Top 10 Scary Abandoned Cabins – Part 3

What's up top 10 fam hope you’re having an awesome day, Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video Guys we seem to really love abandoned cabins and their messed up backstories and this is very quickly becoming one of my favourite series’ that i've hosted on the channel thus far

So i wont leave you guys waiting any longer, these are the Top 10 Scary Abandoned Cabins – Part 3 Starting us off with number 10 is The Family Gathering Back in December 1990 The Tiedes (teed) family went from Houston to a 2 story mountain cabin near Oakley for a family holiday gathering What they thought was gonna be a fun christmas away turned into something else entirely Unbeknownst (un-beknown-st) to them as they got to the remote cabin they were interrupting a burglary

The two culprits Von Lester Taylor and Edward Deli shot two of the family members to death, shot Rolf Tiede in the face, abducted the Tiedes 2 daughters and then set the cabin on fire Nearby locals heard gunshots from that area and called police and said they saw 2 men flee with 2 women The police got there and a 10 mile car chase ensued but they managed to catch Taylor and Deli and the girls were safe Coming in at number 9 is The Head This one sounds like it happened in the 18th century or something but it actually happened in May of this year

Now this story focuses on Michael Cummins, a Tennessee local who was accused of 7 homicides and who was living in Westmoreland (west-more-lund) at the time On April 17th James Fox Dunn Jr was found dead in a burned cabin outside the area And youd think the burned cabin or the dead body would be the worst part but really James was discovered without a head His body was found at the cabin and his head was found somewhere nearby Authorities were unsure whether James’ head had been decapitated during his murder or it had been separated by some process of decomposition which i honestly highly doubt

It was definitely the former Cummins was later arrested when 7 more bodies were found at 2 locations near the same area, a town which only has a population of 2000 The bodies were found 10 days after Dunns body and authorities called it one of the worst mass killings in the states history At number 8 we have The Cat Back in September of 2009 Sherri Green was on her way to Winnipeg to her familys remote cabin with her cat for a nice weekend away

She had stopped at her sisters shop on the way there and they argued over the cat and whether it should be taken there or not Either way Sherri made her way to the cabin and the last contact anyone had with her was a text to her niece saying the cat was missing Now Sherri herself wasnt married, she had no kids, she had no one to leave all she had to so she wasnt really a prime target for anyone But that in and of itself couldve made her the perfect target Her niece hadnt heard from Sherri in days and so she got worried and called the landline at the cabin and Sherris mobile but to no avail

Sherris sister Lisa decided to drive to the cabin to check on her and immediately they heard the cat meowing from inside They walked in to find Sherri sitting on a chair in the kitchen facing away from them When they turned the lights on they found her leaning so much to the side that her hand was touching the floor There was a huge gaping wound in her neck and the amount of blood on the floor implied she was most definitely dead The case has been cold for 10 years now and people still have no idea who did this and why they did it

Filling our number 7 slot is The Attack Back in November of 2019 a Quebec couple and their 10 month old daughter were staying in a remote cabin between Yukon and the Northwest Territories in Canada The couple were there for maternity leave and had been there for 3 months at this point One monday afternoon, the father came home from a walk to the cabin and found the dead bodies of his wife and daughter As soon as he got there he was charged by a massive grizzly bear 100 metres from the cabin

The father managed to shoot the bear before it got to him before obviously going closer to the cabin and finding their bodies The mum and baby were home alone at the time but what I don't get is how the bear got into the cabin Even if they were outside i dont see how she couldnt have just carried the baby and ran back into the cabin and locked the door But i also dont know how fast bears run and whether it was like a stealth attack or something so Now at number 6 is the Benicia Teen

Back in October of 2015, Adam Buchanan, his fiance and their son went to a cabin for a nice weekend getaway Their other son Nolen decided to stay back in Benicia but on the 11th of September Sheriff John D’Agostini found the cabin burning in the midst of a 10 acre wildfire in the area When the fire was done, investigators found the remains of 3 people inside Except they werent just burnt alive, they had been shot beforehand DNA testing confirmed it was Adam, his fiance and their child and so the Sheriff contacted Nolen who told them he had stayed behind

A few days later authorities arrived with a search warrant at their home and found contradicting evidence in the house as well as Adams wallet and his fiances purse in a nearby park Nolen had apparently stayed behind and then driven to the cabin, killed his family and then returned to Benicia like nothing had happened And there was literally no motive released Like why did you do this dude? Coming in at number 5 is Cressler Creek Log Cabin Located her Hoxie Kansas the area used to be used as a field hospital during the Civil War so you can imagine the amount of death that took place there

