Top 10 Mysterious Things Found In The Amazon Rainforest

it's a really scary time right now especially when the Amazon rainforest is being destroyed there have been many speculations going around to you know what caused the Amazon rainforest to be on fire in the first place some believe it was the Brazilian government they set fire to the forest or maybe farmers so they can have more land however it started it's affecting the world because 20% of the world's oxygen is produced by the Amazon rainforest also there are so many animals that can only be found in the Amazon rainforest so the wildlife is greatly affected by this as well since the Amazon rainforest has been a very popular topic a lot of people are trying to learn more about it so when I was doing the research for myself I actually found a lot of mysterious things in the Amazon rainforest well on YouTube I'm yours for this one lanten Dalit Singh and welcome back to another most amazing top 10 video ages whether you guys know it is finally official we have our most amazing top 10 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a lot to take in let's get right into this let's get right into it you guys clicked for I'm super excited for this one so I have a lot of energy okay so this right here this is a top 10 mysterious things found in the Amazon rainforest starting a song in at number 10 we have the boiling River that is over a hundred degrees Celsius it's getting much hotter turns out this place is real here's the boiling River this part if you fall in there you would be cooking yourself this river is also called lamb bomba or chanela Mishka which means boiled by the heat of the Sun although some of the he is actually geothermal and it is known to be the only boil river in the world Andres Russo is a geoscientist conservationist to author science communicator and educator who became the first scientist granted permission to study the boiling River of the Amazon back in 2011 so that was pretty recent imagine a river hot enough to kill you said to be the home of a powerful Amazonian water spirit that place is real and I've been there from the boiling waters of the Amazon to now a water lily so big and so strong it can actually hold up an average person's weight well this mammoth of a lily comes in at number 9 the lily is called the victoria amazonica it is known as the largest of the lily family one thing we know about the Amazon rainforest is that it has a very unique climate and it has a lot of rainfall which makes everything a lot bigger including this lily pad I mean aren't these things just for frogs this can probably house like the world's population of frogs ok maybe not but you guys get the point this lily pad to reach up to 3 meters in diameter it just like that number 8 we have the Jesus Christ lizard is this real life right now who is naming these things these Jesus Christ lizards have the capability of running on water and it's pretty amusing to a watch so I'm about to show you guys what these lizards are capable of buying showing you that he can run across water so here he goes guys I think this is the coolest thing ever and was Jesus able to walk on water as well I'm not sure if I got the name reference I don't think this is how the laws of physics work I want to have this ability and I wonder if this frog can also turn water into wine just like that the mysterious and amazon rings is next up at number seven a series of ring shaped ditches have been found throughout the Amazon rainforest I suppose there are a lot of theories you know about aliens landing here this can be alien landing sites this can be compared to crop circles it is believed that these ditches were possibly used as a drainage system for people who live there hundreds of years ago many archaeologists believe that these indigenous people might have lived in the Amazon rainforest even before Christopher Columbus arrived in the Americas back in 1492 well whatever the case may be these discoveries have caused controversy people also believed that these were ancient settlements from the 1250 s of the 1500s moving at number six we have the Frog who has nothing to hide we're talking about the glass frog that is commonly found in the Amazon rainforest these glass frogs are transparent you can see everything inside the typically characterized by their skin which is so translucent you can see their organs for scientists this latest discovery is a good sign I think it's so creepy imagine number all translucent and you can see everyone's inside I mean that would freak me out I wouldn't want to know what everyone's eating we actually have another animal and another frog on this list there are so many frogs out there doing the research for the cells like wow so what next number five we have the poison dart frog I'm gonna take a look at this thing it looks pretty sick it has blue skin and its eyes are like black like demon eyes pretty scary-looking if you asked me the Amazon rainforest seems to have it all this mysterious frog is actually known to be the most toxic creature on earth this frog is capable of killing 10 grown men with its poison these frogs are actually pretty tiny and they come in black yellow red green copper or blue depending on their individual habitats these bright colors help scare off potential predators also the food they eat which are small ants mites and other invertebrates will then have high concentrations of alkaloids once the alkaloids are ingested into the poisonous frog system it allows them to produce toxins that makes them poisonous number four we have the largest species over river dolphins in the world remember when I said that everything is much bigger in the Amazon rainforest well I guess it's really proven to be true well let's take a look at the pink dolphin they grow about 2 to 3 meters in length and then weigh over 350 pounds we've come here to the Amazon to check out the boto dolphin otherwise known as the pink river dolphin the life expectancy of the Amazon River Dolphin in the wild well it's actually unknown but in captivity the longevity of a healthy dolphin has been recorded to be about 10 to 30 years because of their habits have been destroyed and people catching them they are dwindling in population all right let's move on to number three we have the world's biggest flower this right here well this is the rafflesia this flower has no roots stems or leaves making it very mysterious and how does it even grow this flower might look pleasant well sort of well it's actually known for its smell of rotting meat this would be the only flower I would look at it in the world's that would make me want to throw up and here it is look at the size of this flower the bloom of this flower only lasts about 6 to 7 days which makes it very rare to find it while it's bloomed after it's bloomed it just dies and rots away like it take take a look at this it's a parasite it has no leaves it consists of a fiber of tissues insulated a vine or potential stigma but everything about this flower is just so mysterious which is why we put it on this list what about number two we have the indigenous tribe who live in the Amazon rainforest I've been so fascinated with this I really happens there are about 400 to 500 indigenous tribes they are very isolated from the outside world in fact they have no contact with the outside world the Yanomami tribe is the largest tribe in the rainforest and then have about 20,000 people and to live near the border of northern brazil and southern in venezuela many other tribes only have about 20 to 30 people in it and these tribes there are a hundred and eighty different languages spoken I just think it's so crazy that you know we're all living in 2019 but we still have people in the world we're living in the Stone Age like to those people we are from the future or we are what they call aliens finally in number one I think this one is the most fascinating and for some reason I've actually learned about this a while ago before do the research for this video whatever one we're talking about the walking palm the walking tree which is a tree that can literally walk is this for a life right now how is something like this possible I mean this tree is from the future what's happened y'all I don't know if you've ever seen a walking tree this is actually called a walking tree because these are the roots that come from up high not down in the ground they grow into the ground they're both on both sides of the tree usually these trees will try and get closer you know closer to water or move the places in the right spot where they have the right amount of Sun if you ever come across this tree though don't get like terrified or scared that if you do something wrong you know this tree might chase you or something like that because the walking tree the walking tree walks pretty slowly I mean you will never see it move it moves like a centimeter every light couple of years or something well there you guys have it thank you so much for watching this video I will see you guys all in the next most amazing top ten video

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