Top 10 Mysterious Places In North America

Hello everyone welcome back to most amazing top 10 im your host Che durena Now where do you plan on taking you next vacation

Are you going to go somewhere with nice beaches and cheap drinks Where you can lay around all day getting fat and pretending like you dont have a go back home to be an office slave Or are you going to go somewhere full of mystery and illusion, somewhere that will titillate the senses? Well if you chose the ladder for some weird reason Ive got a list for you that might help you pick a travel spot with Top 10 Mysterious Places in North America As always guys make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell Also stick around for end of the video because I am going to be reading out some comments from the scary kids shows part 2 video

And finally make sure you follow most amazing top 10 on instagram and facebook, its a great way to get to know myself and the other hosts a little bit better And without taking any longer, lets get into it 10 Race track playa, Death Valley This place is famous for its Sailing stones, big rocks that move when no ones looking People know they have moved because they leave behind a track but no one has ever seen them move Oooooh mysterious, we should send in scuba and the gang to figure this one out

The winds in this area can reach around 90 miles per hour so some people speculate that the rocks are moving because off the powerful winds But my theory is its nomes are living inside the rocks and the move the rocks around like flinstone cars thats why you dont see any footprints Im sure someone could crack the code on this mystery with a GoPro set on timelapse but then it might debunk my nome theory 9 Mount Shasta, Redding, California Mount Shasta has been a major hub for all sorts of spiritual people from buddist monks to white girls with dreadlocks who have moon crystals and themself bumble weed Its said to be one of the worlds cosmic power spots, what does that mean, I have no idea, do I look like someone who knows what a cosmic power spot is

I think it means if you hang out there for a long time you get super powers or something The Native Americans believe it connects with the above spirit world, so Im guessing its some sort of heaven like spot There have also been reports of UFO sightings, and strange energy readings Maybe there its just a huge glass leak and everyone who goes there is getting super high 8 The Oregon Vortex This one is crazy, it seems like some sort of supernatural anomaly or magnetic energy powerhouse, Im sure you guys can tell I know a lot about science

The Oregon Vortex us to be a mining facility and is now home to some of the strangest happenings Many people who enter immediately get a feeling of vertigo, balls will roll up hill Sticks, brooms and other things that if left on there own should fall over, just stand up all by themselves The people around you will seem to shrink and grow before your very eyes This sounds like one of those places where you sit on the outer ring looking in while eating a sandwich and yelling in, Hows it going in there

A couple more fun facts about this anomaly, the local native american tribes call it the forbidden place and animals refuse to enter Yeah I think that settles it Me and toto are gonna chill on the outside enjoying some expensive cold cuts while you guys dive into the gates of hell 7 The Georgia Guidestones Nothing like a giant monument paid for buy a guy who wants to start a new religion The Georgia Guidestones are in Elbert County georgia and are there to guide you physically but spiritually

There were thrown up in 1979 and paid for by RC Christain who there is still very little known about to this day He wanted to Erect a giant message to people with 10 NEW commandments, commandments that now have judo chop action Some of these thing new commandments I can get behind, I mean theres nothing about how you shouldnt bang your neighbors wife but maybe in 1979 that was just a given and you didnt need to right it down

But some of them are like Balance personal rights and social duties and avoid petty laws and useless officals But the first commandment is maintain humanity under five hundred million in perpetual balance with nature Im sorry dude but we alreayd threw that one out the window If all you need to start a religion is some commandments Ill kick some off right now, the commandments of the church of Che are be chill, stay hot, put cheese on it, lets dance, take a nap, backflips are dope, free gym memberships, get rekt, hit the beach, Blade two was underrated 6 The Coral Castle This one is absolutely bonkers Its a giant castle made out of limestone that was apparently all built by one man

The castle was built between the years of 1923 to 1951 and is a few miles south of Miami, some of the slabs that were used you build this mega house were said to have been even heavier then some of the cubes used to build the pyramids They place was thrown together by a Latvian immigrant named Edward Leedskalnin, this dude must have like a 9000 pound deadlift He could probably powerclean a jeep wrangler However this latvian powerhouse said he didnt move the stones by hand but that he had found out the secrets to the pyramids Theres even reports of him levitating stones no man could move

