Top 10 Scariest Things Found In Graveyards

Hello everyone whats gucci! Hope youre having an awesome day wherever and whenever youre watching this! Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video here at most amazing top 10 Okay so excluding visiting deceased relatives, graveyards alone are apparently not creepy or scary enough to stop people from thrill seeking at them during odd hours

But also dead people are not some of the scariest things found in graveyards Thats the point of them even It just gets a lot worse So this is the Top 10 Scariest Things Found in Graveyards Starting us off with number 10 is the Worker

Now this one is from redditor Redbird274 who used to work as a groundskeeper at their local cemetery with their best friend back in high school They found the usual things like stuffed animals on childrens’ graves, flowers, liquor bottles, beer cans etc but there were also some weird ones, Redbird found scribbled notes from a widow on her husbands grave which were all illegible, they found used condoms which i dont know why thats a thing but i am not kink shaming One super creepy thing they found was a plastic drink and wet baby doll that was burnt with what seemed like a blowtorch and it also had a bunch of big nails hammered into its head The user actually hung the head of it on their rearview mirror like a tassel which is also a bit sus in and of itself

But anyway the worst thing they found was a naked corpse of a girl who had a been a student at a neighbouring high school Her arms were at her sides and she had been strangled right there and whoever killed her had also punched her in the face several times Her clothes were never found and neither was the killer The user and their best friend was interrogated several times to no avail But either way wow imagine going to work and seeing a corpse like that

I mean yes its a graveyard there are corpses everywhere but this is different Coming in at number 9 are the Children This ones from Jim Whatley who said that he went on a ghost tour with his wife a few years ago in St Augustine Florida And this place happens to be one of Americas oldest inhabited cities just a lil fact of the day for you But anyway one of the last stops on this ghost tour was an old cemetery where loads of people who had died from the Yellow Fever outbreak were buried

As the tour guide started telling the couple about the history of the cemetary Jim saw some movement and he realised there were a bunch of children hiding behind the gravestones and looking over or around them at Jim and his wife He paid no mind to them and thought maybe they were just playing around When they left he complimented the tour guide on his visualizations of the children and the guide asked him if he had seen them and he said yes and my wife did too But then the tour guide said there was no one in the graveyard but him and the couple but that this wasnt even the first time people had reported seeing children there They happened to be in the section reserved for unknown kids who had died in the outbreak

I mean not really a graveyard list if you dont see some ghosts right? At number 8 we have The Chicken One cemetery worker went into his shift one day to find a live chicken shackled to a gravestone And that is literally all they shared Like i have so many questions How do you even shackle a chicken to a gravestone and why would you even do that? People were speculating that perhaps it was part of some voodoo or ritualistic practice but it left everyone reading it pretty dumbfounded

And also poor chicken What did it even do to deserve that? Filling our number 7 slot is the Man This ones from Logan Brouse who said that during the mid 90s in Sante Fe when he was about 16 or 17 him and his friends wanted something fun to do so they started filming stuff They decided to go a cemetary near Cerrillos road at 1am and film themselves jumping over the fence and touching gravestones Stupid but sure kids will be kids

The 3 of them jump the fence and start filming Blair Witch style whilst running but then all of a sudden they saw someone get up from a grave At which point the boys lost all confidence and ran back to the car They jumped over the fence and into the car and the person or thing that got up from the grave was also coming towards the fence at them It looked like a dirty man in a white sheet, they thought maybe he was freshly dead they ended up going to the nearest gas station to call the police The police laughed and hung up on them when they told them they had seen a walking corpse

This was before zombies were a big thing in pop culture so Logan and his 2 friends were sat at home terrified after that Now at number 6 is the Sweet Potato I dont know i honestly dont But anyway this ones from Paul Dezso deHolczer who said he saw something ridiculously weird He was in the cemetery where celebrated war hero General Francis Marion was buried because him and a few friends wanted to pay respects

But on General Marions Tomb they found a sweet potato Like literally a sweet potato And it wasnt just a regular sweet potato, for one it was hard and firm meaning that a) it was fresh and b) it was good for carving It was carved so elaborately, someone had taken a lot of time to detail it with what looked like folkart or motifs Paul believes it was part of a Santaria or voodoo spell ritual because it seemed to have symbolic importance

