Top 10 Mysterious People In History – Part 4

Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing Channel on the internet! I am your Host Rebecca Felgate, I’ve been away a few days with some of my friends enjoying the summer… but now I am back in accc…tion and ready to give you the creeps…as always right? You clicked it, so you already know…this is the Top 10 Mysterious people in history part 4! QUESTION … who is your favourite historical figure? OR…if that is too broad…what is your favourite period of history? One of my favourites is Cleopatra – especially because I love ancient Egypt – although my fave period of History is Europe from the 190s to the end of WW2 Like share etc 10 – John Doe 24 I only recently discovered that John Doe is America’s way of saying like…a generic man In the UK we have a saying a bit like that… we say a Tom, Dick or a Harry… Although they aren’t all popular names anymore! SO, John Doe… Number 24… this was the name given to a mysterious teenager who was found walking the streets of Jacksonville in Illinois in October 1945

The teen was deaf and was unable o speak or use sign language The only thing he seemed to be able to do was write his name, Lewis Sadly a Judge sent him to a mental health institution where he was given the name John Doe 24 as he was the 24th person to enter the system Despite institutions being brutal in their day , he made quite the impression He was said to have been cheerful and loved dancing and laughing

He died in 1993 after decades as a nameless man in the system On his death, no one was any closer to discovering who he was 9 – Lori Erica Ruff…orrrrrr Lori Kennedy…orrrr Becky Sue orrrr I mean who knows?! Lori… can we make that rhyme with Mystery? I feel like we can give it a good go! Lori was kind of an odd ball She was married to a guy called Blake, they had a child but she wouldn’t let any of his family hold her

She would so strange things like ask for an Easy Bake oven for Christmas even though she was 40…although… I mean whatever, let the woman bake It was also reported that she loved a nap… which, I am also okay with Throughout her marriage with Blake she had kept a lockbox which she told him to never open Lori had started becoming very very strange when Blake asked for a divorce Sadly, after a very intense downward spiral, Lori ended her own life

After her death the Lockbox was finally opened and it revealed some …drama! It seems Lori Erica Ruff used to be Lorri Kennedy…who used to be Becky Sue Turner, but the only Becky Sue Turner her age had died age 2 in a fire in Fife Washington Lori got a new social security number Also in the box were mysterious scribblings saying things like 402 months and North Hollywood Police

No one has as of yet cleared up the mystery of who she was 8 – Count of St Germain Was this man a saint? Was he a Count? Was he Immortal?! It seems he simply appeared in French Court one day The Prince of Denmark thought he was one of the greatest philosophers who ever lived…so?! The chap in question – here is a picture of him so ou can get a little visual… the chap in question was born in either 1691…or 1712… it is unclear

He died in 1784 and at times he would make claims such as he was 500 years old… or immortal He also claimed to be a Price of Transylvania Famous French writer Voltaire sarcastically dubbed him “The Wonderman”, but I honestly am uncertain he deserved that level of sass, he was pretty wonderful Despite being unaccounted for, The Count of St Germain was well educated and wealthy… and that money had to come from somewhere He wrote music, spouted philosophy, spoke several languages, a hit with the ladies He eventually became an advisor to the King He died without ever marrying, he had no children and no surviving heirs, not that his fortune, if he ever had one, was discovered! 7 – Nikola Tesla Nikola Tesla was a Croatian/ Serbian American creator known for his work with electricity…he also had a cracking moustache As talented as he was, he was quite mysterious andddd It seems someone out there was against him

Perhaps it was all the unpaid hotel bills? Nikola developed a technology that was able to give people free energy He built the Wardenclyffe Tower, or Tesla Tower in 1901 and he was planning on using it to transmit images across the Atlantic from New York to England using earth to conduct signals Long and short he wanted to give people free electricity but his funding was mysteriously stopped and his plans mysteriously destroyed It was rumoured he was up for a Nobel prize im his time but that too was mysteriously hindered Odd

Very very odd He was indeed an odd man anyway – He claimed ever to sleep more than two hours a night… what did he do the rest of the night? Well it is said he used to feed pigeons at midnight in New York…and one night he was run over as he was on his way to do so After his death, his entire estate was shipped to Belgrade in instance of his Nephew Fun fact about Tesla – he curled his toes one hundred times on each foot per night, claiming it stimulated his brain cells LAD

6 – The Watcher This is an active mystery that continues today…who is the Watcher of New Jersey? Many presume it is a man, but a special study of the handwriting have suggested it could be a woman… but I am getting ahead of myself… let me tell you the story Around five years ago a couple in New Jersey purchased their dream home at 657 Boulevard for 14 million dollars

Before they even had chance to celebrate, they started receiving weird letters signed from The Watcher I’m sorry, who? Good question… but one that still doesn’t have an answer The first letter they received read: Dearest new neighbour, allow me to welcome you to the neighbourhood 657 Boulevard has been the subject of my family for decases now and as it approaches its 110th birthday, I have been in charge of watching and waiting for its second coming The first letter stated that the writer had asked the owners to move out and to fill the home with Young Blood

