Top 10 Places Scarier Than Area 51 – Part 5

Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing Channel on the Internet! I am your host Rebecca Felgate…and jeeze you guys LOVE this series, ehy! This might be the last one I get to do for you…

Which breaks my heart… But consider this one of many parting gifts Before we get into this list…let me know the scariest situation youve been in or scariest place! The Haunted house ride stopped at Disneyland once and that was scary LIKE SHARE INSTAGRAM Stick around to the end 10 – Area 52 Area 52 always floods the comments sections of these videos

and as we’re now on part 5, I thought that I would include it because you’re right Area 51 may be shrouded in mystery and alien conspiracies but now that we all know where it is, don’t you think that perhaps the government will have started up a whole new secret alien base Barack Obama even joked about Area 51 when he was president, which means there is no way that the base still contains anything TOP secret…

The public found out about Area 51… But the united states is a BIG BIG place – there is 38 million square miles of land

plenty of space to hide dem aliens for realz 9- Savannah Georgia It is said that Savannah is the most haunted place in the United States of America Anyone here watching from Savannah? Savannah has a reach history and is home to a LOT of haunted properties including the Hampton Lilybridge House which has a mystery crypt in it and is said to be like

super haunted There is a scary place within a scary place here – even though the entirety of Savannah is haunted and scary, there is no place more haunted and MORE scary that the Bonaventure Cemetery In the cemetery you will find a weeping statue of a little girl named Gracie who haunts the spot at night… over time people have started leaving little gifts for the girl She is said to enjoy playing with her gifts at night and often they can be seen to have been moved inexplicably

However you should never touch Gracie’s Trinkets… If you do, her statue is said to cry blood out of frustration In the same cemetery there is a statue of Corrine Elliot – according to legend, if you look the statue in the eye you will be cursed 8 – The Beaches in Queensland Australia Sometimes I imagine aliens to look like jellyfishyou knowkind of ethereal and tentacley … and maybe poisonous…

But we have no idea we don’t even know if them aliens are real…

BUT THEM JELLYFISH ARE VERY REAL and a whole bunch of them will kill you Like outright Iruk-andji jellyfish are silent, near invisible killers that live in the seas of northern Australia and can actually appear on coasts from Exmouth in Western Australia to Gladstone in Queensland during jellyfish season – October to May They’re tiny, but deadly 2002 was a bad year for death by these teeny jellyfish

These wee beasts are related to the also deadly box jellyfish 7 – The Bell Witch Cave The Cave is located in Adams Tennesse on a farm that once belonged to the Bell Family Like caves of course are terrifying anyway but this cave has an especially terrifying legend associated with it The story goes that the Bells were tormented by an evil witch in 1817 The found strange animals around their property and heard odd knocking sounds at night

They soon discovered small dead things, little little bugs and birds and stuff A committee was formed and an investigation formed – it was concluded that once there was a witch in the hood called Kate, although more ofte n dubbed the Bell Witch The spirit was said to live in a cave and would make her way out to harm the family The witch went away in 1820, but returned in 1828, claiming she would be back before disappearing again These days the Bell Witch cave is a still a spooky place to go with many strange occurences happening nearby

I for one wouldnt go there alone 6 – Gomantong Cave, Malaysia Sooooo this cave is home to three things I am worried about – bats, bat poop and cockroaches The cave in Borneo is home to milllllions of bats that leave huge piles of poop… You have heard of the term Bat Shit crazy right? That is because bat poop can make people seriously ill On top of that the cave is entirely infested by roaches – Giant cockroaches crawl across the cave walls and floor, eating the pat poop and any remains of dead animals

People can actually visit the caves – there is a wooden boardwalk running though Would you actually want to, though? Locals venture inside to collect birds nests for birds nest soup But likebats Bats have rabies and stuff 5The Amazon River Basin Okay so Area 51 may or may not be privy to them Aliens but I can tell you what lives in the Amazon river – Anacondas – the worlds most powerful snakes that can grow as long as 30 feet and eat up to 40 lbs of prey every day What else lives there? Big bugs, poisonous frogs, jaguars, and Piranha’s There are 20 different species of piranha in the Amazon River

