Top 10 Scariest McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys

Hey everyone! Welcome back to most amazing top 10 What was one of the best parts of going to McDonald’s as a kid? You got to get a toy with your food, that’s like getting an iPhone 10 with a headphone jack, your dreaming

But there have been some disturbing happy meal toys throughout the years So I’m counting down the Top 10 scariest mcdonalds happy meal toys Make sure you like comment subscribe, hit the little notification bell and let’s get into it 10 sky dancers Little plastic princesses with wings that you could throw into the air and they would come twirling down ever so nicely If by ever so nicely you mean a cold slap in the face

Sky dancers were a happy meal toy that little girls went bananas for somewhere in the early 90s The way that the toy was supposed to work was you throw it up into the air and it spins down to the ground in a graceful fashion but the plastic that they used to make these was so hard and their flight path was so unpredictable that they would end up backhanding you in the cheek with the velocity of a helicopter It turned from a cute doll that was supposed to simulate a dancing princess to a weapon siblings would throw over each other’s heads unexpectedly to see if you get them with a sneak attack 9 Farm animal glove choking hazard The concept of the glove isn’t that scary It was a glove that kids could wear while they eat their nuggets, this way their hands don’t get greasy Each finger of the glove was a different barnyard animal

That part is kinda creepy because you have literally chicken finger watching as you use him to eat his relatives He’d be like for the love of god kill me, no chicken deserves this But it gets much worse than that, parents started complaining because the felt fingers would rip off as the kids were eating and some kids were choking on the FarmVille mascots I guess how that’s how that little chicken finger got his revenge 8 Mini Furbies If you were alive in the 90s you remember the Furbies fever that washed over everyone

They were little half bird half reptile fuzzy wazzy cutesy wootsy toys, cute in the way clowns are cute McDonald tried to cash in on these bad boys by making mini versions But the main selling feature for furbies was you could teach them to say anything You could teach them to say I love you or hail Satan The McDonald’s version didn’t come with a feature where you could the teach them new words feature but they did talk, at random

So you could be walking through your kitchen late at night and just hear “be my friend” creep out of the darkness 7 swearing minions We follow number 8 up with another sweeping trend, the minions In 2015 McDonald’s teamed up with the little yellow movie stars to give the people what they wanted I always hated that as a kid, my parents would get me a McDonald’s happy meal version of a toy instead of getting me the real toy from the toy store Looking back on that I’m realizing that I was just a spoiled little brat and I should have been more greatful

Now the minions speak a langue called minoiese, these toys had a function where if you pressed them, they would talk They were supposed to speak minoinese, which is just gibberish, but some parents started complaining to McDonald's that they would swear I would not be surprised at all if someone programmed swears into these just to prank everyone This is the Ikea catalog all over again If you don’t know what that is, back in the day there was a graphic designer who worked for IKEA, he got laid off and on his last day, he photoshopped a dick onto a dog that was on the cover of that months IKEA catalog

Genius 6 American Idol Toys What says Im a kid who loves to have fun like playing with some American Idol-themed toys Including famous American Idol characters like clapper hands and a microphone But best of all it had a fake MP3 player which only had one song on it

Was it a hit from one of the fabulous American idol winners? NOOOOOO It would just play the American idol theme song over and over again Some sort of twisted torture to remind kids if they watch American idol for too long they might never stop This toy isn’t super scary it just sucks What a pile of trash, what kid in the right mind would get excited about game show themed toys, save those for the retirement home

5 Jellyfish Willy Usually when you're making a toy for kids the last thing you want it to be shaped like is a penis Well, when the movie finding Nemo came out someone and the McDonalds toy factory tried to make a jellyfish that just ended up looking like someone's dong There is so much wrong with this one, not only does it have a strong phallic presence but they put a face on it And the face they went with was I just hit too many bongs Compairison between these two pictures: pic 1 and 2 This Jelly Weiner looks like he ate the wrong plate of cookies and he's getting hit with a wave of THC that could bring down an elephant