The craziest part about this, he build the castle as a tribute to his fiancee who left him on their wedding day So I guess after a breakup you have two options Move on and start a new life or never get over it and get super powers 5 Skin Walker Ranch I mean the name alone says shows that you should probably not go there Like do you wanna go to DisneyLand ooooor skinwalker ranch, yeah Im gonna choose the one that sounds like it was named after a guy who would make cowboy boots out of campers Well skinwalker ranch is known for having a ton of supernatural things go down from alien sitings, to strange lights appearing and disappearing out of nowhere

The place gets its name from the native american myth of the skinwalkers, who were people who could transform into any animal Native Americans have also said that the area is cursed with a dark energy I honestly think I would be fine here, I think if a skin walker tried to take my identity I would just let him know how much I owe in parking tickets 4 Sattva Sanctuary, trout lake, Washington Do you like aliens? Well you better head on down to the Sattva Sanctuary as it has been a hotbed for UFO activity for nearly 50 years If you want ET to come down and touch you with that little glow finger then this is the place for you

Its literally a UFO retreat run by James Gilliland who is a UFO fanatic Hes founded two different operations dedicated to learning more about aliens and hes been letting people come up to check out the cool alien view since 1986 Almost everyone who goes up there has some sort of encounter with an alien, whether it be strange lights flying through the sky, actually alien crafts in perfect sight or a soft kiss for a klingon, everyone who goes up will come home with a story to tell 3 Newark, Ohio, Earthwork Its super old, it used to be massive and its definitely a mystery The Newark Earthwork is very strange as many people dont even know what it was used for

Some people believe that ancient natvie american tribes could have used it as burial site or some sort of church While some people think that the area was cleared out so they could better map the stars This spot is also super old Some of the older parts dating back as far as 100 BC It also used to be massive stretching 4 square miles, sadly encourching development destroyed most of it but there are still a few major stuctors that stand I guess if you want to look at the starts now in Newark youre probably better off googling them

2 Mels Hole, Manastash, washington I would hate to work at that place, all day you would just hear the same dumb jokes over and over again How big is mels hole, how deep is mels hole, how many people come from all around the world just to visit mels hole, has anyone ever got lost in the hole, are my hopes and dreams in the hole Well all hack jokes aside this things is pretty crazy, its a nine foot wide bottomless pit, people have tried to reach the bottom with all sorts of things to no avail Its even said that the hole has some sort of supernatural power That if you were to throw a dead animal into it, it would come back alive

There’s one report from the 17th centruy of a family throwing their deceased dog into the pit, the dog later walked out of the forest completely rejuvinated How am I just learning about this, Someone dig up Harambe, weve got a gorilla to save 1 Champy! The Loc Ness monster thought he was the only creepy dragon creature to wander around open water but looks like we’ve got our own that has made its home in Lake Champlain which is situated in the french canadain province of Quebec Thats right the north american version even speaks french, that means hes sexier Champy his name from the Lake he makes his home in and like most creatures of his ilk there is no hard evidence to support the creatures existence but there has been several sightings

Over 300 actually, thats more then sightings of the rest of NSYC since Justin Timberlake left The Iroquois and Abenaki are two native american tribes from the area and they both have legends of some snake like creature living in the lake Im going to have to go out on a limb and say the champ is real And now that were through the list Im going to answer some of the comments from the ElminatorAV wrote Are you afraid of the Dark? I think this should be on the list Dude, we did a part one list and Are you afraid of the dark was on it, dont start watching something at the sequel Ashley Ramirez writes Oh come on, the human centiped is an oscar worth movie, the acadamie missed out

I Really do like the idea of a bunch of the most sophisticated people in film watching human centipede and being like, we want to give to you but the world just isnt ready Miguel Flores wrote Love this guy, hes so funny and he always gets a laugh out of me every video Thank you so much miguel I do appreciate the kind words Well Everyone! Thats our list! Thank you all for tuning in so much As always make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell Also make sure you follow most amazing top 10 on instagram and facebook, Theres more most amazing content over there and its a great way to get to know myself and the other host a little bit better Until next time Ive been Che Durena and Im gonna go over to quebec to take a selfie with Champy

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