Top 10 Scariest McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys – Part 2

Hey everyone welcome back to most amazing top 10 I’m your host Che Durena Now a little while ago we did a list of Top 10 scary happy meal toys, basically a bunch of toys that were given to kids that either tried to kill them, scar them emotionally or just looked like stuff that no kid should play with

One of them was a jellyfish that looked like a penis And you guys loved it! So were coming back with a part two, so I went in search of some of the other twisted gifts that have been giving to kids through fast food chains for todays list of Top 10 Scary happy meal toys Part 2 As always make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell Make sure you stick around for the whole list because I want each person to comment how many of these toys theyve actually played with, I wonder if anyone can get all 10 And without taking any longer, lets get into it

10 Tickle Feather! What sounds like a good time to kids? Running up to a bunch of strangers and slowly stroking them with a foam feather, well I hope the answer is no, if your a kid who loves doing this please try a playstation its much better Wel McDonalds seemed to think that kid would actually love invading the personal space off all their friends and family, so they released the Tickle Feather It might have actually been called the McTickle Feather, which makes it funnier and creepier but I couldnt lock down this info because this toy is pretty old, it comes all the way from 1982 The point of the toy is you take it, run up to people, and give them a little tickle tickle tickle But we all know that no one every, in the history of people ever wants to be tickled

It only ever leads to inappropriate touching and peed pants Also this two was made out of foam and given to kids And what does foam do, it can be squashed and then it expands, and what do kids love to do? Eat everything! So on top of this toy being the worst lesson in personal space it was also a major choking hazard 9 Ronald McDonald Mask K this one seems like a deliberate attempt at creating unrest in the middle class american home The Ronald McDonald mast is exactly what it sounds like, a mask that would turn every kid who put it on into the famous McDonalds mascot Ronald Mcdonald And what is Ronald McDonald? A clown

So that means there would have been thousands, if not millions of little clowns running around north america at one point This is almost worse then that thing that happened a few years ago where full grown adults were dressing up as clowns and started just hanging out in parks I can imagine how many kids developed a lifelong fear of clowns from their friends faces going from smiling youth to soul stealing circus freak Nobody likes clowns, I dont think clowns even like clowns I would have loved to see a parent who got a happy meal for their kid and then later that night there like, timmy come downstairs, dinners ready

And in walks a mini clown boy like Feeeeeed Meeee I think its time we can Ronald and come up with a new mascot 8 Ronald McDonald Sunglasses I dont know why but McDonalds really wants Ronald McDonalds face on your kids face, you already keep them poison that causes childhood obesity isnt that enough, leave their poor faces alone Im sure you can picture exactly what theses guys look like, they have the Classic ronald mcdonalds colours spread over some sunglasses Not that creepy and it seems like even though McDonalds doesnt care about your kids gastrointestinal tract they care about their eyes

But for whatever reason, right in the middle of these sunglasses is ronalds face creeping out of them And his expression makes me want to wash my eyes you with a brillow pad Hes got this blank serial killer smile, I feel like this is that last thing you see after you take a wrong turn while your wondering through a creepy carnival These sunglasses would make so hard to have some fun in the sun because you keep thinking about after the sun goes down theres only darkness 7 The Michael Jordan Fitness Fun Challenge Yes the Michael Jordan, were talking about the goat! The guy who has some of the most amazing highlight reels in sports Of course McDonalds would want to pair up with one of the biggest celebs of the 90s

Alos McDonald giving away a fitness fun challenge to kids disguises the fact that McDonlds dosent care about your fitness at all The only challenge is trying to keep an 8 year olds blood pressure down after they eat a 10 piece nugget meal But these toys were all pretty normal, there was a mini basketball which went flat after 2 uses of course, stopwatch, a foam football for some reason But there deadly part about this happy meal was the skipping rope It looked like a normal skipping rope but it was too short for almost every kid that used it

And what happens when you use a skipping rope thats too short? It whips you in the back of the head Countless little Michael Jordan fans had red lashes across the back of their skulls because they just wanted to train like the GOAT It wasnt long before all of these were thrown in the trash because no pre teen like to spend their days getting slapped in the head with a chunk of plastic 6 Might Duck Pucks More sports themed toys that threatened the life of young children You might say that Mcdonalds knows nothing about exercising