I feel like this dude needs to be on a t-shirt or in an episode of rick and morty Needless to say when kids would pull this toy out of the paper McDonalds bag their parents would quickly snatch it away There were endless complaints about the clear oversight and this toy was quicking removed from all locations Next time save the dick shaped toys for the grown-ups 4 Plastic bag puppet What do kids love? Clowns? No

Puppets? After the revenge of pinochio, no Plastic bags? Well, I don’t know if they love then but you're for sure not suppose to leave little kids alone with a bunch of plastic bags So why not put them all together A few things kids don’t like with one thing that could potentially kill them One of the first McDonalds happy meal toys ever was a Plastic bag with Ronald McDonalds face on it that was supposed to act as a puppet

It just ended up being a horrifying choking hazard for kids Back then people didn’t know that one of the number one things kids try to do is find new and interesting ways to injure themselves It also doesn’t seem like Mcdonalds was big on the environment back then They give everyone their food in paper bags but then thought, we should find a way to throw a plastic one in there On top of this all it’s just cheap and lazy, it seems there was only Ronald you could get as a puppet

You couldn’t collect a set and then put on your McDonalds themed puppet musical where the hamburglar is just misunderstood and trying to find his place in the world No one steal that idea I’m taking it to broadway 3 Swastika tattoos So one line of McDonald's toys in Sweden was tempory tattoos The designs and tattoos were made by a Chinese company who I guess never read a history book because the came out with a pattern that looks very close to a swastika Even worse, employees weren’t checking them before they put them into the bag So many parents didn’t even notice that the tattoos were shaped like the Nazi logo until they were firmly glued to their kid's skin

How does this slip by so many levels of people? First, the company making the product, then Mcdonalds giving the ok on the product, then the employees putting them in the bag, then the parents did not check what the tattoos were and finally a kid who should stop watching cartoons and turn on the history channel Jeez It wasn’t long before the tempory tattoos were discontinued and McDonald’s gave out a giant statement about how they’re sorry and did not affiliate with Nazi’s They should have put some brisket on the menu for a limited time as a real apology It’s a lot easier to forgive someone if they offer you some good food

2 Madame Alexander dolls Have you ever seen a Madam Alexander doll? Well, they look very lifelike and not in a good way Think of a creepy wannabe marionette that has those eyes which seem to always be looking at you Well, McDonald's teamed up with the queen of creepy dolls to come out with an entire line of distressing dolls Most of which were just a regular level of creepy but there was one which reached new heights in the level of unsettling it was able to accomplish The wizard of oz flying monkey doll

Pic 3 Where it looks like they took an orphan boy and spliced him with whatever DNA is left after a zoo burns down He’s got fur coming out of everywhere, blue skin like the Will Smith genie and creepy little monkey hands and feet His only redeeming qualities are that fly vest and for whatever reason bushy but styled eyebrows Can we just make a rule, stop making dolls Nobody likes them, we have moved on as a society

We don’t need creepy little humanettes sitting around to remind us that the devil is real 1 Heating up Back in 2016 McDonalds wanted to change their unhealthy image by giving kids little fitness tracker watches as their happy meal toy This sucks for so many reasons One a fitness tracker is not a toy and kids would be cheesed to get one with the impression that it is a toy Two if you want to change your unhealthy image McDonalds why not try and make your food healthier Stop putting cancer-causing chemicals in your food and slap some kale on the menu

And 3, these fitness trackers were so poorly designed that they started burning the skin of every kid who wore them One mother went on the record saying that it left a burn on her kid's skin after only 8 minutes I bet this was all a McDonalds plot to give a younger generation a pavlovian response between healthy living and pain It’s so funny to me that the one time McDonald's tries to promote healthy living they end up giving third degree burns to kids Well that is our list! Let us know in the comments what is the worst toy you’ve ever received

Like always make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell Until next time I’ve been Che Durena and try to not choke on any Lego until I see you next

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