Top 10 Scariest Secret Rooms Ever Found

whenever you guys are home alone have you ever heard a strange noise or unexplained footsteps well it could just be floors creaking or the wind blowing but what if someone was living in your walls or there was a secret room hidden somewhere in your house you brought me think that something like this could never happen to you but you'd be pleasantly surprised I mean the people on this list had no idea that they were disturbing rooms hidden somewhere within their own house well I was you on YouTube I'm you're also this one landed do not sing and welcome back to another most amazing top ten video before we venture off into some scary hidden rooms on this list be sure to hit that subscribe button that ways you guys will never miss a video from us right now I think we're killing it with three videos a day which is a lot but you guys asked for it so we've been working a lot and also if you enjoyed this video give it a like as well alright let's jump into it this is the top 10 scariest secret rooms ever found secret room behind the bookshelf brings us to number 10 I know what you guys must be thinking this has to be a hoax right wrong this stuff actually happens in real life believe it or not and maybe you have a secret room in your house that's waiting to be discovered so right now go around your house start breaking down walls okay maybe not I'll get to get back into this we have two brothers who are playing around and one of the rooms in their house when the little brother ran into the bookshelf and it opened up and it actually led them to a secret spiral staircase that led to another secret crawlspace sounds cool right well think again a stranger was apparently living in this room and that's not all that's not where this ends this ranger must have snuck around the house and so on items from the bazaar was empty rafters from Halloween candy that was taken from one of the boys rooms could you imagine having a creeper living in your house tip toeing around maybe you know watching you as you sleep creepy a religious room is in at number 9 on our list a family made a shocking discovery when they decided to find out what was hiding underneath a large metal grate that was in the middle of their hallway after removing the crate they found a hole that was just big enough for them to squeeze through I'm pretty sure a small hole in the ground would be enough for me to not squeeze through it but for me to you know walk away but not for this family for some reason once they made it down the creepy shaft they were in a small pitch-black cellar that looked like it could have been a chapel in the middle of the room there was an old wooden cross that was slowly rotting away and there were also hooks hanging from the ceiling which could have been used to hang a meet so yeah I'm not really confused here was this a secret chapel or maybe was it a kill room I have no desire to find out what really went on in this cellar so you know what I think it's time that we move on let's not talk about it anymore let's see what we have next and well we're at number eight right now number eight behind the walls a family decided to put an offer on their dream home in Pennsylvania after the home inspection proves that it was a solid house but the home inspector missed one huge detail he failed to look at the walls and the strange thing that was hiding inside of them the family wanted to add better insulation into one of the rooms so they opened up the walls and they found a dark secret they found some old spice cans and newspapers that dated back to like 30s or 40s but that's not where the weird part of the story is those newspapers were covering bones from animal corpses after they tore up the rest of the walls the smell became unbearable and the more they tried to fix it the worse that it actually got the family got very sick from the dead animals inside of their house and they had to spend thousands of dollars trying to get rid of the animal bones I mean what happened and who put these bones in the wall World War 2 hidden room comes in at number 7 I read a user from Norway posted some pretty disturbing pictures of a hidden room that he discovered in the Attic of his house a pearly his landlord told him that the house had a hidden room but he was extremely vague on you know where it was so instead of working or being productive the renter thought that it would be a good idea to go exploring be Dora the Explorer well he accidentally found the room when he kicked a wall in the Attic and inside of this dark secret room was a sign that read if you have a bad stomach then you don't have I mean what the heck does that mean I don't have a good stomach I'd get the heck out of there why do I need a strong stomach what is about to happen was he about to die there was also a lamp alarm that was used to warn people nearby when someone came into the room and there was an old map of Western Europe oh and also they found an old doll shoe that looked like a camp straight out of a horror movie I'd say you're better off boarding up the wall and forgetting this wall or this experience ever existed the real life ducts the room slices its way into number 6 a man was extremely surprised when he discovered a small passageway in his attic that was blocked by a locked door locked doors for me mean I'm not going to enter it means I'm not that curious well obviously this made this person curious and he decided to first open the padlock to see what was hiding behind this door why do people do this well he probably should have called this realtor he'll put the house back in the market because what he found was actually pretty terrifying once he crawled through the tiny space busted opened the lock and opened the door he found a soundproof room covered in plastic with a platform in the middle and a suitcase