Top 10 Scariest Cults You Don’t Want To Meet – Part 2

Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing Channel on the internet I am your host Rebecca Felgate and today we are back with cults

You guys seem to love a bit of cult chat – part one of the Scariest Cults You Never Want to meet was well received so I am hitting you with a part two Buuut if you wanna join the cult of Most Amazing then please subscribe now – disclaimer – that was a poor taste joke We are not and never will be affiliated with a cult Please leave a thumbs up on this video and share it with a friend and also let me know which on this list you think the scariest is The Cult behind the 2014 Chinese McDolands Murder 10 – Eastern Lightning In May 2014, members of Eastern Lighting, a cult found across china, killed a woman in a McDonalds restaurant in the Shandong Province

It seems six cult members infiltrated the chain and went around diners asking for their cell phone numbers Perhaps they were searching for new recruits One woman refused and she was then set upon by cult member Zhang Lidong who claimed she was an evil demon He then grabbed a steel mop and beat the woman, a 37 year old mother, with it and stamped on her head for a full three minutes The other cult members stopped the public intervening, although many were too scared to move

The police arrived and Lidong was arrested and sentenced to death, but he still maintains the woman was evil Another cult member stabbed an elderly woman and 23 students at a school in the Henan Province Eastern Lightning believes Christ has been reincarnated as a woman from central China and wants to fight the so called red dragon of communist china The cult has long been associated with blackmailing and oppression at best, and kidnap and murder at worst 9 – Raelism One click on the Raelism website will tell you that the group believes that Life on Earth was created by extraterrestrials who were mistaken for gods by our primitive ancestors

Cult founder Claude Vorilhon, who has changed his name to Rael claimed he’d had a vision of an alien spacecraft descending over southern France In his vision he lived among aliens for six days and he was told that Jesus was an alien and that humans were the only hope for the future of the universe Their judgement day will be given by an alien called Elohim They believe in topless rights for women which… you know I am pretty pro freeing the nip… but what makes Raelists a bit worrying is that believe they are more intelligent than other people and that they’re very pro human cloning They claim that they cloned a baby that they named eve – they are also keen to implant memories and personalities from one person into a clone… Kind of like the premise in Get Out…which was a very worrying movie indeed The Vatican have spoken out against this cult and their cloning practices specifically 8 – Congregation for the Light This cult has something with owls going on…

which… I mean cant we all appreciate a good owl, but I draw the line at a cult owl, I really do The Congregation for the Light is a so called cult ruled by the formidable Tom Baer They are headquartered in Manhattan and believe humanity comes from an Arian race in the lost city of Atlantis From former members and those who have dalliances with the Light it seems that the group has a very oppressive grip over the relationships and love loves of its members

Cult members are trained with M14 automatic rifles in preparation for the end of the world They want to erase homosexuality and, according to the testament of a former member, they act like robots and beat people for subservience 7 – Fiat Lux Fait Lux translates to Let There Be Light- the so called religious sect live a private life in Germany’s Black Forest and it seems they believe the apocalypse is coming and that alien ships are coming to take us to a new planet called Amora The cult leader, Uriella, believed the apocalypse was going to come in 1998, but when it didn’t she said it was due to the immense praying energies of the faithful It seems that Uriella convinced members to give her money to survive the apocalypse but some are mad as it never came

The woman also famously lobbied for prosecuted pedophile, Beat Meier The cult has been accused of facilitating abuse in the form of throwning parties that allowed pedophiles access to young children It seems the ostentatious leader Uriella died in February 2019, leaving the status of the cult unknown 6 – The Brethren The Brethren are sometimes termed the Cult of Garbage Eaters and they live life as vagrants, believing the end is neigh The Christian group was developed by the late Jim Roberts, but he died 2015

Interestingly a former cult member conducted a reddit AMA which was super informative It seems that members were forced to live homeless lives, deeply pressured into turning away from their friends and family, and encouraged not to pay for things, so they end up eating food from bins Members have to be Obedient to people who had joined the cult before them, including to children born into the cult, and women are forced to be obedient all men It seems the Brethern regularly take acid, too Generally most reports say the abuse inside the brethren is emotional and mental, but some have accused the tribe of physical abuse, too