Piranhas are little savages that absolutely can and will kill people, they travel in s schoal… a big group, gnawing their preys flesh off as they feast in a feeding frenzy 4 Dallol I mean visually Dallol is already way scarier than Area 51 – because… well… let me show you a video … and yes… this is planet earth CLIP This is actually one of the hottest, most acidic and smelly places on earth Dallol is in the Afar region of Ethiopia in Africa and is regularly hailed the hottest most apocalyptic place on earth Temperatures regularly reach 45 degrees celsius, or 114 degrees fahrenheit

The reason it is so colourful is as a result of its acidic hot springs with lots of sulphur, salt, iron oxide and other minerals present Sulfur means smell, acid means erosion… which means that this is a scary place indeed The murder capital of the world ladies and gents 3 Caracas Last year there were 2,980 reported murders reported Roughly 1 percent of the population of this city in venezuela is murdered each year, which is outrageous Drug cartels run the city and there is a severe gun problem The issue is that the police just can’t deal with it… Only 8 out of every 100 crimes are punished

The issue is so bad in recent years there was a murder exhibit for the fallen And like Being murdered is one big concern, but its also quite likely you will be mugged, and if you arent from the areaperhaps even kidnapped with your family extorted for money 2The VOID I would NOT want to be inside an ancient Egyptian Pyramid Bad things tend to happen when pyramids are opened… google Curse of the Pharaohs if you have never heard of it SO the Pyramid of the Pharaoh Khufu is still sealed in Egypt…

aint nobody opening those babies up anymore, right! It seems that along with the University or Cairo and the Egyptian Government, the Heritage Innovation Preservation project have been scanning the great pryamids of Giza for signs of what might be insideandwell one had something strange in itsomething that can only be described as a void

Built in 2560 BC, this mysterious void has been locked away and secret for over 4000 years By scanning the pyramid with cosmic rays, the team behind the research estimate that the void of 98 feet long and 50 feet high…which is pretty big? It seems this void is completely sealed off from any known passageways inside the pyramid There is no way to get to it…so how was it built? Whatever is in the pyramid… I don’t want to know I would NOT want to be inside! 1 The Dark Side of The Moon Great music album, terrifying concept

12 Humans have been to the moon … and honestly that sounds stressful enough… no humans have stepped foot on the dark side of the moon, though However, their have been fly bys and they sounds STRESSFUL Astronaughts on the Apollo 10 mission passed around the moon The mission took place in May 1969 and when the spave craft was orbiting the dark side of the moon, they lost all radio contact with ground control and the rest of the earthlings As Apollo careered around the moon, they heard some really weird sounds… like…

Really weird sounds In the now declassified recordings from space we can hear a very strange wooing sound and hear the Astronauts talking about it with one another extensively/ The weird sounds were not reported at the time, but they were recorded and received by Nasa when the mission returned to earth Alien orchestra conspiracy theories aside, the dark side of the moon is A) DARK because their is NO sunlight, and b) COLD It is minus 173 Celsius, or minus 280 degrees fahrenheit which… sounds horrifying to me

COMMENTS from Top 10 Scary secrets that could be hiding in Area 51 Fate Missed Death : Okay, Rebecca didn't need to look so amazing this video I was too busy staring at her than paying attention to the info That’s very sweet… But PAY attention… Trust me when I say my words are more valuable than my face…

and my fabulous pantaloons…… Arthurn Cohen was disappointed by the raid They said: the other day I was disappointed I was expecting to see people getting shot or getting thrown into jail

but sure whatever I see what you are saying but LIKE maybe it hasn’t all been reported, right? GD GeaN2006 said: "Freeze ray guns are quite cool" -Rebecca Felgate Me: i see what you did there *shimmy* Help Me 311 Said: I've had enough of area 51, but I can't get enough of Rebecca Honeeeeey you win

I don’t know what But you do I’ve had enough of Area 51… But never enough of you beautiful people… I will miss you so much!

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