Top 10 Scary Abandoned Cabins

What's up top 10 fam hope you’re having an awesome day, Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video Ive watched enough horror movies, ive read enough scary books, and i have at least 1 braincell

All these factors have made sure that ive never set foot in a forest at night, or stayed in an isolated cabin in the middle of nowhere Its different if its your own cabin that you own Thats all good but if its a random one you found what is mans doing?? And if youre still not convinced then here are the top 10 Scary Abandoned Cabins Starting us off with number 10 is The Chimney This chilled me and also reminded me of Hannibal for some reason

Back in 2015 construction workers were demolishing an abandoned cabin in Woodland park when they found skeletal remains inside the chimney An odontologist identified the remains as belonging to Joshua Maddux Joshua was 18 when he went on a walk on May 8th 2008 and never came home His parents knew he was an avid nature lover and went for hikes often so nothing seemed out of the blue When he failed to come home that night, his parents reported him as missing a few days later

Days became months and months became years They didnt understand where he couldve gone, his IQ was very high they knew it had to be something horrendous for him to go missing The forest the cabin was in was searched extensively but not the cabin itself, the worst part was that it was only 2 blocks away from his house They assumed Josh was trying to shimmy down the chimney to get into the cabin but then got stuck, his body was found with his knees above his head and his hand covering his face He definitely didnt die from starvation, it was either dehydration which meant he died in a few days or hypothermia which also wouldve taken a day or two

Just imagine im sure he was yelling for help but no one could hear him So claustrophobic i cant even At least his family got closure though Coming in at number 9 is The Runaway Family Back in 2016 a Norwegian man was hiking in the woods when he came across an abandoned family cabin

And i say cabin but it was like a proper house cabin Not just a one bedroom one bathroom ting Thankfully he had a camera with him so he actually went inside assuming itd be empty but was eerily surprised The cabin looked like it had been abandoned in a rush, everything seemed to be where it was supposed to be It was basically fully furnished

The only fact people were able to find out about the cabin was that it was abandoned in 2005 so the cabin looked exactly as it did when it was left So many personal belongings were left inside like wedding photos, clothes etc so it looked like the family planned to come back to the house yet 11 years later they hadnt Dishes left in the sink, random toys books clothes everywhere it looked like whatever they deemed the most important is what they grabbed The cabins rooms just looked like they were frozen in time and no one knows where this family is, why they left in such a hurry and if theyre even still alive At number 8 we have The Writing Retreat

We all know writers sometimes go seclude themselves to get out of their writers block Yknow maybe go to a quiet airbnb in Italy or by the beach in Barbados not a murder cabin in the middle of nowhere which is what Tom Taylor decided to do He booked himself at a remote cabin and recorded all the events on his twitter Despite being windy outside all night, the wind chimes outside the cabin only started sounding at 5:30am exactly He went outside to take them off but when he goes outside the door slams behind him, slightly freaked out he reaches the chimes and takes them off when he hears the chimes sound again

And it clearly didnt come from the chimes in his hand did they? Next at hes in bed he hears a footstep which he thought was a kangaroo yes he was in Australia dont be alarmed, but he saw a human shadow outside the window If thats not bad enough a few minutes later his bedroom door flew open out of nowhere and when he closed it and tried to open it again the freakin doorknob came off Unable to sleep he was like okay lets go write in the living room, he went to turn on the TV and it was just static I hope to god he was writing a horror book cus theres your book right there Filling our number 7 slot is The Hanging

The Snelson Brinker House was a cabin located near Steelville Missouri It was built by Judge Levi Snelson and was actually Crawford County's first ever courthouse Years later John Brinker owned the cabin, he lived with his two daughters and a slave called Mary who would take care of the girls One day 2 year old Vienna was found dead and Mary was accused of drowning her After a very short trial she was convicted for the murder, hung, and buried near the cabin in an unmarked grave

The trial was so short and there was no evidence against her but since she was seen as lesser than everyone else as a slave she was convicted Its said her spirit could never rest and its still in the cabin today Honestly id be pissed too if i got killed for something i didnt do Now at number 6 is the Dowry I can barely even call this White Otter Castle a cabin even though it was

It was the mansion equivalent of a cabin at 3 storeys and was built by Jimmy McOuat (muhkoowat) The castle even has a turret like which cabin has a turret?! The cabin can really only be accessed by boat, snowmobile or plane none of which are that convenient Jimmy built the whole thing himself and it took him a grueling 12 years to do it He cut all the logs himself, he hoisted all the beams, it really was a one man job He wanted the home to be a dowry for his future bride which he hadnt even met yet

