Top 10 Real Paranormal Events Caught On Camera

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DESCRIPTIO BOX… Okay, lets start with the first spook caught on film 10 – William Mumbler Despite ghost stories being passed down through millenia, William Mumbler is credited for being the first person to have captured a ghost on camera THIS infamous photograph from the 1860s made headlines and garnered the man fame He claimed that the spirit was of his dead child cousin, although many now believe it was a double negative

Mumbler, ever the entrepreneur, realized he could make money from repeating the process He styled himself as a spirit photographer and repeated the process in order to share his so called gift It seems he took advantage of the vast swathes of people who had lost relatives in the American Civil War He dared to take a photo of Mary Todd Lincoln, the late Presidents Wife, capturing Abraham Lincoln’s ghost on Camera…ooooooor so he says! Despite my skepticism for the known fraudster, Lincoln IS said to haunt the white house! Paranormal Events don’t always have to be ghosts , in fact a good number on this list don’t include ghosts at all

paranormal simply means phenomena beyond the scope of scientific understanding… like magic… And ladies and gentlemen,what is more magical than Dobby the House Elf – he is coming in to number 9 My friend Katie Brennan has socks that say Dobby is a Free Elf on them and I think that is the coolest thing! Dobby went Viral in June 2019 when twitter user JEY bee tweeted THIS footage with the caption : a lady posted this and said she saw this on her home camera this morning what y’all think this is ? The internet was quick to respond – the late great house elf

In one week, this footage got 31 million views The footage was shot on CCTV cam outside Vivian Comez’s home and as of yet we actually have no idea what this small figure was… Other than EVIDENTLY a house elf, right? HARRY POTTER IS REAL AND I am the Queen of Slytherin House… I called it! 8 – The Tulip Staircase Ghost A retired clergyman from British Columbia in Canada went on a trip to Greenwich in England in 1966 He intended to take a picture of a lovely elegant sweeping staircase at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, but when he developed the image he saw THIS

Kodak examined the original negative… Lol at the time photos had to be developed…and they claimed it hadn’t been tampered with The image seemed to confirm a lot of ghost stories coming from the Queens House section of the museum, with many people already having claimed to have heard footsteps on the staircase, or feel a breeze pass by them Others claim to have seen the apirition of a woman frantically cleaning bloody at the bottom of the tulip staircase

Another Candian capturing a ghost next… But this one is even cooler because it is a Samurai! 7 – The Samurai a young Canadian girl was on holiday with her family when her parents snapped a picture of her in Zushi and Kanagawa beach in Japan can you see anything wrong with the picture? It seems her father snapped the image on his Samsung Galaxy and spotted what looks like a pair of boots in the background The image was shared on reddit and the poster said: Nobody was around when the photo was taken and certainly nobody was behind her He took about five photos of her at this spot over a period of about two minutes One redditor said that the boots look like samurai bootswhich is off because it seems that the place the picture was taken is on the site of a samurai tomb Terrifying 6 – El Chupacabra This demon was caught on police dash cam and the officer involved in the incident was totally vexed

The footage was taken in 2008 and has caused debate ever since The video description reads: A police dashboard camera catches what some might think is proof that the legendary "Chupacabra" lives an roams the fields of the lone star state This animal was seen running down a dirt path along fence lines or a rural Texas road, convincing the internet El Chupacabra had finally been caught on film 5 – Mary Lee The ghost of Mary Lee, a nurse who hung herself in what is hailed as the most haunted hospital in America, was caught on camera by ghost hunters The hospital is spooky even without picture evidence

It is an abandoned Tuberculosis hospital in Kentucky – so in its time it housed the sick and dying The hospital was functional from 1910 to * There are plenty of ghost stories attached to the building; including that of Mary Lee, who was said to have been having an affair with a doctor who later refused to leave his wife It is she who is said to be peeping and creeping in this picture There is a another reported ghost that luckily hasnt graced camera shutters with her presence – an elderly woman who roams the hospital at night moaning and bleeding from chained hands and feet Ghost hunters claimed to have smelled fresh bread baking in an abandoned kitchen

which is quite nice to be honest! 4 – First Ever Alien Footage?! (QUESTIONMARK!) As abhorrent as they are in many ways, I love a good Tabloid because they are such utter LOLS I came across an article from 2017 with the title: FIRST EVER footage of alien QUESTIONMARK… Dark Web mysterious figure being examined…

Basically video footage though to have been shot in 1992 in Eiger, Switzerland surfaced in the public domain Apparently discovered on the dark web, the video was labelled as EBE 1992 EigerIt looks as if the video was shot very quickly in clandestine circumstances – so perhaps a lab worker or researcher hoping to document the secret laboratory without permission The video is made up of a series of images, most of which look to be of a naked alien body The alien has a spooky little face and looks to have pale white or grey skin

It seems like the alien is being experimented upon… indeed one of the pictures shows the figure on a wire, leading many to speculate it was electrocuted This next photograph belongs to Ed and Lorraine Warren Ah, The Amityville Ghost- 3 This photograph was taken in 1976 by the dynamic duo of paranormal investigators The Warrens claim that the image is of a nine year old, John DeFeo, who was murdered by his oldest brother Ronald along with his three of his other siblings and his parents at the home in Amityville in Long Island Ronald claimed that voices he heard in the house made him do it The house was sold to a different family a year later, The Lutz Family, but they left after just 28 days because of the horror they experienced

George and Kathy Lutz said they saw slime coming out of the walls, knives being thrown from counters, figures wandering and wailing George even said he saw his wife levitating and an evil red eyed pig like creature glaring at him They called in the Warrens, who amid their investigations claim to have caught the spirit on camera Amityville haunted Lorraine Warren for the rest of her life, claiming it was the worst case she worked on She said:

"It followed us right straight across the country I don't even like to talk about it I will never go in the Amityville house ever again” Whereas it seems John never left 2 – The Enfield Poltergeist The good old BBC were on the case along with our mate the Warrens and a British paranormalist investigated this oneJournalists from the BBC were granted exclusive access to the house and the documentary is still on Youtube

The house was under investigation becase of heavy claims of paranormal activity Over a period of 18 months, more than 30 people, including neighbours, fellow psychic researchers and journalists, said they saw furniture moving of its own accord and objects being thrown across a room It was even said that one of the children in the house levitated SOenter the BEEB right? Like I said the whole documentary is on Youtube – find it in our source links in the description… but this is one of my favourite moments a poltergeist was caught on camera EDITORS clip This actually made me howl The reactions are priceless

Can we get those again *editors clip but just the reactions!* Bringing it back to witches 1 – Peg the Witch In 2016 a young girl started telling her family that Peg was coming in her room in the middle of the night She would scream out to her parents who asked who Peg was – the girl said a witch Errr Assuming it was just a series of childhood bad dreams, the family from upstate New York ignored their daughter and got on with their lives… Until they took this image of their child on the family sofa

There is a crone on the couch! Ahh! The girls dad spoke to a local news paper and said : “Is it a witch? Although I have never seen an image like that before or after on the couch, I’m inclined to think it must have been the lighting, combined with the TV set which was on at the time which created a shadow on the couch Still, it is odd My daughter would stare as if in a trance and say she saw a witch in the house That was that…once again I ask you if you belive in spooks!

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