Top 10 Mysterious People In History

Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing Channel on the Internet – I am your host Rebecca Felgate and know that you guys love a good mystery, I really do So, for that very reason, I bring to you the Top Top 10 Mysterious People In History…

And time doesn’t seem to have shed any light on the matter! I think number 6 is one of the strangest but there is a lot of strange in this neighbourhood Before we get into this video I want to know who the weirdest person you have ever met is? Let me know in the comments section below? Are you perhaps strange? Like share comments – stick around to the end 10 – Jack The Ripper WHO was Jack The Ripper The question has been asked for 130 years and we still aren’t totally sure of the answer Jack the ripper famously killed at least five people, all women in and around White Chapel in London between 1888 and 1891 Although he has been linked to 11 deaths and could have killed more…and when he did kill, It was grizzly to say the least Of his victims were Mary Ann Nichols, Annie Chapman, Elizabteh Stride, Catherine Eddowes and Mary Jane Kelly

Famously the murder cases were never solved – but eye witnesses around the times of the murder generally describe a dark haired shaggy fellow Letters claimed to be written by the killer himself were sent to the police, in which the the author called himself Jacl So who was the ghoul of whitechapel? Well as the crimes happened in the days prior to DNA identification, we can never say for sure which means he has gone down in history as one of the most macabre mysteries 9 – The Mothman Can we call the Mothman a person? Well by all accounts, no but he, or it, was certainly humanoid and very much a mystery

The Mothman story spans years and hundreds of miles from West Virginia to Chicago and possibly even Russia! In November 1966 two young couples from Point Pleasant in West Virginia claimed to have seen a large grey creature with glowing red eyes with a human body but ten foot wings! During the next few days more people reported seeing a winged man- indeed two fireman claimed to have seen a large bird with red eyes A year later saw the Silver bridge disaster which saw the death of 46 people – the Mothman was spotted around the scene of the crime

A mothman like creature was spotted in 1999 and foreshadowed the Russian Apartment Bombings Oddly, 2017 saw 55 reported sightings in Chicagoso what is happening?! 8 – The Man of the Hole This man has lived in isolation in the amazon rainforest for 22 years

In the 1980s, the government bulldozed a highway through his part of the Amazon – and of course amazonian tribes have been under threat ever since we started razing it for agriculture A lot of tribes have been destroyed by deforestation, and others by actual genocidal attacks This is the environment The Man of the Hole has lived his life in Eventually in 1995 the entirety of the rest of his tribe was killed by farmers, with he the only survivor The Brazillian government have kept tracks in the sold tribesman, but he has fired arrows at anybody who has come too close and who can blame him

He gets his name as he uses dug holes filled with spikes to hunt He has been captured on camera – here he is! 7 – Man From Taured In 1954 a man in a suit who has been described as “smart looking” was detained at the Japanese Boarder at Haneda airport after arriving on a flight from Europe The middle aged Caucasian man who spoke french said he was on his third business trip to Japan that year and had a wallet filled with a mixture of currencies, seeming to verify his business traveller status Weirdly, though, when he presented his passport, officials were baffled Asking where he was from, the man said Taured

He showed his passport again and the stamps that supported his travels…here is a picturethe only thing is, nobody had ever heard of Taured Taured is not a place Although the man was freaked out when officers told him that Adding another layer to the mystery, he was carrying a cheque book to a non existent bank and the company he was travelling to visit said that they had never heard of him even though he was adamant he had a meeting scheduled

When he was asked to point out Taured on the map, he pointed to where Andorra is today Weird The man from Taured was detained in a hotel over night while Japanese authorities decided what to do with him, but by morning he had disappeared without a trace! Similarly ODD at number 6 The Garlic Woman of Isdal In November of 1970, a man walking with his two daughters found the badly burned body of a woman in Isdalen – Ice Valley – in Bergen, Norway The woman was found lying on her back in a remote area and only her front was burnt, her back was strangely not so Also odd, her jewellery had been placed around her

Her charred clothes were found nearby and had had the labels cut out Very strange So too was the fact an autopsy showed she had 50 sleeping pills in her stomach Stranger still, police investigating the death later found two suitcases in lockers at Bergen railway station One contained prescription free glasses with a fingerprint that matched the womans

The case also contained a number of different currencies and several wigs Police later found that the unidentified woman stayed at a number of different hotels using 8 fake names and passports Local businesses reported seeing a woman that matched her description and one shoe store owner remembers her smelling strongly of garlic In 2005, after seeing a police sketch circulated, a man who had been 26 at the time said he had seen a woman fitting her description five days before her body was found, when he was hiking on the hillside at Fløyen He remembers it seeming strange that she looked dressed in city clothes rather than he would expect someone to be dressed for a hike

