Top 10 Real Gateways To Hell You Should Never Visit

I actually loved scripting this I like a healthy dose of mysticism I really do! Welcome back to the mAT10! I am your host Rebecca Felgate but for one video only you can call me Rebecca Hell Gate because I am a demoooon and we’re talking Top 10 Real Gateways To Hell You Should Never Visit

MWAHHAHAHHAHAHA Editors can you do a flame background and make me scary please? Yeah That’s right! Before we get into this video though why don’t you guys let me know if you believe in hell I don’t but I do believe in ghosts so go figureI also believe in spooky places and a lot of these places are just that! 10 – The Russian Forest Eating Hellmouth Ah

hello there nature eating hell hole! The 300ft Batagaika crater dates back 50 years and is thought to be a Doorway to the Underworld It seems that the crater is expanding at the rate of 30 to 100 ft each year, swallowing forest as it goes The science behind the slow sink is that as As a permafrost continues to thaw away its layers, the ground underneath becomes more exposed

Villagers from the area believe that it is a portal to hell, reporting horrifying sounds coming from the hole Their village may also soon be at risk of falling in Probably time to start prayingor a practical option moving! Open wiiiiideee

9 – The Gardens of Bomarzo in Italy are coming in next Hello there sir! Why, you look mighty hungry! Cripes This cavey sculpture is an Orcus

an ogre, but it looks somewhat hellmouthy to me! It seems that the Orcus mouth appeared in an italian horror film in 1964 Would you pop in to this ogres hellish mouth? I think I actually might! Apparently this garden was a huge inspiration to artists Jean Cocteau and my Salvador Daliso I am IN

Anyone up for a trip to Northern Lazio in Italy? Let’s GO! Hell or no hell, our next place is a ghost town 8 – Centralia – The Burning Town There is a town in deep dark Pennsylvania that has been abandoned? Why? Well it is on fire and is now considered by some people to be a literal hellmouth

The town had been an active mine since the mid 1800s and was particularly booming between the 1940s to 60s Unfortunately since 1962 it has been burning from the inside It is suspected a fire started from deliberate trash burning in the mine buuuut the fire caught a plume of gas and could well keep burning for over 250 years The residents first noticed the fire when smoke began billowing from the ground accompanied by a foul smell of burning trash Not only that, carbon monoxide was detected seeping from the ground With temperatures hotter than mercury, it was decided that it was too dangerous to put out the flames and as a result the town was evacuated slowly, but many remained until 1981 when sink holes billowing poison gas started appearing

Sooo yaaahstay away from Centralia I do enjoy a good Icelandic Legend – at number 7 we have Mount Hekla

You can understand why a lot of historic civilizations believed that Volcanoes were portals to hellbecause you knowfire fire

doom doom, etc but it seems that most travelling Europeans had marked Icelands super active Mount Hekla as the Gates of Hell! In fact in the 16th Century, Caspar Peucer of Germany wrote that the Gates of Hell were located in “the bottomless abyss of Hekla Fell” so yeah! In Icelandic lore it is said that witches gather on the volcano and that birds seen in the area are lost souls I loveeee a good bit of imagination! Some even believe that Judas himself is imprisoned in Mount Hekla! The Mountain has historically and presently been VERY active! It has been known to spew giant lava bombs of fire into the sky, which hasn’t exactly done wonders for its rep This hell gate has been noted to have erupted 20 times in traceable history, including violent eruptions in 1104 and again in 1693 The most recent eruption was in the year 2000

6 – Are the gates to hell hiding in England?! I have begun to suspect as much! Creswell Crags The Creswell Crags are an enclosed limestone cave system on the border of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire not a million miles away from where Danny Burke is from, actually

So it seems earlier in 2019 quote un quote witch marks in the walls of the limestone leading down to a deep dark hole that has never been explored Ever An unxplored part of the earth in the sleepy English countryside with witch marks to defend against dark forces uuummCURSED Can the gateway to hell be found in an American Storm Drain? Find out at number 5 as we Descend to Clifton, New Jersey It seems that an abandoned storm drain in Passaic County is the subject of a New Jersey Urban Legend It is believed that it is the gateway to hellor at the very least, is a hot spot for paranormal goings on It is said that the drain is filled with strange objects, occultist graffiti and locked rooms The legend says there is a room only accessible to people with super human strength The room is said to the lead to a labrinth of passageways that descend down to Beelzebub himself The big D man