5 – The Apostles of Infinite Love This group is an ultra right wing conservative group founded in Quebec by Jean Gaston Tremblay, who liked to be known as Father John, and a man who called himself Pope Clement XV – a former clergyman excommunicated by the Vatican for his extremism It seems in their heyday of the 1970s the group were linked to kidnapping, confinement and both sexual and physical abuse of children In 1999, police raided the monastery and child protection authorities removed 20 children, and issued arrest warrants for leader and three other disciples but later the evidence was lost and they were released from jail

Thegroup are headquartered in Quebec but they also have outposts in France and Guadeloupe Both leaders are now dead and it is unclear who is in charge, but the cult does still exist 4 – The Family This cult is not thought to still be in existence, or we hope not anyway, but there certainly are still plenty of underground supremacists groups out there The Family was an Australian cult fronted by Yoga Teacher Anne Hamilton Byrne who claimed she was the reincarnation of jesus The cult opened a psychiatric hospital and doped people with LSD, then recruited them to join the sect

Anne Byrne abducted children and gave them fake birth certificates, dying their hair blonde and secluding them from the outside world The children were also doped with LSD Eventually the police raided the cult in 1987, arresting Byrne and her husband 3 – Mithraism Mithraism is an ancient cult buuuut there are still offshoots today, notably in London, where the cult began in Roman times Mithras believed that it wasn’t Christ who founded Christianity, but St Paul

The group met in secret and were obsessed with a legendary bull slaying It seems that they did and still do ritually re-enact it with live animals, after which it is rumoured they drink its blood consume its raw flesh It seems the ancient Mithras were associated with cannibalism…which makes me worry about the existing arm of the notoriously secretive cult 2 – Illuminati It is the age-old question isn’t it…is the illuminati real? Well… honestly, probably

The name is applied to a lot of secretive groups but it was actually a secret society in the 1700s The group was thought to have 2500 members at its peak and was filled with societal climbers who wanted to place illuminati members in positions of power A lot of people think that the secret society still exists today and they claim celebrities like Beyonce and Justin Beiber are members Others say the cryptic pyramid on the united states dollar is a reference to Illuminati members infiltrating the Federal Bank People say there is a New World Order and if you know anything about it, you already know too much

1 – ISIS You absolutely do not want to meet a member of isis, but some of us may already have done so without knowing, which is bone chilling A lot of cults come from peverted religious roots, and Isis are no more Muslim than the Klu Klu Klan are Christian – they are extremeists who use religion as a method to strength their cult and its hold on members as well as legitimize what they are doing Isis was founded in 1999 and is currently run by Abu Bakr The group is a Jihadi terror cell who have conducted many attacks over the years, including the 2015 Tunisia and Paris Attacks, the 2017 Manchester Arena Bombing, the 2018 Pakistan Bombings and more It seems that 72 mass graves have been discovered in areas that have been liberated from ISIL control

In total, these mass graves contain the bodies of approximately 15,000 people killed by the cult Isis recruits by grooming children and teenagers and eventually encouraging them to flea their countries and join ISIS in Syria – they then don’t allow them contact with their family and are made to fight If a person tries to flea ISIS , they will likely end up on one of those mass graves Isis is one of the biggest cult problems of our decade So…Isis… a bit of a video buzzkill, ehy! So that was the Top 10 Scariest Cults You Don’t Want To Meet Part 2! What did you think? Which cult scares you the most? Comments from Part 1 Vesa Roivainen said: scientology is a cult no matter what anybody says

? P Phoenix said: y mother was apart of a cult once It was called AVON but my father referred to it as 'crap-von’ – He sounds super supportive of her side hustle, ehy? A strange but pretty great comment from Laura Kuhn: A friend of mine founded the Church of Fondu for schoolso literally a cheese cult

A cheese slicer was used as a ritual knife A Blessing was in the name of the cheddar the Swiss and the holy Crock-Pot dig in Pizza was considered the perfect food being circular and consisting of the major food groups namely grains for the crust fruit for the tomato sauce vegetables for the vegetables meet obviously and for the proliferation of cheese upon it Yogurt was considered the anti cheese and was therefore anathema I believe he got an A for this particular project

Oh and for penance you had to stand in a circle of your peers confess your sins and get pelted by cheese puffs Sins were seen as things like eating yogurt? Like… is it okay I am a little bit here for this?!

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