The mighty duck pucks were inspired by the mighty ducks animated series which was a bunch of anthropomorphic ducks from space who defend earth with hockey theme super powers Very strange This happy meal toy took each one of the duck billed superheros and slapped them on top of a hockey puck But not like a silk screen pressed image, no that would make too much sense These pucks had these huge plastic characters judding out of them

Of course McDonalds said you could actually play hockey with these guys, and what ended up happening is while kids were slap shotting these danger pods into nets, the plastic figure would fly off and smash into who knows what Sometimes a tree or the road, but every now and again it would collide right with a kids face And I mean, of course Why would you put a piece of breakable plastic on something that was intended to be smashed with a hockey stick 5 Camping tools You can tell there are points where the people at McDonalds who are incharge of picking toys run out of ideas One week its Power Rangers and the next week its camping tools

Super lame And the scary party about this pack of plastic landfill contributors was the frying pan It was a little imitation frying pan that kids would use to simulate cooking while roughing it in the great outdoors The only problem is some kids actually tried to use it to cook When you give things to kids that are suppose to replicate what adults do they will actually try to do it

There were a bunch of reports of these things being melted down to stove tops because some little tike wanted to whip up so grub 4 Toothbrush and Toothpaste Most kids already hate going to the dentist so why not bring the wonders of dental hygiene to somewhere where they thought they could escape their worries Not only does the dentist flashback suck for kids but having a toothbrush and toothpaste considered a toy is one of the biggest rip offs of all time No one has fun brushing their teeth, you do it because you dont want to end up looking like Tom Cruise in the outsiders Pic 1 The scary part about this one is being a kid excited to get that happy meal bonus and then your just reminded that your mouth will decay everyday unless you take care of it

Also McDonlads stop pretending like you care about our health I feel like McDonalds branded anthrax or a handgun would be more on the mark for them If it makes it any better 1983 if it makes it any better I guess back then they didnt know kids wanted to play with G I Joes instead of scraping plaque 3 Gardening tools Back in the 80s McDonalds wanted to celebrate earth day by making some gardening themed toys that were supposed to inspire kids to get out of the house Leave it one of the largest polluters in the world to think its a great idea to make a bunch of plastic toys to honor the earth

Once again these toys fall in the category of super lame things that should never be given to kids I dont know how many kids out there are avid gardeners but Im sure its not enough to warrant this lame excuse for a good time The happy meals came with all sorts of “fun” gardening tools like handrakes, shovels, a water pale and greenhouse All stuff kids would get super excited for The only good thing to come out of these turd toys is that if decided to hold on to them for whatever reason, there going for a pretty high price on Ebay

That is crazy, climate change is happening before our eyes and people choose to spend money on vintage Mcdonalds toys Have fun eating those in the apocalypse 2 Karaoke Disco Fever CD I couldnt image missing the mark on more fronts First we have Karaoke, karaoke is kind of kids but its mostly for drunk adults who tell you if you come to the karaoke they wont make you sing and then as soon as your there everyone pressures you to sing Next we have disco, what kid is bobbing their afro to disco, ive never thought of disco as something to throw on for my little niece and nephews

The biggest problem with this Karaoke CD was it had the Donna summers hit Last Dance on it Now I love Donna summers, shes one of the greats, but the song last dance contains the words, Im so horny, in it So that means a city that was made for kids to sing along to would have them belting out the words Im so horny Obviously parents were pissed because they all had to explain what horny means to their kids 1 Weed and a pipe I know colorado has been very progressive with there weed laws but this is ridiculous

Ok so this wasnt a toy that was actually given out at McDonalds, I’m sure if it was kids would be way more chill to hangout with But at a McDonalds in Chicago, a McDonlads employee needed a place to hide his weed while he was at work and stuck it in a happy meal box I dont know why he wouldnt just keep it in his bag Well someone loaded the box up with happy meal food without checking it and it got handed off to some kid who was probably like Mommy theres some stinky grass in here This later got turned over to the police and then the employee involved got arrested

Man you work at Mcdonalds, lose your weed and get arrested That guy would have been having a tough week Well everyone thats our list! I hope everyone had a great time watching this video and be sure to let us know in the comments which ones were your favourite As always make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell Until next time Ive been Che Durena and Im gonna dig through some of my old stuff to see if people wanna buy it on ebay

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