Top 10 Mysterious Objects People Need To Give Away

Hey everyone welcome back to most amazing top 10 Im your host Che Durena There are two kinds of gifts that you can get from people

The ones that are excatly what you asked for or the ones that you have to make a fake smile for so people dont see right through you and know that you cant wait to pawn it off for some drinking money This is exactly what this list is about, except the gifts arent bad because theyre a pair or my little pony themed socks But because their a pair of My little pony themed socks that are cursed We dont have exactly that on the list but I think you get the point, your gonna find more things like the Annabell doll on todays list of top 10 Mysterious Objects people need to give away Make sure you stick around for the whole list because you might have something similar to a few of the objects on this list in your house

After watching this your going to want to have a promptu garage sale As always it would be great if you guys could like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell Also follow most amazing top 10 on instagram and facebook, its a great way to get to know myself and the other host a little better And without taking any longer lets get into this list 10 Cursed Rocks of Uluru You think putting cursed in the title of something would be enough to scare people away, but people just dont scare like they used to

Like if someone told me they had a cursed rock of Uluru I would be like, cool dude, keep it away from me It sounds like an item that you would get in The Witcher that slowly kills you until you kill the demon ghost who put the curse on it in the first place You can find these rocks in Australia and I do understand why people take them, they are beautifully coloured, They come in this red orange rust colour and honestly a bowl of them would really tie my living room together But in order to hold on to some of these foriegn stones your going to have to deal with some pretty bad luck People who have taken the rocks from the national park have told of all sorts of terrible things happening to them

From getting super sicks to having their marriage fall apart The park rangers who patrol these cursed lands say they get at least one package a day from people who are sending rocks back them in the hopes of breaking the curse 9 Moari warrior masks I guess if you wanted to some Moari art in your home you should stick to some paintings and try and avoid hanging these masks up I know they look so nice but they might have the soul of a dead warrior trapped inside of it The Moari would make these masks for warrior to use when they went into battle

You want to look like the best dressed dude on the battlefield if your going to be going out there and snapping peoples necks with your bare hands But the moari believe that when a warrior dies, their spirit is locked away in the mask, I think its kinds of like a genie in a lamp situation but if you rub it you dont get any wishes You just an angry spirit that will torment you for the rest of your life So I think if you get a fresh mask that no one has died in then you should be fine to take it home But if you buy one of these bad boys second hand then theres a chance that the soul of a warrior who used to kill people in hand to hand combat is inside it and I dont think thats something you wanna hang up in your kitchen

8 Old Furniture You go online and you think youre getting a great deal on a couch that you found on craigslist I mean it seems like a bargain Why would someone be giving away a perfectly good sofa for such a low price These deals are insaaaaaane Well if you dig through the ghost stories on reddit it wont take you long to find out that a lot of people have invited an unwanted ghoul into their home by bringing in some old piece of furniture

It seems like ghost like to grab onto certain items and then wont let go Its like when you try to tell and old fling to move on but they keep breaking into your apartment to steal clumps of your hair There have been stories of spirits wrapped up in all sorts of things, with more common items being paintings and photographs but I even found one story about a ghost being attached to a lamp Dude could you imagine being lamp ghost, it would be so hard to get the respect of your fellow ghost when you can be silenced by someone unplugging you 7 Elmo knows your name Heres a cute toy idea that managed to get disturbingly corrupted

I dont know if you remember the Elmo knows your name doll But it was a toy that you were suppose to plug into the computer so you could programm your kids name into it and then elmo would say your kids name Very cute in theory Except for this one Elmo doll that decided to build his own vocabulary It was suppose to say Hi James, but instead it said, Kill James

I think this would be a good time to ask for your money back This happened to family in Florida but by the time they found out that the Elmo doll was telling their baby boy James that he wanted to kill him, it was kind of too late The baby had been listening to the doll and now was repeating the sentence over and over again Now, was this a demon that had corrupted the doll, or was it hackers who found a way to break into the dolls software Either way you probably dont want to grab this gift for your kid any time soon

6 Blarney Castle Pieces Heres more rocks that will make your life a living hell Its crazy how people are ready to risk it all for a piece of a castle, not even the whole castle Like if you told me you can have this giant castle but theres a big old curse on it then I would probably give it a shot, I mean worst case scenario I get the castle, it has a curse and then I sell it after I refurbish the kitchen and make a decent profit But doing it for just a rock, theres no resale value on rocks Well if your wild enough to want to steal a piece of a castle then you might want to pick a diffrent one

Because if you take a piece of Blarney Castle in ireland then you could start to see your life fall apart from the Blarney curse 5 The Deli Purple Sapphire Now I dont expect anyone watching this video to have this thing in their home Not unless your world class museum thief and you managed to steal it from a sealed container while simultaneously avoiding detection from security cameras or motion sensors But if you are this person or youre so super rich that you want to buy this sapphire I would pass and just buy another island The Deli Purple Sapphire was originally taken from india in 1857 by Colonel W Farris

And once he did this his life started to suck His health started to deteriorate and his money was slipping away His son got the sapphire and then the same thing started happening to him and finally a friend who got a hold of it killed himself Now its tucked away in a museum 4 Phone Number Now weve got a killer phone number, ooooooh, so spooky, what happends if you call it? Do you die or something

No you dont die from calling it but legend says that whoever the number is assigned to will die shortly after Apparently there a demonic force that works for Virgin Mobile The Phone number 0888-888-888 So if youre ever moving providers and they offer you that as your new number, you might want to try and hold onto your old phone plan 3 Salty Chairs So in the olden days they would have things called Salt chairs, Its were the person who would sit closet to the salt

I guess it was kind of an honor to do so Because back then the food was so bad that just having salt was like getting meal made for you by a chef that was personally slapped by Gordon Ramsey Well in NewPort Rhode Island theres a place called the Bell Court estate that has two salt chairs, haunted by the ghost of the people who dont want to give up their spot at the table They must not know that we have Turmeric now, salt is so 1877 Some people say when they sit in the chair they feel like their being electrocuted, theres even been reports be people being thrown out of the chairs by an unknown force

2 Co hi nore diamond Damn this thing is huge and has a mega curse on it The Co Hi Nore diamond is a massive rock worth millions and has been known to lead men to their deaths It was taken from india by the british, big surprise, and ever since it entered into the birish royal family dudes who wear it soon meet their end But for some reason when women where it nothing happens Whatever dark presence that haunts this gigantic stone seems to only hate men

It must be the ghost of Lena Duhnam from the future Time ghost! Since the rock has been moved permanently into the royal family it has only been worn by one man 1 Love Letters Replica And taking the number one spot on our list is the Love Letters Replica painting Now why has this painting out of all the other things on this list taken the top spot Well the painting is currently hung up in the Driscoll Hotel in Austin texas

People have said for years that the painting is haunted Many people have reported feeling very ill or, even falling over when you walk beside the painting But thats not the reason why its the top dog The darkest story behind the love letters curse is about the daughter of Samthan Huston She was playing in the hotel when she went to chase her ball down a flight of stairs

She lost her footing and fell to her death It said that it was the curse of the painting that caused her to trip and lead the 4 year old girl to her death So kill a little girl and that will get you the number one slot

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