Top 10 Mysterious Places In California

Hey everyone welcome back to most amazing top 10 Im your host Che Durena What do you guys know about California? I only went once when I was a kid to check out disneyland, so all California is to me is over price hotdogs and my mom puking on roller coasters

But theres obviously so much more they have good weed, nice beaches, famous people and dont forget about the good weed But through all the good stuff there are some pretty strange things tucked behind the curtain and Its my job to find the ten best and put them on a list for you, thats why I bring you todays list of top 10 mysterious places in california As always make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell Also make sure you follow most amazing top 10 on instagram and facebook, its a great way to get to know myself and the other host a little bit better and without taking any longer lets get into in 10 The Madonna inn When you travel somewhere you might want to stay in a place that is super chill and close to all the tourist traps so you can shut off your brain and just spend some money without worrying about anything for a few days

But not me, I want to go to some sketchy hole in the wall and party with locals and then wake up in some weird place and have to retrace my steps just to find my passport so I can eventually make it back home, basically I love to live out the hangover every time I travel Well the Madonna inn tucked away in San luis Obispo is just this kind of place This hotel has stuck a trippy vibe it looks like a place that would make tim burton cream his pants I wouldnt be surprised if while staying there, instead of leaving a chocolate on your pill its just a faded picture of Salvidor Dali This seems like a place were the ghosts are always dressed very sharp and are super polite even though they know their dead 9 The Glen Tavern Inn, Santa Paula This place is known and one of the most haunted spots in California, I know I say that in a lot of these videos but I have no idea how they judge the level of haunted a placed is

Is there an official board that makes these decisions or is it all decided by how many times someone pees their pants from drinking too much and then blames it on a ghost Well this place was built in 1911 and was a hot spot for a minute It was know for many celebrities coming through and very extravagant parties But after the buzz passed, the Glen Tavern inn ran into some hard times and they did what any good business owner does when things get rough They started selling booze illegally, opened a brothel and started an illegal gambling ring

These guys really knew how to party Now the building is more of a tourist attraction, having people come visit to see if the ghost stories are real 8 Peggy Sues Diner-Saur Park Only in america can you find a place that is half Diner and half dinosaur park I feel like this is the ultimate mix of never growing up and realizing that you do actually have to grow up When Peggy Sue was a kid she was probably like, When I grow up I wanna work at jurassic park, and then she grew up and was like, screw it ill just make my own jurassic park but I still gotta pay rent

This is a great spot to stop if your burning some rubber from Los Angeles to Las Vegas You can stop in and grab some greasy roadside food while also wondering how someone could afford to get a bunch of metal dinosaurs made of a diner owners budget Its kind of inspiring in a way, dont let anyone tell you that you cant do something Because there are people out there doing some crazy stuff that you dont even know about 7 Salton Sea This place literally had something similar to the entire rise and fall of a civilization

In 1905 the Colorado river flooded and filled up a nice little area in California In the 1950 this became a major travel destination There was a massive lake that people love to come to, the place was teaming with life There were fish in the lake, babes on the beach and a hot dog in the hand of every red blooded american that would come through to have a good time The only problem is that the lake didnt have a runoff and eventually became so salty that all the fish died and then the lake straight up evaporated

Of course will no lake and only a bunch of fish carcasses laying around in the sun everyone stopped coming Now if you go there the place is a straight up ghost down All there is to see is boarded up windows and the sting of salt on your sunblock greased skin But hey, maybe if this whole global warming thing keeps going this place will have an amazing resurgence Stay positive 6 The international Banana Museum Sticking around the same area, one of the main tourist attractions around this dried up lake is the international Banana Museum

Honestly this is an amazing business model, I would be pretty hard to make a banana museum to work in the city, theres too much going on Youre competing with major sports teams and famous bands coming through town If you put it out in the middle of nowhere youre the most interesting thing for 250 miles, you might be one of the only bathrooms too This way people have to come visit you, even if it means there just doing it for survival because they got lost in the dessert Also how many things could you put in a banana museum

This ones green and this ones brown The yellows are too much of a pain to find out here so we just have a picture of it I kind want to go just so I can spend some money on a bunch of worthless junk in the gfit shop I would love a shirt that says Why dont bananas snore? Because they dont want to wake up the rest of the bunch 5 The Rock-a-Hoola water park Soooo I dont know if you guys know this but California is a dessert, so what is there a lot of in a desert well basically everything except for living creatures and water

So you thought it was a good idea to build a water park in the middle of the desert, wheres the water going to come from Is the water park suppose to just use the moisture in the air like frozone This one just seems like a dumb idea, and thats why it went out of business and close down in the 1960s but you know whats even dumber, someone spent millions of dollars trying to rejuvinate and reopen the thing in the 90s The dude in charge was like, you know what would be a great idea for an investment, that thing that just lost someone millions of dollars a few decades ago Thats like someone investing in Toys R Us in 20 years

Nows what ended up happening? Well someone slipped, fell and sued the park for millions That as the end of that, I would invest my retirement in classic pokemon cards before I spent millions of dollars on a water park in the middle of the desert 4 East 8 Mile road Stockton More haunted places! The East Mile road is said to be (sarcastically) One of the most haunted places in California I bet if I said I could hear footsteps in my home I could get on a most haunted list I would just leave out the part that says their my roommates

But all my sassy sarcasm aside this place has some creepy stories about it Apparently the road is haunted by a witch who will walk along to road side in tattered clothes and if you pass her and then look back to take a second peak youll see her in your back seat Yeah no thanks, I know I make fun of the haunted stuff but the last thing I want is a witch ghost hitch hiking without asking I only have one good pair of jeans and I dont need to piss in them 3 North Bloomfield Ghosttown This town was built back in the day when people were trying to strike it rich with the gold rush

Miners from fair and wide come from all over to try and live the dream of becoming a rich man off a bunch of rocks I guess thats how people will look back on all the people who are trying to make it big off of youtube videos Jeez how lame all those people are going to look, hahaha Now what ended up happening was no one got rich and everyone went home sad to probably get divorced, but then there was a second gold boom with new hydraulic tools and the second time around people got lucky They they built the town but then of course the gold rush ended and now all thats left is a creepy shell of a city

Its a straight up ghost town, all the picture make this place look that village from the movieThe village I need to find a better way to describe things

2 Mono Lake At first glance this place looks absolutly breath taking, it looks like a place where you could have a first date perpose and then roll around having beach sex all in the same night The reason ive decided to put this natural aphrodisiac on the list is because inside this lake there are bacteria that are 760, 000 years old Not only that the bacteria that are in the lake have a string of DNA that, for the longest time, no one could identify They were alien bacteria, Im pretty sure this is how invasion of the body snatchers starts The water in the lake is very rich in arsenic and what scientists have found is that the bacteria in the lake use the arsnic to construct the missing parts of their DNA thats why they were so hard to identify

But people who are big into conspiracies think that this is proof that aliens have landed down on our planet 1 The Glass Beach, Fort Bragg This is probably the only time pollution has done something cool, The glass beach in fort bragg was caused years and years of people throwing there glass waste into the ocean Now all of it is getting barfed back up in these cool little polished pellets People from all over come to the beach to try and collect them It takes forever for the ocean to polish one of these pieces of glass and with some many tourists coming to the beach there will be one day were they will be extremely rare

That being said please dont throw your glass garbage into the ocean

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