He said the woman was walking ahead of two men wearing coats who looked quote un quote "southern"

She appeared resigned and seemed about to say something to the man but didn't He reported it to the police but at the time was told to forget about it What happened to her, who she was and why she was killed – we still don’t know Her body is buried in an unmarked grave in Bergen – her coffin is zinc to preserve her remains 5- Aleister Crowley Alester is one of the most famous, or perhaps I should say Infamous, occultists and magicicans in history

He labelled himself a prophet, having founded the religion of Thelema, which is you knowa bit much maybe he sounds pretty cocky, right

He inherited his dads fortune at the age of 21 in 1896 Age 23 he was thrown out of a magic society for duelling

He went on a Himalayan expedition which he survived but many of his companions died He claimed his body bore the marks of Buddga Later he began performing satanic rituals and practised pretty intense bedroom antics In World War I it is believed he was a spy for the British Government He took a lot of drugs and was hailed as the Wickedest Man In The World by the press at the time Honestly, this kind of absinthe swilling occultist, debauched decanat image kind of makes me like him

historically in reality I bet he was an absolute I can’t say the word I wantso think 4 – Robert Johnson – Did Robert Johnson make a deal with the Devil? The Story goes that the popular blues musician met The Devil at a cross roads in Mississippi and he exchanged his soul for musical success

In utter fairness, he became legendary, but like a lot of musicians, he died at 27 The legend became enduring with people seriously believing it! Many think his song crossroads is cursed Bands who have covered it, including Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Allman Brothers and Eric Clapton have suffered losses and tragedy 3 – The Woman on the Grassy Knoll Also frequently referred to as The Babushka Lady, there is a woman out there who was seemingly present the day that President John F Kennedy was shot in 1963 in Dallas There are a lot of question marks surrounding the Presidents Death – which officially was ruled as an assassination by Lee Harvey Oswald

That being said, evidence suggests that there was two shooters, with many other theories saying his killing could have been from a higher organization, like the Russians or perhaps even the US government On the day the President died, there was a woman in a headscarf stood on the grassy knoll as his motorcade went by, but she has never been identified She was last seen moving away from the scene of the crime in the direction of Elm Street 2 0 The Somerton Man Often described as one of Australia’s strangest cold cases, the mystery of the Somerton Man is an unsolved case of a man who was found dead on a beach in Adelaide on the morning of December 1st 1948 The man was slumped in the sand in a sitting up position, his head resting on the seawall

He had a half smoke cigarette resting on his collar and in his pockets was a portion of the final page of the book – Ruv-aiyat of Omar Khay-yam – reading “tamashund” – in Persian which translates simply as ended Six weeks after the grisly discovery, a suitcase was found at Adelaide Railway station seemingly belonging to the man It bore the name Kean, although nobody with that first our last name was reported missing A few months after that, a copy of the book with the missing half page was found, it was turned into police by someone who claimed it was just thrown in his car near Somerton Beach, the place the body was found The man’s cause of death remains unknown, as does his identity – all police know to this day is that the man was likely about 40 years old and was presumed to have arrived in Adelaide by train

1 – Baba Vanga Oh Baba! What a mystery! Her whole story is nuts ! She was born an unhealthy baby and when she was a teen, she was lifted up into a tornado – an accident that lead her to lose her sight but gain the power to heal and it seems see the future

Before she died she made a series of pretty accurate predictions including 9/11, the 2004 Boxing Day tsnunami, the sinking of a Russian submarine it seems her predictions have so far been around 85 percent accurate

so what say she of the futureerrr well that the 45th President will be the last, that Muslims will storm Europe and a freeze ray gun fight will happen in Rome in 2043, we will find a new energy source on venus, the ice caps will melt in 2033, the Earths Orbit will shift, communism will return, there will be a artificial sun, there will be a major global drought, the earth will get a ring like saturn

by the year 3000 not much will have changed but we will all live underwater and our great great great grand daughters will be pretty fine In the year 4,000 we will get to know god and we will achieve immortality The end of the universe is coming in the year 5000

Rightio then Baba What a horrifying mystery If only she was here to clarify a few things So that was the Top 10 Mysterious People In History! What did you think to this list? Who do you think is the most Mysterious? Let me know in the comments section down below Comments from Mexican Myths I know my Spanish pronunciations are terrible – I am so sorry! A lot of you also mentioned La Chancla – which is a flip flop used to hit bad kids?! Blimey! XXKookiexx said: ayy mexicans are gonna raid area 51 with em chanclas whos Mexican here cause I am Oh Nevermind It Jus Myself said: Hey Rebecca remember when you pressed all the buttons thank goodness you didn’t get fire love ya Haha, yes but you know what

they can’t fire me! Although they actually can but don’t tell them that that live stream was chaos was it not

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