severely malnourished The Baykok are able to fly and they can even become invisible But the fun doesn’t stop there

They have sunken red eyes, and their scream can cause you to freeze from pure fright So basically they are creatures who like to hunt humans for food But the creepiest thing about them is how they are created and destroyed Baykok’s are former warriors who died in a shameful way after they committed acts of assualt, incest or infanticide And the only way to kill a Baykok is to find it original human remains and give them a proper burial

Yeah cause that sounds easy to do There are probably millions of these things lurking around and there’s nothing that we can do about it So hopefully this is just a story and not our reality And finally, topping this list in at number 1 we have the Char-Man There is a really well known urban legend about the spirit of a man who was badly burnt in a fire near Ojai Valley in California

It is said that this man will come out of the forest and attack oncoming cars and innocent hikers He is called the Char-man because the majority of his face and body is extremely burnt So it is said that if you drive onto a bridge located in the park and get out of your car, Char-man will come And trust me, you do not want him around He will run towards you and show you no mercy

He wants to rip your skin off and kill you so that he can sew your skin onto his body Now this is something that I would never want to see for myself I’m definitely not going to be visiting this park anytime soon I appreciate having skin too much Well there you guys have it

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