Top 10 Mysterious Locked Tombs That Should Never Be Opened

Hello everyone hope youre having an awesome day wherever and whenever youre watching this! Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video here at most amazing top 10 When it comes to the unknown i think the human species responds in 2 ways, we’re either scared by it or we want to know about it

Tombs have been the subject of exploration for decades and so many still remain sealed What lies in them, is it treasure, a curse, armaggeddon, the book of life, the secret to immortality? Or is it just a centuries old corpse? Well sometimes we just dont get to find out And sometimes, just sometimes its better that way So, having said that this is the Top 10 Mysterious Locked Tombs That Should Never Be Opened Starting us off with number 10 is the Padmanabhaswamy Temple

Good luck spelling that if you ever get it at a spelling bee But anyway this temple is located in Kerala India and is one of 108 other temples that are devoted to the worship of Vishnu The temple is under the care of the Travancore Royal family but in 2011 a man filed a case saying they mismanage the assets of the Temple So the Supreme Court sent 7 people to explore it and document its belongings but it turned into a lot more than that They found 6 massive secret vaults or chambers with doors made of iron and no visible hatch or opening

The chambers were named Chamber A to F and theyve been able to open Chamber C to F many times, Chamber A took some time but they got it open as well But Chamber B has stumped everyone No one has any idea what the chamber contains but people believe its holy in nature But heres the thing, the temple has 3 doors The first has metal grills on it but they managed to open it, behind that door was another wooden door which they also managed to open, however the last door made of iron had no ways of unlocking

Locals think if any human attempt with technology is made to try and open the door against its will itll unleash calamity into the city There are even legends about the initial exploration committee where one member tried to open the door but fell ill whilst another lost his mum while trying to open it Either way cant we leave something untouched? Maybe we dont need to know whats behind the last door Coming in at number 9 is the Kingdom of Lyonesse (lioness) Now legend has it Lyonesse which was located in the British Isles of Scilly, one day became fully engulfed by the ocean

In that one day, it wasnt an over time erosion ting it was all one day People even believe that the 140 islands in its place now are just hilltops of the lost kingdom Lyonesse was most famous for being a part of Arthurian legend as the home of Tristan the resident hero The one day drowning was even set to have occurred during the 6th century which was the time of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table So i mean it is backed up historically and sort of geologically by the islands

Loosely However its said that on that fated day, the rich of the kingdom put all their valuable belongings in tombs hoping the tombs would float or at least survive the drowning and as would the people That way they wouldnt be left with nothing when their home was fully submerged The people didnt survive and the smalls tombs were also scattered everywhere None have been found yet but i think thats fine

The number of lost people attached to each of those tombs almost gives all of them bad karma or luck Even if someone finds it, spending a dead mans treasure can never go down well Others went as far as to say they put their babies in the tomb as well hoping they would float to the top So i mean you could find a chest with treasure or a skeleton Its a 50 50

Of course the existence of Lyonesse has never been confirmed so its hard to back up with evidence, but i believe it At number 8 we have the Great Aztecs The Great Temple of Tenochtitlan (teh-noch-titlan) was dedicated to the Aztec god of War and the Aztec God of Rain and Agriculture The temple was built sometime after 1325 but it was rebuilt 6 times The reconstruction model they made of what it looked like back in the day is truly stunning, but now there are just ruins left sadly

Items that have been excavated can already be seen at museums but in 2015 another discovery was made Archaeologists found a tunnel passage underneath the temple that led to 2 sealed chambers and they believe inside are the remains of some of the earliest Aztec leaders They always thought that Aztecs cremated their leaders since they spent decades excavating and found nothing Until now So either these chambers are historical gold or they could be the resting place of Aztec Gods who may then wreak havoc on us for disturbing their slumber

Filling our number 7 slot is El Dorado I’m sure we’ve all heard the legend of the golden city of El Dorado Gaining a lot of attention in the 16th century, explorers and treasure hunters have been looking for El Dorado for as long as they knew it was a thing But El Dorado was actually the name of a mythical tribal chief of the Muisca native people in Colombia, they say he covered himself in gold dust and submerged himself in a lake Since then the legend has gone from being about him, to being about a city of gold, then a kingdom of gold, then an empire of gold

Despite centuries of searching, no one has been able to find El Dorado I mean a whole kingdom of gold? Of course they werent going to make that easy to find Many speculate El Dorado the chief wasnt that mythical at all, they believe this tomb is key to El Dorado People have spent so long searching for the kingdom itself they forgot where it all began A lot of conspiracy theorists believe if El Dorados tomb is found and opened, the kingdom will follow suit

But opening his tomb could also be like opening pandoras box and lead to complete destruction, it cant be as easy as simply finding and opening a tomb and becoming unimaginably rich Can it? Now at number 6 is is The Royal Cemetery The cemetery in question is located outside Nanchang City China, and its 2,000 years old and its massive, it takes up 40,000 square meters and has 8 tombs as well as a chariot burial area with walls 900m long But it was a locked tomb in the main mausoleum that grabbed all of their attention Archaeologists hope that itll help identify whos burial site it is, at this point their only guessed it was Liu He who was the most influential ruler during the Western Han Dynasty The era itself is a bit blurry but the loose story is that Liu assumed the throne, was then ousted, then he returned and then he was forced out again

