Top 10 Scariest SCP Creatures

The SCP Foundation is a web based collective who record and describe creatures that violate natural law Some call it horror, science fiction, or fantasy – but the people who compile the Wiki page take it very seriously indeed

Fiction or not, when you hear about some of the creatures the SCP has come into contact with, youll take them seriously too My name is Danny Burke and this is the Top 10 SCP Scariest Creatures Starting off at number 10 we have SCP 049[a] This is a humanoid creature, but thats where the similarities with humans end To the untrained eye, 049 looks like a medieval plague doctor, dressed in thick robes and ceramic mask

These arent just clothes though, they are actually parts of its physical body, they grow out from it Despite its creepy appearance, its actually quite cooperative with the foundation and can speak English or medieval French However, even the most hospitable skips have their limits and 049 is no different It hates pestilence, thats all it seems to talk about sometimes The definition of pestilence is still unknown to this day

049 sometimes identifies people as have pestilence and begins to get visibly irate If that person is not removed from the area, 049 will attack It kills by touch – one touch from 049 will kill any living thing All biological functions shut down 049 seems to be frustrated and remorseful after the killing, especially if it feels the pestilence has survived

It will then before a crude surgery on the corpse using strange tools from a black doctors bag it carries with it everywhere It will then reanimate the corpse although it wont be the same person as before, retaining only basic motor skills 049 can then instruct them to do its bidding, even to attack others affected with pestilence 049 has often referred to these zombie like servants as being cured of the pestilence I guess we should all hope we don't have pestilence, but until we learn what 049 means by that, everybody is in danger of being cured … Next up at number 9 we have SCP 096[b]

This skip is kept in an airtight steel cube at the foundation – I think that sets the tone quite well Because of the high security around 096, not much is known about it, other than its dangerous Its said to be a humanoid creature measuring approximately 7ft 8 inches tall It has very little muscle mass, possibly from malnutrition Its a horrific looking creature – its arms grossly out of proportion with the rest of its body

Its skin is almost translucent without a trace of body hair Thats not even the scariest part though – get this – if a person sees the face of 096, they will be attacked and killed within 2 minutes Always You don't even have to see it in person, you can be looking at a picture of 096, it will still somehow know youve seen its face and it will find you and kill you Thats why they keep it in the steel cube at the foundation, they just need to make sure there are no pictures nearby either

Next up at number 8 we have have SCP 1471[c] 1471 is an app – yeah, its not actually a physical entity, its a 98MB phone app that appears in stores Somehow it bypasses all security measures and once its installed by the user, it cannot be removed No icons are shown on the phone, making the user wonder if they even installed it in the first place

1471 will then begin to send images to the user every few hours All of them will include the physical version of 1471: a large humanoid figure with a canine like skull and black hair Perhaps the creepiest thing about these images though is that 1471 will always appear in settings that the user knows from their own life If the user does not stop using the app and seeing the images within the first 90 hours of exposure, 1471 will begin appearing in their real life – always in the corner of their eye, sometimes even trying to communicate with them … Next up at number 7 we have SCP 173[d] This is perhaps one of the weirdest looking skips on this list

I think the picture speaks for itself Its origin is unknown and everything about it seems to be learnt from its confinement by the foundation Those who have dealt with 173 know a few ways to handle it – the most important is to always keep it in direct line of sight – it cannot move if its in a persons line of site For some unknown reason, it produces a layer of blood and feces on its floor, this means that its cell needs to be cleaned out twice a week 3 personnel will enter the cell, one of them to clean while the other 2 are simply there to stare at 173

If one of them needs to blink, they need to inform the other one first – if both blink at the same time, 173 will attack Its choice of attack is to snap a humans neck at the base of the skull, or by strangulation I guess we should all practice not blinking then … Moving on to number 6 now we have SCP 682[e] The entry for this skip simply starts with -SCP 682 must be destroyed as soon as possible- … yeah, its a serious one Despite the calls for it to be destroyed as soon as possible, there is actually no known way to destroy this entity, it is beyond the powers of the foundation, they only know how to contain it – and it takes a lot

682 should be contained in a 5 by 5 by 5 m chamber with 25 cm of reinforced acid resistant steel plate lining all inside surfaces The chamber should then be filled with hydrochloric acid until 682 is incapacitated Its been described as a reptilian creature with extremely high intelligence, able to communicate with other skips that its been exposed to During the limited time its been studied, observers think that 682 has an immense hatred for all other lifeforms That doesnt help the foundation control or combat or control it, but knowing its primal motive is a step in the right direction … Moving on to number 5 we have SCP 1981[f]