Creepy Delving deep into the past, it seems the house was once sold for a dollar in the 50s…and the couple the current owners brought the property off, the Wood family, wanted a quick sale In their first note to the new family, the watcher made reference to the couples children – stating Once I know their names I will call to them and draw them out to me Then, in later letters the watcher asked who was occupying the bedrooms facing the street The watcher claimed that they liked to be able to track the family as they move through the house

It seems that the watcher was one in a long line of watchers In their first letter they wrote “my grandfather watched the house in the 1920s and my father watched in the 1960s It is now my time,” “I have been put in charge of watching and waiting for its second coming” The buyers freaked out and started a lawsuit to sue the Wood Family who sold it to them – accusing them of hiding information about the voyeurThe most recent update of this story is that the couple who received the letters and made the whole story public have finally sold the house… at a loss

The police still have no idea who the watcher could be 5 – Chrisopher Marlowe OH I LOVE a bit of Christopher Marlowe action! Dear Kit is supposedly a historical figure from Shakespearian times He was thought to be a great friend of William Shakespeare, although some say Shakespeare stole his work and others say Marlowe could be the Bard himself, masquerading under a different name! Christopher Marlowe was said to be outrageously attractive and a very hard partier He was murdered age 29, a sadness which is resounded across Shakespeare’s work

In his short years Christopher Marlowe made quite the impression – he disappeared from Cambridge university for nearly a year and returned to demand his Master of the Arts Degree…which he was given He was once arrested in the Netherlands for counterfeiting coins, but he was bailed out, and he may of may not have been involved in murdering an innkeepers son Despite being the son of a shoemaker, he became a favourite in Queen Elizabeth’s court, which is why he got away with so much Some say he was indeed a spy for the Queen

He was killed in a brawl, or so the story goes Many think it was a planned attacked Marlowe was reportedly buried in an unmarked grave 4- Cassanova Cassanova, bro, what is your secret! Well, that my friends is a mystery You may have heard of the term Cassanova – which generally means a man popular with the ladies

However Cassanova was indeed a real person Born in 1725 and died in 1798, Cassanova was an Italian adventurer who was the OG Playboy of the Western world, although there are rumours that he was a venetian spy – which is a rumour he perpetuated himself Cassanova was reported to have seduced over 130 prominent women, a hanful of men, invented the lottery in France and helped Mozart write the libretto to Don Giovanni How Cassanova managed to woo so many people, how he managed to invent so many successful get rich schemes… How he lived such a high drama life…

I mean the guy escaped from prison at one point Cassanova was morally dubious, although this was the 1700s He wrote a book called Histoire de ma vie – story of my life, and it is well regarded as a one of the best autobiographies of all time… his book, amongst others, has honestly inspired me to write my own! 3 – Marika Rökk How Marika Rokk made a comeback after being associated with Adolph Hitler… well… that certainly is a mystery Marika was born in Egypt, was of Hungarian nationality but made her name as a dancer, singer and film actress in Nazi Germany It is rumoured she was a lover of both Joseph Goebbells and Adolph Hitler, although the latter is less likely

None the less, she was a powerful woman in the Third Reich, and after the war she was banned from the stage for two years She managed to claw her way back into favour, though and quickly becae one of Europe’s most famous actresses In 1948 she received the prestigious German Bambi media award It was later revealed that actually, she was a very successful spy for the Russians, or soviets as they had been It is also suggested she may have killed a few people

I feel like there needs to be a movie about this woman I can’t peak Hungarian or German, but aside from that, I would love to play her 2 – The Pied Piper of Hamelin Nope, not a fairy-tale…it turns out that the pied piper of Hamlin was real… and yes, he did seem to spirit away a bunch of kids The popular fairytale says that the town of Hamlin was infested with rats when a colourful clothed man turned up and said he would get rid of them for payment, except he was never paid…so he stole the towns children and led them through a mountain… Only…well…did this actually happen

Surviving town records from the church of Hamlin in Germany say: In the year of 1284, on the day of Saints John and Paul on June 26, by a piper, clothed in many kinds of colours, 130 children born in Hamelin were seduced, and lost at the place of execution near the koppen It is thought the children were taken as part of the children’s crusade, and the whole business with the rats was added later Some even say that the real piper was a peadophile who abducted the children in their sleep 1 Nostradamus Michel de Nostradamus, known as Nostradamus, was a notable French Astrologer, doctor, occultist and seer! He was born in France in 1503 and died in 1566 The man was expelled from university for his work as an apothecary – which is pretty witchy ! Nostradarmus is best known for his book, Les Prephetites, in which he predicted future events, many of which have actually come true

Some of the prophecies people identify as being true are The Death of King Henry II of France, The Great Fire of London, The French Revolution, the discovery if Pasteurization, the rise of Hitler, the success of Charles De Gaulle, the atomic bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, the assassination of JFk, 9/11 Prophecies yet to come true are zombies riving from the grave, mega droughts in North America, a weakened west, catastrophic earthquakes and… Ur…world war three…

and a chap called Mabus who signals the end of the world Cool Thanks Nostradamus

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