The area soaked up the blood, pain and suffering of so many soldiers that many believe it draws the spirits of the dead towards it Many people who have gone to visit the cabin have seen ghosts in bloodied Civil War uniforms roaming the cabin and the woods around it at night People have heard the sounds of rifles going off in the area despite no one really living there so what exactly would the bullets be hitting They also hear shouts from time to time of soldiers and their war cries I feel like by now haunted cabins are the least of our concerns with all these real murders and kidnappings going on but number 5 is always a nice breather from the list anyway

At number 4 is The Corbin Cabin Now this cabin is located in the woods of Shenandoah (shinan-doe-ah) National Park and its actually one of the last cabins standing since the park was created George Corbin built the cabin in the early 1900s and lived there with his wife Nee in 1924, tragedy struck and Nee died during childbirth leaving George a heartbroken inexperienced single dad Apparently as soon as she died, George had to walk 4 miles to get milk for his baby and i mean did he take the baby with him, did he ever find the milk? No closure there

These days its one of the most haunted hikes in Virginia and 90% of hikers have seen the ghost of Nee roaming around the cabin She never strays too far away from it and chooses to be right by where her child was brought into the world Unable to raise him, her spirit swore to protect the child always, in death or life evidently Maternal instincts Filli/ng our number 3 slot is The Bushman of Valemount

Back in September of 2014, Milton Balon went to his otherwise empty cabin located south of Valemount When he got there the lock on the gate had been changed even though he owned the property and didnt change it A man starts walking towards him with a flashlight and he claimed his name was John but Milton was smarter than that and he knew exactly who he was John Robert Buehler had been terrorizing locals in the area for months

Apparently him and his daughter had taken over a clubs picnic area, the cabin, blocked a public trail and even set their german shepherds on some horseback riders Thankfully Miltons neighbours in the area had told him about the situation before he had gotten there He called the RCMP and a 4 hour standoff ensued where John used his dogs as protection while his daughter told him to surrender John had thrown all of Miltons belongings over a riverbank and filled the cabin with his own random things Cigarettes tools, chicken feed, just weird stuff

He was told to leave many times nicely but didnt comply and kept saying we gotta talk John was a violent manic depressive who refused medication and Milton gave him 7 days to get off the property A week later he came back and called the RCMP and they shot John killing him Now at number 2 is Jayme Closs When this girl was abducted i saw the stories and news about it everywhere

13 year old Jayme was kidnapped in October of last year after the culprit killed her parents Imagine being kidnapped right after your parents are killed like are you more sad or scared like what would you even be feeling The culprit had seen Jayme get on her school bus and had sort of developed an infatuation with her ever since and planned to kidnap her In January of this year Jayme managed to escape the remote location where she was being held at and asked the first person she saw for help She had information about her captor 21 year old Jake Thomas Patterson and they caught him 10 minutes later

Jake was hiding himself and Jayme at a very remote dingy cabin and apparently he had grown up in a cabin 10 miles away from the cabin they were staying at Apparently people in the area even his high school teachers had no idea he still lived in the area since he kept himself so isolated and hidden And finally at number 1 is Dian Fossey Now Diann was one of the worlds most famous primatologists and she was known for doing an extensive study of mountain gorilla groups for nearly 20 years She studied them daily, published books on them, and she even lived in a cabin in the Virunga Mountains in Rwanda just to be even closer to her subjects

But on December 27th 1985 Diann was found murdered in the bedroom of her cabin Her body was found face up near a hole in the wall that had apparently been created by the assailants Her research assistant was called to the house by the house servant and found Diann bludgeoned to death Her face was split diagonally with a single machete blow The cabin itself was a mess glass was everywhere, furniture was flipped everywhere but it wasn't a robbery

All her valuables were still there and apparently it was a targeted killing Diann used to capture Rwandans in the area that were suspected of poaching and lowkey torture them Like beat their testicles with stinging nettles sort of torture She was well liked and well hated by the local community so the murder wasnt as big of a surprise as youd think Either way her entire staff were arrested included a tracker who had tried to kill her with a machete previously

All of them ended up being released except the tracker who hung himself in prison And thats it for todays video guys! Who knew there were these many tragedies associated with cabins? Oh wait i did cus i warned you guys not to go to abandoned cabins in part 1 of this series Trust me sometimes guys Lemme know what you thought in the comments below and as always im your host Ayman Hasan and ill see you next time! Byeee

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