1981 is an old betamax tape On the side is written -Ronald Regan Cut Up While Talking- … the film on the tape appears to be a home recording of former US President Ronald Reagan delivering his -Evil Empire- speech to a group of Evangelicals in 1983 Nothing seems out of the ordinary until 1 minute and 10 seconds in Then, the speech begins to deviate heavily until it becomes unrecognisable as the speech everyone has on record At 5 minutes in, wounds can be seen slowly appearing on the president

Despite the severity of the lacerations, the president continues to give his speech until either his vocal cords are severed or the tape degrades into static around the 22 minute mark Heres where it gets even weirder though, rewinding 1981 and watching from the start changed the speech Regan is given The topics vary with each new speec although they often tough on torture, child abuse and ritual sacrifice Sometimes a black figure with robes appears near Reagan, often referred to as SCP 1981 1 Sometimes Regan makes references to future events that hadnt happened at the time, such as 9/11

For an old tape, its caused quite the stir in the foundation over the years, and nobody is any closer to solving its mysteries … Moving on to number 4 now we have SCP 106[g] While some of the skips weve talked about before have been scary because of their immense strength or size – 106 is just creepy Its said to resemble an elderly human in an advanced stage of decomposition Its basically a rotting zombie It also likes to consume humans between the ages of 10-25

Like a zombie, it is not very quick or flexible and can remain motionless for days at a time Unlike a traditional zombie, it uses corrosion to breakdown any material that stands in its way A captured 106 must be contained in a sealed container, specifically made with lead lined steel The specifications for how its supposed to be contained are probably the most technical Ive seen There are detailed instructions on materials, layers and the space between them

There is a reason for this though – research and observation have shown that when 106 is faced with highly complex or random structures, it can become confused and unable to exit from its containment Moving on to number 3 now we have SCP – 2006 SCP 2006 deal in fear Thats not my description, thats how it describes itself According to sources, SCP 2006 has repeatedly stated its goal of causing as much fear as possible

Guidelines state that if captured SCP 2006 must be constantly monitored for changes in form Thats right – its a bit of a shapeshifter Despite this, there is a general description given Its said to be an anomalous spherical entity roughly 50 centimeters in diameter However, due to its transformative abilities, it can morph into an object of any shape, mass, volume, density and chemical structure that it desires

Due to this, there is currently no known way to damage SCP 2006 Perhaps more worryingly, the limits to its shapeshifting powers are also not known It could be anything, anywhere at any time Like I said before, the SCP deal in fear – theres one hitch though – its said to be a poor judge of what actually scares humans and the emotions we feel With the power of almost perfect shape shifting, these small floors may be the only chance people have in detecting this strange being … Next up at number 2 now we have SCP-993

The last one I spoke about was a creature – this is a television programme Let me explain SCP-993 is a childrens TV show called -Bobble The Clown- … sound innocent enough right? Its an educational cartoon with the primary plot of most episodes involving Bobble the Clown learning a new skill activity OK, so far so good The problem comes though when the programme is being viewed

Anyone watching aged 10 years or older will immediately fall unconscious when the program begins and will remain that way until the end of the episode Most of the under 10s interviewed after the event reported a stabbing headache immediately before blacking out And finally at number 1 we have SCP 087[h] 087 is, quite simply, an unlit platform staircase When I say unlit, I mean very unlight – this small stairwell has defied everything we know about light

Even using a 75 watt bulb, nothing can be illuminated on the stairwell more than 1 and a half levels down – the darkness just swallows up excess light Its not just the sights that creep people out here though, its the sound Reports and audio recordings appear to show distressed vocalizations from a young child The voice comes from 200m below where 087 begins The foundation has sent exploration teams down there to see how far the stairwell goes

Theyve descended in the pitch black darkness and the stairs never seem to end The teams descended beyond both the possible structure of the building and its geological surroundings The childs voice always remains 200m below too, they never get any closer Also, on each of the expeditions, the teams were met with a strange face with no pupils, nose or mouth It appears for a moment before disappearing into the darkness

The foundation knows nothing more, but suspects it is not the source of the childs voice from the depths … Honestly? Honestly? Thats one of the most fun videos Ive done in a while – Ive never begged you guys for a part 2, its usually the other way round, but please, lets do a part 2, just tell me you liked this one Also let me know your suggestions for any other videos, thanks for watching as always, my name is Danny Burke and Ill see you all in the next video

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