Devil This Deep Hell Hole will KILL you – 4 – Berkeley Pit in Montana Is it a former copper mine or is it a portal to the underworld? Maybe a bit of both The Berkely pit is one mile long and half a mile wide It is a whopping 1 thousand 780 feet deep, 900feet of which is filled with very acidic water

The acidity of the water is PH 25, which is similar to the acidity of lemon juice Because of the corrosive nature of the water, various dangerous chemicals have developed in the water from corroded metals and rock… making in a very poisonous deep hole I don’t believe in hell but I do believe in Arsenic and sulphuric acid, which are chemicals found in the hell hole that have been known to kill hundreds of birds and other wildlife 3 – Plutos Gate The fabled door to the underworld was discovered in Turkey in 2013 It seems that the site was actually prominent in Greek and Roman history and, true to legend, the real gate seemed to emit a poisonous gas

The gate was found around the dig site of the ancient city of Hierapolis The so called gate is at the site of an ancient thermal spring that was said to have healing properties but was a portal to hell that would open at a moments notice A door was built to the most deadly area and treated like a weird deadly tourist spot in ancient times and that visitors would pay to ask the oracle Pluto questions there Birds and small animals were sold to visitors of the Gate so they could test how deadly it is They would throw, say, a sparrow into the enclosed area and it would die

It seems that actually there is a geological explanation, although its still deadly a deep fissure running beneath Hierapolis constantly emits volcanic carbon dioxide

The sun dissapates the gas by the area is DEADLY at dawn Turns out the gas is the killer, not the gods 2 – Houska Castle Hell Pit Listen I am all about a bit of Czech Legend and I always will be! This fascinates me ! Soaccording to folklore, Houska Castle, located in Blatce in north Prague is built over a bottomless pit to hell

People who fell down it would never return becauseyou knowhell! The story goes that once a 13th century Bohemian King offered pardons to condemned men if they would consent to be lowered into the pit and report back what they saw That’s pretty nice for a 13thcentury king you dont get many reports of consent in the middle ages! So one prisoner is said to have been submerged for a few seconds When he returned, the 30 year old mans hair was grey He talked talked about creatures with wings who grotesquely flapped through the darkness Urghh 1 – Fengdu Ghost City The 2,000 year old city of ghosts is thought to be the place that the dead stopped in their way to the afterlife

The city is embroiled with the legend of Wang Fangping and Yin Changseng who ditched court life and went to Fengdu to become immortal It seems that their names together sound like the chinese for King of Hell So now the hill that overlooks the city is now considered the home of the king of hell The ghost city is filled with shrines and temples to the afterlife and is separated from nearby populated areas by a river meaning if you want to visit you have to take a boat

creepy It seems that according to Chinese legend, this is where the dead go before they are allowed to pass to the afterlife

Would you be brave enough to walk through THIS archway? How about if I tell you the name of this structure translates to the GATES OF HELL? Hmmm! Okay so listen

I have a confession to make I wrote this script and lost the ability to count

I saved a really good one for number onebut it turns out I had researched 11 soo now I’ve had to axe it from my list

but IT WAS going to be THIS FIREY PIT – have a look clip this is the door to hell in Turkmenistan – if you want a part two I promise to include it! Comments from Top 10 Scary Animal Mutations: I asked what animal you think I would be my ex boyfriend always said a garden gruband thats why he’s an ex! Galaxy Snow Owl Said: I think you'd be some kind of exotic bird like a parrot It matches your colorful personality and clothing style My favorite animal is a snowy owl, or just owls in general Zacharchy and Tammy BATIM OC Lets Play said: Rebecca would be a peacock because she's beautiful and amazing

One of my favorite animals is a house cat, but exotic I'd say chinchilla Kassie Stephens Said: I think you’d be a dolphin You’re playful, you dance, you sing, and your very energetic lol Love Yourself Said: Rebecca I think you would be a sleek fox!!! Their pretty and sassy!! I love all of these suggestions

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