Either way they didnt move the sweet potato but just existed alongside it Coming in at number 5 is The Skull This ones from Chris Baldwin who said when he was a boy he used to like playing around the grounds of St Mellons Church He was about 9 or 10 years old and it was 1979 at the time He said because a lot of the ground was overgrown it was a great place for hide and seek

So he was hiding at the bottom of the grounds and had just squeezing through some old iron railings on the border of the church He kicked a rock in the trees but the kick actually really hurt and then when he looked down he realised he hadnt kicked a rock at all but a human skull He ran for his life He ran away from the church and found a policeman and told him what happened A while later police were everything examining the forest and documenting the area

But it turned out to be a person who had committed suicide and had been buried there Back then if you had took your own life you werent allowed to be buried within the churchs ground you had to be buried right outside of it And that is what Chris found and kicked At number 4 is The Jar This ones from reddit user 16Bellz who said in her local graveyard theres a gravesite that has a fetus in a jar next to it

That was posted 4 years ago and she went on to say the jars been there since she was a kid so god knows how old it actually is For years residents of the town have been told it is a fetus in a jar but after all these years it no longer looks like one so it cant really be proved anymore i mean unless someone takes it out and investigates it But no one in the town dares to touch it and i mean thats understandable Either way i wonder why that was left there, maybe the gravesite was of a father and the wife had a stillborn and wanted them to be together? Who knows Filling our number 3 slot is The Lady

This one was shared by Lauren Smith who said when she was about 14 she participated in a living history weekend in Franklin Tennessee So everything got to dress up in cool period clothes and it was lit really On saturday night Lauren and her friends thought itd be fun to walk around the grounds of one of the largest confederate cemeteries It was 3am at this point and the group were just laughing and joking when they saw something moving amongst the headstones It was a women dressed in all white period clothes

She had her head down but just kept aimlessly walking through the gravestones One of the girls in the group said it was probably her mum playing a prank on them trying to make them run back to their tents and go to sleep so the girls paid the incident no mind But a few minutes later they headed back to the camp and the girl opened her mums tent to show it being empty but her mum was very much there and asleep There was no way the mum couldve gotten back that quickly without passing the girls so it wasnt her When they looked back the woman was gone from the cemetery and Lauren till this day cant explain what she say

Whether it was real, an apparition, a ghost? Not a clue Now at number 2 is Fire This ones from Shahin Ebrahim who said that he once knew a holy man from his community who was visiting a graveyard one day and was paying his respects A little while later out of nowhere a grave combusted It full on went up in flames, no one was around the grave, there was nothing that couldve started it no flammable liquid or object no trigger it just happened like magic

And it wasnt a tiny fire, flames were quote on quote leaping out of it I mean ive seen that happen in movies where fire comes out of nowhere but real life? At a graveyard? How how is it possible Shahin theorised powers above us were behind it but the significance behind it is still a cliffhanger And finally at number 1 are the Footprints This ones from Jay Arden who said in his teens him and his sister and friend decided to go to a large cemetery after watching a horror movie

Recipe for disaster right there They knew there was one mausoleum in a local cemetery that had a lot of well known dark stories told about it so they thought that would be the perfect place to go Despite it snowing they made it there and at this point their windows were pretty foggy and visibility was low Jay was the one voted on to check out the mausoleum even though he was the youngest in the car Savage

But anyway as he walked towards it he realised the snow had been pushed back by the door The door had been opened yet there was only one set of footprints leaving the crypt There were no footprints leading into the mausoleum just one fresh set coming out But the iron door had a rusty chain on it securing it shut which meant it had been sealed for a long time So no one knows what the hell came out of that place perhaps a century old vampire who thought it was time to finally wake

Either way the kids left but couldnt find anyone around the area that may have left those tracks And thats it for todays video guys! Im stunned at how many weird and scary things have happened at graveyards i mean i always knew those places are magnets for supernatural occurrences but still Its creepy hearing about it nonetheless Also do lemme know in the comments if you guys have ever found anything scary in a graveyard or have just had interesting graveyard experiences in general as id love to know As always im Ayman Hasan and ill see you in the next one


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