Drama The team found hundreds of terracotta figures, 10 tonnes of bronze coins, more than 10,000 things made of either gold, bamboo, jade or iron and they even found a road network and a drainage system It sounds like these people were building a mini city not just a burial site Either way from the amount of valuables they already found there, is there really a need to open the locked tomb? If the guy went to this much effort to make his deathbed i think we should let him lie in it Why must we ruin things? Coming in at number 5 is the Lost City of Kalahari

Back in 1885 Canadian entertainer The Great Farini was one of the first to explore the unexplored Kalahari Desert in Southern Africa When he came back he had photos with him which depicted ruins that were the remains of a lost civilization or so he thought He saw a broken line of stone that looked like it couldve been a wall at one point, he followed the remains and found heaps of flat stones that clearly had cement in between them After that many have tried to find the Lost City even Elon Musks grandparents tried to find the city 12 times

In 2016 aerial scans confirmed the manmade ruins The Great Farini had described so whatever it was was real But extreme conspiracy theorists believe all the flat half buried stones are the top part of a gigantic tomb belonging to one of the great leaders of one of the tribes living in the Lost City the theorists believe the leader and his tribe ensured his tomb should never be opened by performing rituals for it and on it and if for any unfortunate reason someone does try and open it Well ill let your imagination wander

Source: At number 4 is The Intact Tomb Which is very rare considering most of these tombs are thousands and thousands of years old so finding one intact is a dream if anything And with Egyptian tombs its even harder, even King Tutankhamun's tomb has been spoiled But anyway in 2018 Egyptian archeologists found a 4,400 year old tomb of a high priest called Wahtye who lived during the 5th Dynasty Within the tomb there are 5 shaft tombs and 2 false doors

One of the shafts had been opened and unsealed but the other 4 have stayed sealed The 5th Dynasty was the era in which the oldest copies of Pyramid text were carved into the pyramids The tomb is around 10m long and is carved out of rock which doing with hand tools is bloody hard The paintings and artwork they found are all really good quality despite having some water and time damage However they refuse to open the other tombs for an undisclosed reason so perhaps thats all we need to know

Filling our number 3 slot is Joseph Bonomi Joseph was an English sculptor, artist but more importantly Egyptologist He went on the Hay Expedition where he sketched antiquities and people speculated he had learned the secret to time travel What stands out about Joseph was connection with mysterious socialite Hannah Courtoy who may have funded his expeditions Hannah inherited a fortune and when she died her mausoleum was this massive egyptian style crypt almost that Joseph had previously designed

For 1854 it was distinct Ironically enough Joseph is buried nearby and its said that before he died he passed all his knowledge to Hannah Reuters were actually the ones who published a report about this in 1998 claiming her mausoleum contains a working time machine A key for the tomb has been missing for quite some time which just adds more fuel to the fire Now at number 2 is The Lost City of Z

has anyone seen the movie of this? Because i have and i loved it but then it ended so abruptly and i was like that was the ending? Youre kidding That cant be it I wasnt even emotionally ready But anyway British surveyor Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcett believed this indigenous city existed in the jungle of Mato Grosso Brazil and he decided to call it The Lost City of Z He based his belief on his own exploration of the Amazon River as well as histories of South America that he had read

He never did find the lost city and him and his son died trying Many many believe that the indigenous people living in that area know exactly where the city is and how to get to it but theyve made it their life mission to stop outsiders from getting in or finding the entrance Many believe theyre guarding one of their ancestors’ tombs which lies inside of the lost city Others believe it may even be Colonel Percys tomb Either way if that many people are trying to stop you from finding something, odds are theres a good reason for it

And finally at number 1 is Atlantis Not the luxury hotel resort and water park, the underwater lost city Plato first mentioned Atlantis in 360 BC and it was meant to be an insanely powerful kingdom with technology more advanced than ours and an unmatchable navy Fast forward around 9,600 BC a terrible disaster hits and the island sank into the sea never to be seen again Many teams have tried to find Atlantis over the years, notably a man called Simcha Jacobovici who dove into the Mariana Trench

All he found were 6 bronze age stone anchors near Spain which seemed to have come from a civilisation existing 4,000 years ago Which is still way off But many people because their technology was advanced they found a way to disappear to us but still exist by themselves Perhaps they cracked the code to living completely underwater as humans and thats what theyve been doing since 9,600 BC who knows Plato never clarified how advanced advanced was

Many people believe an underwater tomb belonging to one of Atlantises early leaders is the entrance to the hidden kingdom But do we really want to find it? What if they advanced even more being hidden away all this time? What if theyve developed weaponry to face anyone who accidentally finds this tomb and exposes them? What if theyre strong enough to take us down? Should we really be seeking our demise? I think not And thats it for todays video guys! I hope you guys now know why theres really no point opening these locked tombs but theres no point in me even saying that because half of them havent even been found yet Lemme know what you guys thought in the comments below as always im your host Ayman Hasan and ill see you next time! Byee

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