He wasnt even engaged But before his dream could come true he drowned in a fishing accident in 1918 and his body was found tangled in fishing nets the following year He was buried near the castle and many claim theyve seen his ghost wander in and around the property Honestly i would too, he spent 12 years building it only to die 3 years after finishing it Thats such a waste id be so pissed id invite all my ghost homies and be like listen we’re living and haunting here now

Coming in at number 5 is The Perfume Located in Fort Worth Texas, Log Cabin Village is actually a living history museum that includes 6 historic cabins including the one in question – Foster Cabin During the 1800s the cabin was home to Harry Foster and his family, his wife died in the middle of the 1800s and Harry scandalously married his nanny Jane Holt afterwards Its said Holt wore lilac perfume all the time and any tourists that visit the cabin now say they can sometimes smell lilacs in certain areas of the house and hear phantom footsteps all around Honestly im glad its just a smell in this cabin rather than a full on haunting

Like this cabin i could deal with, i could stay there The other ones on the list not so much At number 4 is Upstairs Entertainment Now Shamrock House was part of a 3 cabin compound and it was built around 1925 Legend has it that a woman called Nancy and 2 of her friends were hired for the cabin to provide upstairs entertainment and ill leave it at that for our PG viewers

At the last minute Nancy got cold feet and changed her mind and decided to lock herself in the upstairs bathroom Her father who was a preacher heard about the situation quickly after and made his way to Shamrock House as quickly as possible Nancy was terrified thinking about what her father would do to her when he got there even though really if anything he was probably going to get her out of there and make sure she was safe but i could be totally wrong and naive Before he could reach, Nancy overdosed on opium and died in the bathroom Anyone that stays there now has reported hearing hushed cries during the night which is said to be from Nancys ghost

Filling our number 3 slot is The Machete Man Every city has its own local ghost stories and this one is from Raleigh (raa-lee) North Carolina Theres an abandoned cabin located at the Dead End Creek and its apparently haunted by a ghost called The Machete Man A skeleton was found in the fridge of the cabin and was said to be one of his victims During the summer when kids would be out playing near the cabin they would suddenly start feeling really cold and start hearing the rattling of chains and metal coming from the cabin

The sound was meant to be the machete blade in its scabbard and when people heard that sound it meant he had left the cabin and was wandering down Ivy Lane Say no more i dont need to be anywhere near a machete wielding ghost thank you very much Now at number 2 is The Cabin of Sounds Now this cabin was located in Dufferin County and despite it being a perfectly scenic location, none of the tenants have managed to stay there for long It was owned by a bonesettler first and then the Frame family who lived there till the 1890s and then it remained abandoned till its current owner bought it

The owner hired some woodcutters to stay in the cabin while they worked but after they had moved in things started going awry One night they heard banging at the front door and they assumed more workers had arrived but before one of them could get to the door the front door opened and closed by itself like some unseen person had entered the cabin After that the men heard noises of people walking above them every night, they started seeing entities outside the cabin Weird lights outside the window, a fireball that used to surround the house and then rise above it As the noises got worse, none of the residents were able to sleep

If they wanted a midnight snack theyd see the dishes moving by themselves, chairs and beds would just get tossed around These ghosts trashed the cabin so badly that even the ceiling came flaking off The Frame family had heard these sorts of complaints from every tenant they had After an investigation, officers found human bones and amputations hidden in the attic probably the work of the bonesettler Either way its safe to say the market value of that property has gone down the drain

And finally at number 1 is Cabin 28 This one could be the next big Netflix docuseries so listen up Located in the Keddie Resort in Sierra Nevada, Sue Sharp her 5 kids and their friends were staying some of the cabins during April of 1981 for a nice holiday when the worst of the worst happened On the morning of April 12th Sues daughter Sheila walked into cabin 28 to find the bodies of her mother, her brother John and their friend Dana

they had all been bound with tape and wire and all 3 had suffered blunt force trauma to their heads Sue was nude from the waist down, was gagged by a bandana and her underwear, her throat had been slit and shed been stabbed countless times Bloody knives and a hammer were found near the bodies 3 other kids were also staying in the cabin but remained unharmed and Sues other daughter Tina was nowhere to be found She remained missing for 3 years until her skull and bones were found near camp 18 near Feather Falls

The horrific quadruple homicide was never solved and anyone that stayed in the cabin afterwards reported hearing moans and screams during the night, doors opening and closing and weird light features that would appear and disappear out of nowhere They say the victims haunt the cabin which id agree with but it was torn down in 2004 so i mean i dont know if the ghosts now haunt the land the cabin used to be on or if theyve gone into the light And thats it for todays video guys! Camping, not me, bugs all around me, definitely not me, isolated cabins where i could potentially get possessed, murdered or kidnapped, 150% not me Let me know what you guys thought in the comments below and also lemme know if you have any scary cabin stories of your own As always im your host Ayman Hasan and ill see you in the next one


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