I can only imagine what went on in this room inside of the suitcase there was jewelry and several black tapes that had no no no and save yourself ridden on them he handed the tapes over to the police and I guess we'll never know what are on those tapes I'm sure we can all take a few wild guesses maybe this was a real-life Dexter house I'm not talking about Dexter was it called Dexter's Laboratory I'm talking about it was his house I'm talking about the guy the murdered people people staircase brings us the number 5 – people were house hunting when they stumbled across this extremely terrifying discovery they made their way down a flight of rickety old stairs into the basement and they were pretty disturbed but on the stairs they found an area that looked like it was being used as a bedroom you know of some sort on the back of the stairs or a creepy and disturbing messages written on the walls some of the notes said no watching Isiah through the hole and a stopped watching me and also is this really right now okay that's that's something that I would write on the wall I don't think they sell that on the wall if they did that's pretty cool well what's going on here when they looked even closer they saw that there were small peoples carved out in the stairs so whoever was locked away in this room was able to see how this is way too sinister for me and I just want to forget the existence of this so let's move on a secret roommate jumps onto our list at number four a secret roommate well a group of students from Ohio made a shocking discovery when they found out that a man had been living in a secret room in their house and you know what he wasn't even paying rent well that's probably one of the scariest things that could happen to you when you move into a new home make sure the new home is empty first at first the students thought that they were being haunted by a ghost physica birds were always left open and they heard strange noises but as it turns out the ghost wall the ghost was actually a real person and the truth was way more terrifying after they extensively searched the house they discovered a room in the basement behind a door that led to a secret room inside they found a double bed of students textbooks and pictures I guess college is really expensive because this guy was living rent-free for a very long time the student quickly changed the locks and left a note for their unwanted a roommate telling him that he couldn't live there anymore if it was me I probably even note saying $800 please and then you can stay in that secret room and I won't tell anybody we don't have to get the police involved a terrifying hideout takes us to number three an HVAC worker was doing some renovations on a house when he suddenly discovered a secret room in the Attic of the garage he realized that a piece of the wall didn't look like it belong so he pushed on it which turned out to be a hidden room inside there were air vents stained wood walls carpeted floors cable hookups electrical outlets and even a makeshift bathroom there was some personal items thrown around the room and to license plates hung on the wall at first he thought that someone was kept against their will but the lock was on the inside not the outside so that takes that theory out the window so this room was meant to keep people out I don't know what is more terrifying Flattr turns out this house use to a man named RJ and his mother DeeDee Moore also known as the lottery killer she was convicted of murdering a man who won the lottery back in 2012 so maybe this is her secret room that she wanted to use to hide from the police number two this secret prison cell Christian Perez has been working as a home inspector in Tampa Florida for many years and during his career he has stumbled across a loss of secret and hidden rooms but he will never forget what he found years ago during one of his inspections whenever he thinks about it he still gets the chills down his spine he found a small dark room that was tucked behind a wall in the Attic it had a small bed a strange map of a city and also tons of empty food cans so clearly someone's been living it the homeowners who had been living in the house for the past 25 years well they said that they never even knew that this room existed so could it be plausible that someone lived there for the past 25 years during an investigation no one was able to come up with a definitive answer for what this room was used for but they speculate that someone might have been held captive there and this is why you should always have a home inspection before buying and I'm thinking we go one small step forward and anytime you buy a house I think you should just gut it the murder capital tops this list at number one one of the most notorious buildings that was full of secret rooms was a Chicago murder castle which was designed by the infamous serial killer HH Holmes the entire building disposes a hotel but in reality it was a Mazal of c4 killer rooms with winding passageways trap doors chutes and dungeons that was full of acid vats and other torturous devices when it was being built he hired construction workers and then he killed them so no one had any idea what was going on he killed the people that designed the room so now no one knows about it the building had its very own crematorium souls that he can use t know dispose of his victims bodies and secrets this has to be one of the most scariest things I've ever heard of I wonder if there are other buildings like this in the world and I'm willing to say that there probably are I mean this guy probably inspired a lot of other people which is crazy to say well there you guys have it I just want to say thank you guys so much for watching this video and I'll see you guys all in the next amazing top 10 video

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